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Altitude: Your Next Move Changes Everything

by Michael Simone

Altitude will fly you over eight moves that will change the trajectory of your life. Altitude's theme is Your Next Move Changes Everything. The chapters reflect what every person struggles with: how to craft...

Hold the Rope: Having a Heart for the Lost

by Jeff J Neal & Shonn Keels

Hold the Rope is a manual for the fully devoted follower of Christ who desires to live out the Great Commission. It not only includes compelling research, it was born out of the personal experience of two men...

Reaching Generation Next: Effective Evangelism in Today's Culture

by Lewis A. Drummond

Practical guidelines on how the local church can evangelize in today's postmodern cultural setting.

The Real Face of Atheism

by Ravi Zacharias

This analysis of atheism, drawn from a wide range of philosophy and history, exposes its flaws while defending the purpose and meaning that Christ brings to one's life.

Good Influence: Teaching the Wisdom of Adulthood

by Daniel R. Heischman

Helps adults understand what young people are searching for and how to have a lasting impact on their children's or students' development.

Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of Luke

by Frederick W. Schmidt

The Gospel of Luke retells the story of Jesus' birth, ministry, death, and resurrection as a means of addressing the spiritual struggles that resurface generation after generation. Developing the contemporary...

Conversations with Scripture: The Gospel of John

by Cynthia Kittredge

For contemporary Christians, John's gospel is a paradox, stressing both boundaries and community. This book encourages readers to draw out the tensions between these two perspectives, making the gospel more...

You Are Already Praying: Stories of God at Work

by Cathy H. George

The goal of prayer is to practice it without ceasing. Focusing on the prayer lives of the laity, this book includes stories of individuals seeking to connect their faith with their work in the world. The goal...

Shintoism: The Indigenous Religion Of Japan

by , A. Underwood

Originally published in 1934, this book contains a wealth of information on Shintoism, the indigenous religion of Japan, and is highly recommended for inclusion on the bookshelf of any with an interest in Japanese...

Identity Crisis: Transforming Your Life From  Within

by Jack Hoke

Many people grow up hearing negative things said about them, which can cause lasting damage to their self esteem and confidence in who they are. This almost always leads to an identity crisis in the persons...

Come and See:  Acts and Letters

by Fr. Joseph L. Ponessa & Laurie Watson Manhardt

How do the Letters of Saint Paul connect to the history of the Acts of the Apostles? What was the structure and governance of the Apostolic Church? How should the Catholic interpret the difficult passages in...

The 10-Second Rule: Following Jesus Made Simple

by Clare De Graaf

Learn how to answer God’s call to action with this “wonderful, inspirational book that reinforces how one simple gesture, one small act of kindness, can make an enormous difference” (Laura Schroff, New...

The End of Worry

by Will van der Hart & Rob Waller

Do you find yourself worrying and unable to stop?

Does worry consume your days and keep you up at night?

Do you know that worry doesn’t help, but you keep worrying anyway?

If you are holding this book, it’s...

An Ancient Path: Talks on Vipassana Meditation as Taught by S.N. Goenka

by Paul R Fleischman

A collection of talks given by Dr. Paul Fleischman on Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka, these selections explore subjects such as mental health, mindfulness, and cultivating inner peace. They were...

Faith, Doubt, and Other Lines I've Crossed: Walking with the Unknown God

by Jay Bakker & Andy Meisenheimer

Innovative pastor Jay Bakker thought he knew God: the God who rigorously patrolled every aspect of his life, the God who chose sides, the God who was always disappointed in him. But through the transformative...

Pursued: God's Divine Obsession with You

by Jud Wilhite

Christian faith isn't blind obedience to a set of rules and regulations; it is entering into a relationship with a God who pursues us-not to punish, but to love. As the leader of Central Christian Church in...

Come On Church! Wake Up!: Sin within the Church, and what Jesus Has to Say About it

by Michele Neal

It is time for the church to take a stand and preach the truth: Jesus is coming soon, and His bride, the church, must be free from sin when He returns. 

The Code of the Holy Spirit: Uncovering the Hebraic Roots and Historic Presence of the Holy Spirit

by Perry Stone

In The Code of the Holy Spirit, Perry Stone shares a unique view of the Holy Spirit through the lens of Old Testament writings and Jewish tradition.

The Power Of Covenant Prayer: Christian Living

by Francis Frangipane

What is the difference between prayer and covenant prayer? A covenant with God takes you further into your goal of Christlikeness. When you make this commitment to consistently communicate with the Father above...

War in the Garden of Eden: A Military Chaplain's Memoir from Baghdad

by Frank E. Wismer III

A behind-the-scenes look at life in Baghdad, Iraq, during the months following the invasion in 23. This book also looks at the dynamic interaction of major faith groups within Iraq, and the religious heritage...