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The A to Z of the Orthodox Church

by Michael Prokurat, Michael D. Peterson & Alexander Golitzin

Of the three major branches of Christianity, Orthodoxy is the least known and most misunderstood. The A to Z of the Orthodox Church provides students, researchers, and specialists with a desk encyclopedia of...

Messengers of God: A Jewish Prophets Who's Who

by Ronald H. Isaacs

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My Soul in Silence Waits: Meditations on Psalm 62

by Margaret Guenther

In these reflections on Psalm 62 Margaret Guenther provides the foundation for a time of reflection and retreat without ever leaving home.

Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition

by Anthony G. Percy

Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition is a theological and historical exploration of the treatment of entrepreneurship, business, and commerce in the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. It presents a...

Work, Love, Suffering, Death: A Jewish/Psychological Perspective Through Logotherapy

by Reuven P. Bulka

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Understanding the Talmud: A Modern Reader's Guide for Study

by Edward S. Boraz

In Understanding the Talmud: A Modern Reader's Guide for Study, Rabbi Edward S. Boraz presents a thoughtful introduction to the Talmud designed for study by the untrained reader. Using a unique approach, Rabbi...

The Holy Fire: The Teachings of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira, the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto

by Nehemia Polen

The Holy Fire: The Teachings of Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira, the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto is a journey into the mind and spirit of a sublime hasidic master in his moments of joy and tranquillity, and later,...

Sacred Fire: Torah from the Years of Fury 1939-1942

by Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira & Hershy J. Worch

Sacred Fire: Torah from the Years of Fury (1939-1942) consists of commentaries on each weekly Torah portion. It also includes a number of lengthy sermons delivered on the major Jewish Festivals as well as a...

Jewish Book of Comfort

by Alan A. Kay

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Holy Brother: Inspiring Stories and Enchanted Tales about Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

by Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum & Elie Wiesel

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach was one of the most original and inspired Jewish personalities of the twentieth century. In this incredible volume, Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum, a devoted student of Reb Shlomo, gathers...

The A to Z of Jehovah's Witnesses

by George D. Chryssides

The theme of prophecy, the doctrine of the 144,000, end-time calculations, Armageddon, and the Witnesses' denial of hell are all considered in The A to Z of Jehovah's Witnesses, which contains a chronology,...

The A to Z of the Seventh-Day Adventists

by Gary Land

Covering the Millerite movement of the 1830s and 1840s, sabbatarian Adventism prior to organization of the denomination, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church since its organization in 1861-63, this volume provides...

The Good Life

by Trip Lee

Nicer car, bigger house, whatever your heart desires. Everybody wants to live The Good Life. But what happens when dreams become nightmares and the promise of freedom leads to a life of imprisonment? What...

The Global Orphan Crisis: Be the Solution, Change Your World

by Diane Lynn Elliot

God's call to care for the orphaned and vulnerable children of the world is not easy or comfortable. It requires willingness, commitment and sacrifice. Exploring the global orphan crisis will break your heart...

Re-riting Woman: Dianic Wicca and the Feminine Divine

by Kristy S. Coleman

Re-riting Woman is an ethnographic study of Dianic Wicca, a modern Pagan religion in which the divine is solely feminine. Kristy S. Coleman explores Dianic Witchcraft, what it really means to practice Wicca...

Formulating Responses in an Egalitarian Age

by Marc D. Stern

At first glance, Orthodox Judaism may not seem compatible with the prevailing world view of egalitarianism, regardless of race, gender or religion. But modern Orthodox Jews share an appreciation for egalitarianism...

The Baptist Faith and Message 2000: Critical Issues in America's Largest Protestant Denomination

by Joseph D. Wooddell, Douglas K. Blount & Susie Hawkins

Since its inception, controversy has surrounded the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, Southern Baptists' most recent confession of faith. The present volume of essays by Baptist scholars explains that document...

Gays and Grays: The Story of the Gay Community at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Parish

by Donal Godfrey

This book tells the story of a unique Catholic Parish, Most Holy Redeemer Parish in San Francisco. The story tells how the original parishioners (the gray) accepted the new gay community, especially in response...

Faith, Morality, and Civil Society

by Peter Augustine Lawler & Dale McConkey

Editors Dale McConkey and Peter Augustine Lawler explore the contributions that religious faith and morality can make to a civil society.

Reasonable Perspectives on Religion

by Richard Curtis

This book seeks to bring together a range of discussions, both critical and apologetic, each of which examines some element or function of religion. Covering a wide range of topics, including ethics, religious...