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The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

by Alistair Shearer

“A wonderful translation, full of contemporary insight yet luminous with eternal truth.”—Jacob Needleman

The Yoga Sutras were cast in their present form in India around the third century b.c. Yoga is from...

Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples

by V.S. Naipaul

"Brilliant. . . . A powerfully observed, stylistically elegant exploration." --The New York Times

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

"The book's strength lies in Naipaul's extraordinary ability as a storyteller...

Abandonment to Divine Providence

by John Beevers

For more than 250 years, this simple classic of inspiration has guided readers of all faiths to the open-hearted acceptance of God's will that is the sure path to serenity, happiness, and spiritual peace.


The Christian Book of Questions: 35 Questions to Explore Your Beliefs and Deepen Your Faith

by Laura E. Boswell

Take a Personal Look at Faith, Ethics, and Morals in Today's World

• Are donations still charity if you claim them on your tax return?

• Is it wrong to miss church because you have too much work to do?


Saving Paradise: How Christianity Traded Love of This World for Crucifixion and Empire

by Rebecca Ann Parker

One of Publishers Weekly's Best Books of 2008 

During their first millennium, Christians filled their sanctuaries with images of Christ as a living presence-as a shepherd, teacher, healer, or an enthroned...

Sacred Discourse and American Nationality

by Eldon J. Eisenach

Sacred Discourse and American Nationality analyzes the role of religious rhetoric in questions on national identity. Eldon J. Eisenach uses his expertise on a variety of topics from religion and politics to...

The Love Triangle: What Every Couple Needs for a Successful Marriage

by Renee Beamer

The Love Triangle, What Every Couple Needs for a Successful Marriage exposes God's design for holy matrimony as detailed in Ephesians 5:22-33. Strife in the home ends as husbands love sacrificially and wives...

Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism

by Mathieu Guidère

The Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalism provides a comprehensive and detailed examination into Islam as a religion, Islam as a government, and Islam as a way of life. It is a thorough analysis of...

Beyond Secularism and Jihad?: A Triangular Inquiry into the Mosque, the Manger, and Modernity

by Peter D. Beaulieu

Peter D. Beaulieu examines the challenges to secular modernity and Islam as they encounter one another. By restoring a place at the table for Trinitarian Christianity alongside the monotheism of Islam and the...

Israeli Feminism Liberating Judaism: Blood and Ink

by Bonna Devora Haberman

Author Bonna Haberman expresses her concerns about religion and society in Israel. Engaging feminist interpretation of Jewish sources, this book questions the interplay between civil and religious authority...

The First Rasta: Leonard Howell and the Rise of Rastafarianism

by Stephen Davis & Helene Lee

Going far beyond the standard imagery of Rasta—ganja, reggae, and dreadlocks—this cultural history offers an uncensored vision of a movement with complex roots and the exceptional journey of a man who taught...

The Handy Religion Answer Book

by John Renard

Providing detailed descriptions of the beliefs, rituals, history, and organization of the world’s eight major religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism,...

Animals and Humans: Recurrent Symbiosis in Archaeology and Old Norse Religion

by Kristina Jennbert

Exploring the relationship between animals and humans in Scandinavia from the Roman Iron Age to the Viking Period, this book interprets Old Norse mythology—in which imaginary creatures with strong characters...

The Forgetting River: A Modern Tale of Survival, Identity, and the Inquisition

by Doreen Carvajal

The unexpected and moving story of an American journalist who works to uncover her family’s long-buried Jewish ancestry in Spain.

Raised a Catholic in California, New York Times journalist Doreen Carvajal...

Archbishop Fisher, 1945-1961: Church, State and World

by Andrew Chandler & David Hein

This book explores Archbishop Fisher's influence on major contemporary issues and events, including divorce-law reform, capital punishment at home, the end of Empire and the most dangerous years of the Cold...

Archbishop Anselm 1093-1109: Bec Missionary, Canterbury Primate, Patriarch of Another World

by Sally N. Vaughn

Exploring Anselm's thirty years as Prior and Abbot of the large, rich, Norman monastery of Bec, and teacher in its school, this book notes the wealth of experiences which prepared Anselm for his archiepiscopal...

Religious Transnational Actors and Soft Power

by Jeffrey Haynes

This study looks at the dynamics of this new religious pluralism as it influences the global political landscape. Several specific transnational religious actors are examined in the chapters including: American...

Clothed in the Body: Asceticism, the Body and the Spiritual in the Late Antique Era

by Hannah Hunt

Hunt examines the apparent paradox that Jesus' earthly existence and post resurrection appearances are experienced through consummately physical actions and attributes yet some ascetics within the Christian...

Ordinary Christology: Who Do You Say I Am? Answers From The Pews

by Ann Christie

Ordinary Christology is defined as the account of who Jesus was/is and what he did/does that is given by Christian believers who have received no formal theological education. In this fascinating study Ann Christie...

Desire and Deceit

by R. Albert Dr Mohler

Are you ready to respond to the most relevant questions of sexuality today?

Lifetime monogamy is passé. Pornography infiltrates nearly every home. Homosexuality is accepted. Lust has been redefined. The family...