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The Best Thing I Ever Did for My Marriage: 50 Real Life Stories

by Nancy Cobb & Connie Grigsby

Marriage has never been easy. But sometimes it takes surprisingly little to yield infinite rewards. This eye-opening book by marriage experts Nancy Cobb and Connie Grigsby contains humorous and profound true...

The Divine Defense: Six Simple Strategies for Winning Your Greatest Battles

by Robert Jeffress

It’s what you can’t see that can hurt you

The temptation that regularly assaults you, the depression or illness that pulls you down, the discord in your relationships, the private doubts you harbor about...

How to Make Choices You Won't Regret

by Kay Arthur

How to make choices now that you won’t regret later.

You may be wondering how you ended up where you are, whether your life would have been better if you had made different decisions along the way. Or maybe...

How to Obtain Fullness of Power in Christian Life and Service

by R. A. Torrey

This early works is a fascinating look at the subject. Contents include: The Power of the word of God, The Power of the Blood of Christ, The Power of the Holy Spirit, The Power of Prayer, and The Power of a...

Peter Got Out of the Boat

by Shirley Stahl

Peter left the boat but what motivated him to do so? Can it be possible to find answers to that question? Scripture provides clues that give understanding for Peter's actions and make the miracle walk on water...

Time Bandits: Putting First Things First

by Stuart Briscoe

Who Is Stealing Your Time?

Each day, there are things you know you have to do. Then there are things you really ought to do, plus things you desperately want to do. But how do we find time for it all? Stuart...

Mark: God in Action

by Winnie Christensen & Chuck Christensen

Our Purposeful, Powerful Savior

Mark shows you Jesus Christ in action--a purposeful, powerful individual who addressed the personal needs of those he encountered and brought hope to hungry groups, demonstrating...

My Second Chapter: The Matthew Ward Story

by Matthew Ward

How one family’s tragedy ultimately revolutionized contemporary Christian music.

Known for such classics as “Easter Song,” the Second Chapter of Acts was one of the major music groups in the forefront...

Prayers for all Occasions

by Ian Black

This wonderful collection of 140 original prayers -- published here for the first time -- is suitable for anyone who leads public prayers, or is looking for a resource to enrich private devotions. Covering a...

Skeptics and True Believers

by Chet Raymo

Years ago, noted science teacher and writer Chet Raymo embarked upon his own quest to reconcile the miracle stories he learned as a child with the science he learned as an adult. Skeptics and True Believers...

Acts of Faith: Explaining the Human Side of Religion

by Rodney Stark & Roger Finke

Finally, social scientists have begun to attempt to understand religious behavior rather than to discredit it as irrational, ignorant, or foolish-and Rodney Stark and Roger Finke have played a major role in...

Introduction to the New Testament

by Raymond Collins

A massive survey of New Testament scholarship--its history, methodology, and findings--from a Catholic standpoint. Fr. Collins (Catholic U. of Louvain) has a masterful grasp of his subject; and this book is...

The Nativity: History and Legend

by Geza Vermes

The Nativity is the very heart of the Christian tradition. For more than 2,000 years, the story of Jesus’ birth has been told and retold, mythologized and sentimentalized. In The Nativity, Geza Vermes untangles...

I Exalt You, O God: Encountering His Greatness in Your Private Worship

by Jerry Bridges

Hungering and thirsting for God’s majesty

As the world becomes ever more impersonal, hectic, and stressful, our hunger grows for the reality of God’s greatness in our lives. We seek moments of personal worship...

I Give You Glory, O God: Honoring His Righteousness in Your Private Worship

by Jerry Bridges

In I Exalt You, O God, Jerry Bridges ushered you into God’s heavenly throne room, introducing you to the personal, private worship of the One who is truly great, holy, wise, and loving. In I Will Follow You,...

Missional Map-Making: Skills for Leading in Times of Transition

by Alan Roxburgh

Guidance for church leaders to develop their own maps and chart new paths toward stronger, more vibrant, and more missional congregations

In the burgeoning missional church movement, churches are seeking to become...

Church Turned Inside Out: A Guide for Designers, Refiners, and Re-Aligners

by Linda Bergquist & Allan Karr

A design-thinking book for planting or redesigning churches and incubating a new generation of leaders.

Written by Linda Bergquist and Allan Karr, two experienced church planters and mentors, the book is full...

It's Really All about God: How Islam, Atheism, and Judaism Made Me a Better Christian

by Samir Selmanovic

A fresh exploration of a redeeming, dynamic, and radically different way to hold one's religion

Samir Selmanovic—who grew up a in a culturally Muslim family in Croatia, converted to Christianity as a soldier...

Plain and Simple: A Journey to the Amish

by Sue Bender

"I had an obsession with the Amish. Plan and simple. Objectively it made no sense. I, who worked hard at being special, fell in love with a people who valued being ordinary."

So begins Sue Bender's story,...

A Search for Solitude: Pursuing the Monk's True LifeThe Journal

by Thomas Merton

The third volume of Thomas Merton's journals chronicles Merton's attempts to reconcile his desire for solitude and contemplation with the demands of his new-found celebrity status within the strictures of conventional...