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No Easy Road: Discover the Extraordinary Power of Personal Prayer

by Dick Eastman

Best-selling classic offers challenge and guidance for conquering rugged prayer heights and tapping into God's extraordinary power.

Key Words of the Christian Life: Understanding and Applying Their Meanings

by Warren Wiersbe

Explains important Bible words and concepts to help believers live out what the words teach

Let Jesus Heal Your Hidden Wounds: Cooperating with the Holy Spirit in Healing Ministry

by Brad Long & Cindy Strickler

"Bible-based wisdom about all dimensions of the ministry of inner healing through prayer . . . a top-class resource." -J. I. Packer

Penetrating the Darkness: Discovering the Power of the Cross Against Unseen Evil

by Jack Hayford

Beloved pastor Jack Hayford shows believers how to assert their authority in spiritual battle and provides biblical keys for defeating the bondage of darkness.

The Power of Blessing: How a Carefully Chosen Word Changes Everything

by David Timms

A journey into the often misunderstood world of blessings, exploring Jesus' timeless words in the beatitudes and offering a framework for blessing others--and being blessed.

Homosexuality and the Christian: A Guide for Parents, Pastors, and Friends

by Mark Yarhouse

Honest, accurate answers to questions about homosexuality from the leading Christian expert on the topic. Also explains current research and whether homosexuality can be overcome.

The Forgotten Ways Handbook: A Practical Guide for Developing Missional Churches

by Alan Hirsch & Darryn Altclass

An internationally known missional church expert offers leaders practical suggestions, real life examples, and proven strategies for applying missional paradigms.

All Things New: Transforming Promises from the Word of God

by Baker Group

This collection of more than 200 passages of Scripture provides the perfect reminder of who we are and how God transforms our lives through his love and grace. Casebound hardcover.

Finding Favor with the King: Preparing for Your Moment in His Presence

by Tommy Tenney

Unlocking the book of Esther for Tenney shows how a peasant became a princess and how God makes the same offer to us.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Biblical Counseling

by Ron Hawkins & Tim Clinton

This A-Z guide assists people-helpers--pastors, professional counselors, youth workers, and everyday believers--to easily access a full array of information to aid them in (formal and informal) counseling situations....

War in Heaven: God's Epic Battle with Evil

by Derek Prince

Find biblical answers, hope, and reassurance as Derek Prince explores how evil entered the world, was defeated at the cross, and how God will finally eradicate it from the universe.

The Surprising Work of God: Harold John Ockenga, Billy Graham, and the Rebirth of Evangelicalism

by Garth Rosell

A seasoned evangelical historian reflects on American evangelicalism through the unique lens of the life and writings of Harold J. Ockenga.

How Much Is Enough?: Hungering for God in an Affluent Culture

by Arthur Simon

This provocative, inspiring look at "affluenza" nudges readers to break free from the materialistic culture and find new pathways to living as disciples of Jesus.

Woman to Woman, Sharing Jesus with a Muslim Friend

by Joy Loewen

Based on 30 years of field experience, Joy Loewen shows women how to successfully and sensitively befriend and minister to Muslim women.

When God Shows Up: A History of Protestant Youth Ministry in America

by Mark Senter

A veteran youth ministry expert provides a substantial history of American Protestant youth ministry, helping readers understand trends and changes.

The Quick-Reference Guide to Sexuality & Relationship Counseling

by Tim Clinton & Mark Laaser

This A-Z guide assists people-helpers--pastors, professional counselors, youth workers, and everyday believers--to easily access a full array of information to aid them in (formal and informal) counseling situations....

The Spirit Poured Out on All Flesh: Pentecostalism and the Possibility of Global Theology

by Amos Yong

Offers a fascinating look at Pentecostalism's place in global theology and shows how Christians from other traditions can benefit from recent developments in Pentecostal theology.

Introducing Apologetics: Cultivating Christian Commitment

by James TAYLOR

A fresh, comprehensive survey of the many methods of Christian apologetics using a unique, whole-

person approach. Now in paper.

New Testament History: A Narrative Account

by Ben Witherington

An engaging and accessible look into the world that gave birth to the Christian faith.

First and Second Timothy, Titus

by George Montague

A Catholic commentary on the letters to Timothy and Titus that presents sound exegesis followed by a reflection on the text's pastoral, theological, and practical applications.