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Friend to Friend: Enriching Friendships Through a Shared Study of Philippians

by Edna Ellison

A purposeful Scripture study for women that includes 50 chunks of digestible text with practical ideas for relevant application. This resoure is customizable to individual or group; practical, and easy to facilitate;...

She's Got Issues: Seriously Good News for Stressed-Out, Secretly Scared Control Freaks Like Us

by Nicole Unice

We’ve all got our issues! Maybe you feel like life just isn’t going your way, or you’re afraid that you don’t measure up to other people’s expectations. Perhaps you have a hard time managing your temper...

Compassionate Love and Ebony Grace: Christian Altruism and People of Color

by Kortright Davis

Davis reviews the various approaches to compassion, love, and altruism by multiple scholars. He explores the contours of “other-love,” a selfless regard for the well-being of others. Davis also examines...

As One Devil to Another: A Fiendish Correspondence in the Tradition of C. S. Lewis' the Screwtape Letters

by Richard Platt

As One Devil to Another is an astonishing debut work that C. S. Lewis’s biographer and foremost Lewis authority Walter Hooper calls “a stunning achievement, the finest example of the genre of diabolical...

The Space Between: A Christian Engagement with the Built Environment

by Eric O. Jacobsen

A recognized expert employs a theological lens to provide a unique perspective on timely and controversial topics related to the "built environment."

St. Paul, the Natural Law, and Contemporary Legal Theory

by Jane Adolphe, Robert Fastiggi & Michael Vacca

St. Paul, the Natural Law, and Contemporary Legal Theory grew out of the Year of St. Paul (2008-2009) proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI. It brings together the insights of Scripture scholars, theologians, philosophers...

A Psychology for People of God

by E. Rae Harcum

E. Rae Harcum argues that Christians do not have to give up their religious faith to keep the contributions of science. He confronts the relation between the human body and its non-material parts—the mind...

Healing in the Bible: Theological Insight for Christian Ministry

by Frederick J. Gaiser

A respected biblical scholar offers a close reading of fifteen key biblical texts on healing, considering their significance for the church's ministry today.

Desperate for Hope: Hanging on and Finding God during Life's Hardest Times

by Bruce W. Martin

A hopeful and encouraging message for readers experiencing suffering that assures them God is deeply in love with them, no matter what they go through.

The Early Church on Killing: A Comprehensive Sourcebook on War, Abortion, and Capital Punishment

by Ronald J. Sider

Noted theologian and bestselling author Ron Sider presents the early church's attitudes toward and teaching on the taking of human life.

Paul the Jewish Theologian: A Pharisee among Christians, Jews, and Gentiles

by Brad H. Young

Paul the Jewish Theologian reveals Saul of Tarsus as a man who, though rejected in the synagogue, never truly left Judaism. Author Young disagrees with long held notions that Hellenism was the context which...

Confronting Powerless Christianity: Evangelicals and the Missing Dimension

by Charles Kraft

Compelling biblical arguments in plain language that all Christians, not just charismatics, should be experiencing the power dimension of Christianity.

Ancient Christian Martyrdom: Diverse Practices, Theologies, and Traditions

by Candida R. Moss

The importance of martyrdom for the spread of Christianity in the first centuries of the Common Era is a question of enduring interest. In this innovative new study, Candida Moss offers a radically new history...

Psalms: A Guide to Studying the Psalter

by W. H. Bellinger

In this new edition of an accessible and concise primer, a leading authority on the Psalms takes account of the latest developments in Psalms studies.

Faith and Leadership: The Papacy and the Roman Catholic Church

by Michael P. Riccards

This volume is the first major study of the papacy as a managerial structure that has evolved over two thousand years. Special emphasis is placed on the environments in which the Church functioned and in which...

Rabbi David: A Documentary Catalogue

by Jacob Neusner

Rabbinic documents about David, progenitor of the Messiah, relay the scriptural narrative of David the king. But, he is also transformed into a sage by Rabbinic writings of late antiquity: the Mishnah, the Yerushalmi,...

The Mixed Multitude: Jacob Frank and the Frankist Movement, 1755-1816

by Pawel Maciejko

Based on extensive archival research, this book explores the history of Frankism, a Jewish religious movement that began in Poland and spread into the Habsburg Empire and the German lands in the later eighteenth...

The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success

by Rodney Stark

Many books have been written about the success of the West, analyzing why Europe was able to pull ahead of the rest of the world by the end of the Middle Ages. The most common explanations cite the West’s...

God on the Streets of Gotham: What the Big Screen Batman Can Teach Us about God and Ourselves

by Paul Asay

What do God and the Caped Crusader have in common? While Batman is a secular superhero patrolling the fictional streets of Gotham City, the Caped Crusader is one whose story creates multiple opportunities for...


by Vikas Kapoor

The book revolves around all key sequences and incidents from Baba's life. It's about the spiritual journey of his life. It's a fun and interactive way for people to know about Baba. The book will appeal to...