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Islam Dreaming: Indigenous Muslims in Australia

by Peta Stephenson

From the Malay pearl divers of Broome to the Afghan camel drivers of the interior, Muslims have lived and worked in Australia for more than three centuries. This comprehensive account reveals the life stories...

Saying Kaddish: How to Comfort the Dying, Bury the Dead, and Mourn as a Jew

by Anita Diamant

Anita Diamant's knowledge, sensitivity, and clarity have made her one of the most respected writers of guides to Jewish life. In Saying Kaddish, she shows how to make Judaism's time-honored rituals into personal,...

Mother Angelica's Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures

by Raymond Arroyo

The Word is made fresh by the irrepressible Mother Angelica as she personally escorts you through the Scriptures, unearthing lessons for daily living--the perfect companion to the New York Times bestselling...

Inua: Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimo

by William W. Fitzhugh & Susan A. Kaplan

Drawing primarily from the collection of Edward Nelson, Fitzhugh reconstructs and describes the spiritual practices and mythology of the Eskimo people living along the lowland regions of western Alaska. This...

Muslim Women in Mombasa, 1890-1975

by Margaret Strobel

An overview of Mombasan society and the history and experience of Muslim women living within it. Much of Strobel's information was gathered from numerous interviews of women in Mombasa. This digital edition...

The New Stations of the Cross: The Way of the Cross According to Scripture

by Megan Mckenna

One of today’s most popular and respected Catholic writers presents the first guide to the new Stations of the Cross, reflecting the revisions made by Pope John Paul II.

A traditional devotion for Catholics...

Jesus, Entrepreneur: Using Ancient Wisdom to Launch and Live Your Dreams

by Laurie Beth Jones

He didn’t work for money. He was willing to walk away. He invested his emotions wisely. He did sweat the small stuff.

Beyond work, beyond entrepreneurism, there is “spiritreneurism”—work that allows you...

A Champion of Good: The Life of Father Ilarion

by Natalia Mikhailovna Mikhailo Kopyttseva & Nathan K. K. Williams

Many lovers of literature are familiar, through Dostoyevsky’s works, with the concept of the Russian "Staretz," or spiritual elder, and this biography offers a vivid portrayal of an authentic Staretz, Father...

Jewish Secularity: The Search for Roots and the Challenges of Relevant Meaning

by Zachary I. Heller & David M. Gordis

A growing number of Jews identify themselves as secular or “somewhat secular.” Is this expansive definition of Jewishness a new phenomenon? What are its roots? This insightful book provides an overview of...

Science and Religion in Dialogue: Two Histories of Discarded Images

by Raymond E. Grizzle

Grizzle provides a history of science/religion interactions, with an emphasis on Christianity. He also examines his own history of dialogue, which involves self-reflection and interactions with others on science...

Sin: The Early History of an Idea

by Paula Fredriksen

Ancient Christians invoked sin to account for an astonishing range of things, from the death of God's son to the politics of the Roman Empire that worshipped him. In this book, award-winning historian of religion...

Great for God: Missionaries who Changed the World

by David Shibley

With bold faith, obedience to God, and love for others, missionaries attempt great things for God. Great for God: Missionaries Who Changed the World shares the biographies of twenty three missionaries. Each...

Exploring the World of Biology: From Mushrooms to Complex Life Forms

by John Hudson Tiner

For most of history, biologists used the visible appearance of plants or animals to classify them. They grouped plants or animals with similar-looking features into families. Starting in the 1990s, biologists...

Many Infallible Proofs: Evidences for the Christian Faith

by Dr. Henry M. Morris & Henry M., III Morris

Christians today - especially in America - are woefully ignorant about the Bible, and what impact it can have on a world of darkness. This despite the words of 1 Peter 3:15: "But in your hearts set apart Christ...

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity: Connect Your Family to a Wider Community

by Reggie Joiner & Carey Nieuwhof

When parents work in tandem with the faith community to raise their children, they increase their parenting capacity exponentially.

Most parents have so many demands on their time that they can't be the kind...

Sacred Matters: Religion and Spirituality in Families

by Wesley R. R. Burr, Loren D. D. Marks & Randal D. D. Day

Sacred Matters explores the multi-disciplinary literature about the role of religion in family life and provides new research and a new theory about ways various aspects of the sacred are helpful and harmful....

God Is Not Through with Me Yet: Holding On to the One Who Holds You Close

by Thelma Wells

Thelma Wells has known a lifetime of achievements and victories over obstacles, as well as a wealth of meaningful relationships and abundant ministry to countless others. But recently, God led her into dark...

Yoga, Bhoga and Ardhanariswara: Individuality, Wellbeing and Gender in Tantra

by Prem Saran

This book is a social-scientific interpretation of the 15 centuries-old Hindu and Buddhist traditions of tantra. It is a self-reflexive study, informed by an insider's empathy and the apprehension of an Indologist-cum-anthropologist...

World Cinema, Theology, and the Human: Humanity in Deep Focus

by Antonio Sison

Forging an open-minded but reasoned dialogue between nine acclaimed titles of world cinema, and a range of theological perspectives that touch on the theme of human experience, World Cinema, Theology, and the...

Open Secrets: A Memoir of Faith and Discovery

by Richard Lischer

Open Secrets is Richard Lischer's story of his early career as a Lutheran minister. Fresh out of divinity school and full of enthusiasm, Lischer found himself assigned to a small conservative church in an economically...