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Becoming a Healthy Church: Ten Traits of a Vital Ministry

by Stephen Macchia

A healthy church is possible. Here are ten traits to help you diagnose the state of your church and start it down the path to improvement.

Making Sense of the Old Testament: Three Crucial Questions

by Tremper Longman

A noted biblical scholar explores three questions Christians often ask about the Old Testament and provides answers that are both satisfying and understandable.

Community That Is Christian

by Julie Gorman

This comprehensive resource for building community in church-based small groups addresses the why and how of small-group ministry, giving special attention to gender and cultural distinctions.

Biblical Church Growth: How You Can Work with God to Build a Faithful Church

by Gary McIntosh

Instead of relying on today's models of successful churches, follow the biblical pattern for building a vital and solid church on eternal foundations.

The King James Version Debate: A Plea for Realism

by D. Carson

D. A. Carson addresses laypeople and pastors with a concise explanation of the science of textual criticism and refutes the proposition that the King James Version is superior to contemporary translations. The...

Sheep in Wolves' Clothing: How Unseen Need Destroys Friendship and Community and What to Do about It

by Valerie McIntyre

A full look at the harmful effect of transference (the application of unresolved issues from one's past to someone in the present) on churches and lives. Provides ways to identify and overcome this phenomenon....

The Path to Sexual Healing: A Bible Study

by Linda Cochrane

Victims of sexual abuse (and former abusers) will grow in wholeness and grace through this honest yet sensitive study that aids in recovery.

Understanding Leadership

by Tom Marshall

Grasp the essence of successful, biblical leadership with indispensable guidance on imparting vision, handling stress, being a servant leader, and more.

Answering Jehovah's Witnesses: Subject by Subject

by David Reed

This book guides Christians to discuss non-biblical issues with Jehovah's Witnesses subject by subject in a non-confrontational manner.

How to Break Growth Barriers: Capturing Overlooked Opportunities for Church Growth

by Carl George

Pastors will find proven strategies for effectively breaking through barriers to church growth, including the important but often difficult task of delegation of authority and work.

Longing to Know

by Esther Meek

How can we know God? This entertaining and approachable guide is for all those struggling with issues of truth, certainty, and doubt.

Understanding Folk Religion: A Christian Response to Popular Beliefs and Practices

by Paul Hiebert & R. Shaw

Provides a model for examining the beliefs folk religions around the world and suggests biblical principles missionaries can use to deal with them.

High-Tech Worship?: Using Presentational Technologies Wisely

by Quentin Schultze

Technology can help your church glorify God--or reduce your worship service to nothing more than entertainment. Here's how to use it wisely.

Joining Children on the Spiritual Journey: Nurturing a Life of Faith

by Catherine Stonehouse

By learning about the process of spiritual formation, parents and those leading children's ministries will be enabled to facilitate the spiritual growth of children in their care.

Church That Works: Your One-Stop Resource for Effective Ministry

by Gary McIntosh

This at-a-glance practical guidebook offers pastors and church leaders insights on a wide variety of issues to make their ministry more effective. It's like hiring a church consultant at a fraction of the cost....

Finding God in the Movies: 33 Films of Reel Faith

by Robert Johnston & Catherine Barsotti

Experience God in the movies! A valuable resource guide examining over 30 films and their theological impact. Excellent for film buffs and church leaders alike.

Freedom Tools: For Overcoming Life's Tough Problems

by Andy Reese

Fully believing that intimate and caring conversations can bring life-changing freedom, author Andy Reese gives readers the tools for facilitating healing in others.

A Search for the Spiritual: Exploring Real Christianity

by James White

This is the book to put into the hands of seekers. With disarming candor (and no "churchspeak"), White explores the basics of the Christian faith.

Helps for Counselors: A mini-manual for Christian Counseling

by Jay Adams

A quick reference guide of helpful hints and how-tos, covering all aspects of counseling, from common problems to procedure.

BHAGAVAD GITA in a Nutshell

by J.P Vaswani

If, as you hold this book in your hand, the thought crosses your mind: "Another book on the Gita! Do we need so many of them?" Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani's response is: We need many more of them! The Gita, as Sadhu...