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Mysterious Seed: Maturing in Father's Love

by Bob Mumford

Mysterious Seed is a compilation of more than 133 powerful daily devotional-size teachings designed to move you forward in your spiritual life. Rather than vague concepts and principles, well-known author Bob...

My Sons Are Jewish: The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

by Paula Clayman

In her quest to discover the true nature of the question, “Who is a Jew?” author Paula Clayman

emphatically unravels many exciting historical facets while tracing biblical lineages and exposing

their valuable...

Re-Forming a New You: A Guide for Re-Forming Your Heart, Home and Hope

by Wayman , Jr. Ming

More than just crying out for revival and restoration-as has been done by many over the centuries - author and pastor Wayman C. Ming Jr. compassionately and sincerely calls for a complete re-formation and points...

Demon-Proofing Prayers: Bob Larson's Guide to Winning Spiritual Warfare

by Bob Larson

Bob Larson has honed the art of exorcism into astonishing public performance. –Los Angeles Times, front page


Men like Bob Larson are out front, battling Satan, leading the charge against an evil that appears...

First Dance: Venturing Deeper Into a Relationship with God

by Brian Connolly

First Dance is a true love story about God. Beyond “religious knowledge” about God, you

will explore the depths of that first love, that first dance when you hold your partner so

close that your hearts beat...

The 23rd Psalm: Enjoying God's Best in the Midst of the Storm

by Dr. Mitchell H. Warren

Are you stressed, discouraged, struggling, or unhappy? Do you wonder if you’ve been abandoned?

Dr. Mitchell Warren has a message of hope and encouragement for you—the Lord is still your

Shepherd, even today!...

The Soul Survivor

by Cap. Joe Townsend & Shawn Doyle

This book is inspirational and serious because it is about a real life accident and overcoming adversity. Even though those are heavy topics- it is also important for us to capture Joe’s unique personality...

Normal Christianity: If Jesus Is Normal, What Is the Church?

by Jonathan Welton

Jesus and the Book of Acts are the standard of Normal Christianity. Remember the fad a few years ago when people wore bracelets reminding them, “What Would Jesus Do?” Christians state that Jesus is the example...

The Roadmap to Divine Direction: Finding God's Will for Every Situation

by Brenda Kunneman

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105).The Roadmap to Divine Direction guides believers who are struggling to find their way along the Christian journey. If you are having...

Leadership Gap: Motivate and Organize a Great Ministry Team

by Curtis Wallace

Whether you are a pastor, a church employee, a volunteer, or a congregation member, The Leadership

Gap is filled with solid, practical advice that you can use in your ministry. Curtis Wallace shares from his...

I Am Your Sign

by Sean Smith

Are you hungry for the power of the Holy Spirit?

Are you fed up with tired religious traditions?

Do you want revival?


I Am Your Sign is an inspiring, invigorating look at some of history’s most powerful...

The Love Sick God: Answering the Deepest Longings of Your Soul

by Pablo Perez

Imagine the Creator of the universe thinking about you right at this moment. What if you

could read His thoughts and watch the expression of His face when your name comes

up? The Lovesick God reveals the beauty...

Make Me a Legend: For the Dream of a Better Tomorrow

by Chuck Balsamo

If you knew your life was almost over, would you draft a farewell to your beloved survivors? Although the author’s time isn’t almost over, he chose to write a farewell message to those he loves—his family...

The Burning Ones: Calling Forth a Generation of Dread Champions

by Jerame Nelson

Burning Ones is a call to action. Christians will be encouraged and motivated to consider

seriously stepping in the role of “burning ones” and “dread champions” to spread the

Kingdom of God in the earth....

Momentum: What God Starts, Never Ends

by Bill Johnson & Eric Johnson

It is the heart of God for Revivals and Movements to continue from generation to generation. ­­­­Momentum confronts some of the issues that have hindered personal and corporate Revivals from continuing....

Supernatural Destiny: Answering God's Call on Your Life

by Don , Sr. Nori

Supernatural Destiny is the true story of a man’s unique and deeply personal encounter with God. The author’s destiny was played out for him by God in a vision that led him through the most difficult struggles...

Understanding Your Place in God's Kingdom: Your Original Purpose for Existence

by Myles Munroe

This book is about your original purpose for existence and the source of meaning behind your life. In these pages you will discover the Creator’s divine motivation, design, and mandate for His creation and...

The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus

by Robin Meyers

A new way to follow Jesus that draws on old ways of following Him

The Underground Church proposes that the faithful recapture the spirit of the early church with its emphasis on what Christians do rather than...

The Permanent Revolution: Apostolic Imagination and Practice for the 21st Century Church

by Alan Hirsch, Tim Catchim & Darrell L. Guder

A new brand of apostolic ministry for today's world

The Permanent Revolution is a work of theological re-imagination and re-construction that draws from biblical studies, theology, organizational theory, leadership...

Answer to Job: (From Vol. 11 of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung)

by C. G. Jung, R. F.C. Hull & Sonu Shamdasani

Considered one of Jung's most controversial works, Answer to Job also stands as Jung's most extensive commentary on a biblical text. Here, he confronts the story of the man who challenged God, the man who experienced...