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by C. Marvin Pate

This groundbreaking, full-color commentary series presents the best evangelical scholarship to help pastors understand the meaning of the text of the book of Romans and communicate it effectively.

The A to Z Guide to Finding It in the Bible: A Quick-Scripture Reference

by Baker Publishing Group

Award-winning Bible experts offer an A to Z guide to surprising stories, curious words, and fascinating facts of the Bible.

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Ecclesiastes: Looking for the Answer to the Meaning of Life

by Warren W. Wiersbe

What is the meaning of life? Based on the BE Satisfied commentary, this Bible study on Ecclesiastes tackles our biggest question and shares how we can lead a satisfied life.

Essential Figures in the Talmud

by Ronald L. Eisenberg

In Essential Figures in the Talmud, Dr. Ronald L. Eisenberg explains the importance of the more than 250 figures who are most vital to an understanding and appreciation of Talmudic texts. This valuable reference...

All of the Women of the Bible

by Edith Deen

All the women of the Bible offers a rich biographical perspective on evey female figure in scripture -- including the famous, the little-known, and even the unnamed. In more that 300 engaging and insightful...

How Do Catholics Read the Bible?

by S. J. J. Harrington

Accessibly written, How Do Catholics Read the Bible? blends biblical scholarship with compelling personal anecdotes to equip readers with the tools they need to more fully engage Scripture and the Catholic tradition....

Insight into Two Biblical Passages: Anatomy of a Prohibition I Timothy 2:12, the TLG Computer, and the Christian Church

by Leland E. Wilshire

The first study uses the TLG computer database for a new interpretation of I Timothy 2.12, exploring the effect of the interpretation on exegesis, gender pronouncements, hermeneutics, tradition, theology, and...

God's Prescription for Mental Health and Religion: Smile If You Truly Believe Your Religion

by E. Rae Harcum

This integration of psychological and religious thinking states that the way to mental health of individuals and society is God's prescription of selfless devotion and service to others. This thesis is supported...

Reading Jesus: A Writer's Encounter with the Gospels

by Mary Gordon

Reading Jesus is a personal journey through the fundamental Biblical stories. As celebrated author Mary Gordon ponders the intense strangeness of a deity in human form, unresolved moral ambiguities within the...

Layman's Bible Handbook

by George W. Knight

Here’s the perfect tool for understanding scripture better—the Layman’s Bible Handbook provides overviews and chapter-by-chapter summaries for every book of the Bible!



God's Expectation of Mankind

by Kenneth Dobbin

By knowing "GOD'S EXPECTATION FOR MANKIND" everyone would understand that God is preparing men and women to reign in his kingdom as kings and priests. Throughout the world men and women are making a strong effort...

Lord, Is It Warfare? Teach Me to Stand: A Devotional Study on Spiritual Victory

by Kay Arthur

Enjoy the expanded and updated editions of the best-selling "Lord" Bible Study Series from Kay Arthur.  The "Lord" study series is an insightful, warm-hearted Bible study series designed to meet readers where...

Titus MacArthur New Testament Commentary

by John F., Jr. MacArthur

How can strong, evangelistic churches be established in a culture that is anything but Christian?  This was the challenge that Titus faced on the island of Crete.  In instructing Titus, Paul focused on the...

First Timothy MacArthur New Testament Commentary

by John F., Jr. MacArthur

Paul wrote this letter to Timothy to encourage and instruct him in the ministry.  As a young pastor, Timothy faced many temptations and challenges.  But Paul encouraged him to be courageous and remain faithful. ...

Zechariah- Everyman's Bible Commentary

by Carl Laney

Zechariah, written to encourage the remnant of Israel struggling to follow the Lord, looks ahead to the eventual triumph of God's people and the coming of the Messiah. It contains many prophecies about Messiah,...

First Timothy- Everyman's Bible Commentary

by D Edmond . Hiebert

This concise interpretation of the apostle Paul's first letter to Timothy keeps technical matters to a minuimum, while making every effort to provide a clear explanation of each portion of the epistle. Dr. Hiebert's...

Numbers- Everyman's Bible Commentary

by Irving L. Jensen

This passage-by-passage commentary incorporates charts and a simple outline in its exposition of an important Old Testament book. The events of Numbers form the story of the Israelites traveling from Mount Sinai...

First & Second Kings- Everyman's Bible Commentary

by Robert L. Hubbard

By the waters of Babylon, in the sixth century B.C., the Jewish people felt like permanent refugees in a foreign land. Israel had undergone captivity once before, in Egypt. This time the people were in exile...

Judges & Ruth- Everyman's Bible Commentary

by Arthur H. Lewis

The book of Judges presents a miniature of the human race, its ups and downs, its triumphs and its tragedies. It also presents a history of God's sovereign intervention in the affairs of men. Yet within that...

Jude- Everyman's Bible Commentary: Acts of the Apostates

by S Maxwell Coder

Rich in content and replete with warnings concerning the last days, this epistle of only twenty-five verses has often been neglected by students of God's Word. Jude: The Acts of the Apostes is a scholarly, practical...