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Desiring God's Own Heart: 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles

by Kay Arthur & David Arthur

This invaluable study invites readers to discover the depths of God's grace and explore His provisions for their every need. Believers will be encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of His heart.

The Call to Follow Jesus: Luke

by Kay Arthur

Knowing Jesus is the beginning of a lifetime adventure. In this simple, but magnificent study of Luke, believers will discover more about how Christ lived...and how they too can live as true disciples.

The Key to Living by Faith: Hebrews

by Kay Arthur & Pete De Lacy

Kay Arthur's life-changing New Inductive Study Series has sold more than 1.4 million copies. Each exciting examination of a different book of the Bible brings readers face-to-face with the truth of God's precepts,...

The Coming of God's Kingdom: Matthew

by Kay Arthur & Pete De Lacy

Kay Arthur's life�changing New Inductive Study Series has sold more than 1.4 million copies. This exciting series brings readers face�to�face with the truth of God's precepts, promises, and purposes--in...

Becoming a Woman of Beauty and Strength: Esther

by Elizabeth George

Esther was in the right place at the right time. When God's guiding hand made her queen over a foreign race, she used her influence to save her people. Women of every age and walk of life will discover how to--...

Understanding Your Blessings in Christ: Ephesians

by Elizabeth George

Beloved Bible teacher and bestselling author Elizabeth George explores the book of Ephesians in this engaging addition to her popular A Woman After God’s Own Heart® Bible study series (nearly 400,000 copies...

Understanding Bible Prophecy for Yourself

by Tim Lahaye

Tim LaHaye's bestselling book (more than 110,000 copies sold) has been redesigned to make its content even more accessible to readers and updated to include timely information relevant to biblical prophecy and...

Walking in God's Promises: Character Studies: Sarah

by Elizabeth George

On many occasions, Sarah faced very difficult circumstances and made some mistakes along the way. But she willingly allowed God to stretch her and shape her. As a result, she became a woman of great faith and...

Nurturing a Heart of Humility: The Life of Mary

by Elizabeth George

From the angel Gabriel's announcement of God's plan for her, through the adversities presented by Christ's work on earth, Mary, the mother of Jesus, exhibited courage and humility. In this study, readers will...

Living with Passion and Purpose: Luke

by Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George’s  Living Life with Passion and Purpose is the newest release in the popular Woman After God’s Own Heart® Bible study series.

Focusing on Jesus’ teachings and the principles He lived...

Free from Bondage God's Way: Galatians/Ephesians

by Kay Arthur

Freedom comes from knowing truth—and the One who is the Truth. In this study, readers discover the matchless freedom available in Christ, see God’s grace, and take up the armor necessary to stand strong...

Face-to-Face with a Holy God: Isaiah

by Kay Arthur & Pete De Lacy

This inductive study of the book of Isaiah enables readers to observe and interpret the prophet's message and apply it to their own lives. The brief daily exercises provide the tools readers need to mark key...

Cultivating a Life of Character: Judges/Ruth

by Elizabeth George

In the midst of the dark days of the Judges, God faithfully raised up men and women of character to lead his people. Journey through Judges and Ruth and marvel at the godly character of women such as Deborah,...

God's Answers for Today's Problems: Proverbs

by Kay Arthur & Pete De Lacy

Kay Arthur’s life–changing New Inductive Study Series has sold more than 1.2 million copies. This exciting series brings readers face–to–face with the truth of God’s precepts, promises, and purposes—in...

That I May Know Him: Philippians & Colossians

by Kay Arthur & David Lawson

Here readers discover for themselves the truth about who Christ is. This study of Philippians and Colossians encourages believers to find joy in every circumstance and to walk worthy of their high calling.

Putting On a Gentle & Quiet Spirit: 1 Peter

by Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George takes readers through a thought–provoking study of Peter’s teachings on handling trials and persecutions, including: suffering for doing good; understanding the mysteries of God; and fanning...

God's Love Alive in You: 1,2,3 John, James, Philemon

by Kay Arthur & David Lawson

Kay Arthur’s life–changing New Inductive Study Series (more than 880,000 sold) brings readers face–to–face with the truth of God’s precepts, promises, and purposes—in just minutes a day.

The letters...

Discover the Bible for Yourself: *Helpful introductions to every book *Practical approaches for study *Applications for everyday life

by Kay Arthur

Speaker, author, and internationally-renowned Bible teacher Kay Arthur gathers together her inductive study tools in one volume that can be used with any Bible translation. Now those who are ready for a personal...

Growing in Wisdom and Faith: James

by Elizabeth George

Where can women get the wisdom that will help them make the right choices in the many decisions of life? How can they develop a faith that won't waver or crumble when they're overwhelmed by life's trials and...

The Book of Numbers: A Critique of Genesis: A Critique of Genesis

by Calum Carmichael

In this work Calum Carmichael—a legal scholar who applies a literary approach to the study of the Bible—shows how each law and each narrative in Numbers, the least researched book in the Pentateuch, responds...