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A Free Society Reader: Principles for the New Millennium

by William Brailsford & Michael Novak

A Free Society Reader rises to the challenge of freedom in the twenty-first century, offering thoughts and insights with significant implications for citizens of today's brand new world. Our era's most prominent...

The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church

by John L. Jr Allen

One of the world’s foremost religion journalists offers an unexpected and provocative look at where the Catholic Church is headedand what the changes will mean for all of us.

What will the Catholic Church...

Modern Science, Ancient Faith: Portsmouth Review

by The Portsmouth Institute

Featuring contributions by Dr. John F. Haught, Senior Fellow of Science & Religion at Georgetown University, Florida State University’s Dr. Michael Ruse, a specialist in the history and philosophy of science,...

The Light of Faith (Lumen Fidei)

by Pope Francis

Pope Francis’s first encyclical illuminates the urgent need in today’s secularized culture to reclaim faith as the guiding light to understanding human existence. Faith is considered in light of idolatry,...

Religion and the Common Good: Catholic Contributions to Building Community in a Liberal Society

by Brian Stiltner

The term "common good" has often been ill-defined or undefined in political, philosophical, and theological discourses. Brian Stiltner seeks to repair this deficit in his study Religion and the Common Good....

Catholic and Ecumenical: History and Hope

by Frederick M., S.M. Bliss

Ecumenical consciousness has not always been part of the Catholic experience. Frederick M. Bliss, S.M. traces how the concern for ecumenism came about_from uneasy tension to confidence in the true grace of catholicity....

Intimacy in Prayer: Wisdom from Bernard of Clairvaux

by Bernard of Clairvaux

How can I have a more intimate relationship with God through prayer? In these selections from his sermons on the Song of Songs, Bernard awakens us to God’s tender embrace and God’s desire to have his affection...

On the Priesthood: Classic and Contemporary Texts

by Matthew Levering

A readable guide for priests, seminarians, and educated readers seeking to learn more about the simultaneous unworthiness and dignity of the priesthood. Always challenging and penetrating, the selections unite...

The Genius of John Paul II: The Great Pope's Moral Wisdom

by Richard A. Spinello

In this exciting new book, renowned ethicist Richard Spinello offers the first comprehensive presentation of the late John Paul II's great moral vision. Here admirers may read and understand the essential teachings...

The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Catholic Catechism

by Mary DeTurris Poust

Operating instructions for being a Catholic. The Catechism is an amazing collection of Church teachings and rules that cover everything from the basics, like honoring God, to more unusual subjects, such as paying...

Another World: A Retreat in the Ozarks

by William Claassen

Another World explores day to day life in a small Trappist monastery tucked away in the Ozark foothills. Interweaving memoir with conversations with the monks, observations of community life, and relationships...

Holy Cards

by Barbara Calamari & Sandra DiPasqua

Holy cards offer comfort, consolation, and encouragement to Catholics, who often carry these portable images with them and use them in daily religious rituals. Given as remembrances at wakes and funerals, Communions,...

Signs of Life: 40 Catholic Customs and Their Biblical Roots

by Scott Hahn

Scott Hahn, the bestselling author of The Lamb’s Supper and Reasons to Believe, celebrates the touchstones of the Catholic life, guiding readers to a deeper faith through the Church’s rites, customs, and...

Immigration and the Next America: Renewing the Soul of Our Nation

by Archbishop Jose H. Gomez

Archbishop José Gomez has written a personal, passionate and practical contribution to the national debate about immigration - pointing the way toward a recovery of America's highest ideals."Immigration is...

Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer

by David N. Calvillo & Greg Tobin

The Rosary is for old ladies and funerals. Or is it? In David N. Calvillos debut book, he reveals how each week thousands of men of all ages and backgrounds join together each week in the Real Men Pray the Rosary...

Holy Goals for Body and Soul: Eight Steps to Connect Sports with God and Faith

by Thomas John, Bishop Paprocki & Joe Paprocki

Hockey-playing Catholic bishop Thomas J. Paprocki has a message for teens and young adults: athletics and fitness provide daily ways to connect with God. Bishop Paprocki weaves his unique personal story with...

Good Catholic Girls

by Angela Bonavoglia

The widely exposed transgressions of priests within the Catholic Church stunned the faithful and sent a new surge of energy through the progressive church reform movement in the United States. Despite the movement's...

Called to Knighthood: The Sacrament of Confirmation In the Kingdom Family of God

by Thomas K Sullivan

This new book has proven to be a key component in getting many people; parents, teens, priests, religious educators, men and women of all ages excited about the true meaning of Confirmation as Knighthood in...

The Liberal Arts Tradition: A Documentary History

by Bruce A. Kimball

Based upon the author's twenty-five years of experience leading seminars concerning the history of liberal education, this collection presents a uniquely comprehensive and salient set of documents, ranging from...

The Big Book of Women Saints

by Sarah Gallick

Most books about the saints are thin on women, especially contemporary women. Even Butler's LIVES OF THE SAINTS, the 'bible' of this category, lists far more men than women. No book about the saints could ignore...