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The Great Equal Society: Confucianism, China and the 21st Century

by Young-oak Kim & Jung-kyu Kim

Confucianism is the guiding creed for a quarter of mankind, yet hardly anyone has explained it in plain terms — until now. Written in a style both intelligible and enjoyable for the global audience, The Great...

Douglas John Hall: Collected Readings

by Douglas John Hall & David B. Lott

Hall's work takes the measure of Christian belief and doctrine explicitly in light of North American cultural and historical experience. Hall's theological insights challenge churches to embrace change and develop...

Confucianism and its Rivals

by Herbert Allen Giles

China is home to two major world religions, Confucianism and Taoism, and also played an important role in the historical development of a third, Northern Buddhism. Eventually, Confucianism became the state religion,...

The Analects of Confucius

by Confucius

The Analects (literally: “Edited Conversations”), also known as the Analects of Confucius, is a collection of sayings and ideas attributed to the Chinese philosopher Confucius and his contemporaries, traditionally...

The Shundai Zatsuwa

by Murō Naokiyo

Mur? Naokiyo was born in Yanaka, in Musashi, on the 30th March, 1658. His life was the wholly uneventful career of a professional scholar. From the year 1711 until his death he was employed by the Tokugawa Government...

?? The Great Learning ?? The Doctrine of the Mean

by 孔子 Confucius, Zengzi & Zisi

*** Premium Ebook / Chine-English Edition *** 

The Great Learning was one of the "Four Books" in Confucianism. It consists of a short main text attributed to the teachings of Confucius and then ten commentary...

The Analects of Dasan, Volume III

by Hongkyung Kim

With extensive research and creative interpretations, Dasan's Noneo gogeum ju (Old and New Commentaries of the Analects) has been evaluated in Korean Studies as a crystallization of his studies on the Confucian...

Learning of the Way (Daoxue):

by John E. Young, PhD

Over two thousand years ago, the Chinese sage Confucius proposed that learning, and putting persistent learning into practice, is a great joy or pleasure. In Learning of the Way (Daoxue), Dr. John E. Young presents,...

The Confucian Mind

by Daniel Wang

Publication Date: July 2006

The Confucian civilization is thoroughly examined and explained in this volume, historically, philosophically and psychologically, by its two most prominant examples (Chinese and Japanese...

Ru Meditation

by Bin Song & Paul Blair

Ru Meditation: Gao Panlong(1562-1626 C.E) is an annotated translation of the major works of Gao Panlong on Ruist (Confucian) quiet-sitting. Its major themes include poetic descriptions of the meditative experience,...

The Confucian Four Books for Women

by Ann A. Pang-White

This volume presents the first English translation of the Confucian classics, Four Books for Women, with extensive commentary by the compiler, Wang Xiang, and introductions and annotations by translator Ann...

Confucius: The Complete Works

by Confucius

This ebook contains Confucius' complete works. This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the...

Who Was Confucius? Ancient China Book for Kids | Children's Ancient History

by Baby Professor

Confucius was the most popular philosopher in Ancient China. He was so popular that you can still read about his works up to this day. If you would like to know about the man behind the name, then this is the...

Gods, Heroes, and Ancestors

by Anh Q. Tran

Though a minority religion in Vietnam, Christianity has been a significant presence in the country since its arrival in the sixteenth-century. Anh Q. Tran offers the first English translation of the recently...

Death Rituals and Politics in Northern Song China

by Mihwa Choi

In traditional China, a funeral and the accompanying death rituals represented a critical moment for the immediate family of the deceased to show their filial piety, a core value of the society. At the same...

The Vulnerability of Integrity in Early Confucian Thought

by Michael Ing

The Vulnerability of Integrity in Early Confucian Thought is about the necessity and value of vulnerability in human experience. In this book, Michael Ing brings early Chinese texts into dialogue with questions...

The Analects (Translated by James Legge with an Introduction by Lionel Giles)

by Confucius

Confucius was a Chinese teacher, statesman, and philosopher who lived in the 5th and 6th century BC. One of the most influential philosophers of all time, and still deeply regarded amongst the Chinese people,...

The Analects of Confucius

by Confucius

Confucius did not regard himself as an innovator, but as the conservator of ancient truth and ceremonial propriety. He dealt with neither theology nor metaphysics, but with moral and political conduct. The Lun...

Power, Place, and State-Society Relations in Korea

by Jongwoo Han

No book has addressed the simultaneous phenomena of Korea’s rapid economic development and its vibrant democratization in a single coherent paradigm. The late developmentalist approach emphasizes the strong...

Transition to Neo-Confucianism

by Anne D. Birdwhistell

The Sung Neo-Confucian synthesis is one of the two great formative periods in the history of Confucianism. Shao Yung (1011-77) was a key contributor to this synthesis, and this study attempts to make understandable...