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Mystical Science and Practical Religion: Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh Discourse on Science and Technology

by Richard Cimino

Mystical Science and Practical Religion uniquely examines the religious discourse of Muslim, Hindu, and Sikh applied science professionals and students. While they each view their respective religions as the...

The Bhagavad Gita

by Eknath Easwaran

The Bhagavad Gita, “The Song of the Lord,” is probably the best known of all the Indian scriptures, and Easwaran’s clear, accessible translation is the best-selling edition. The Gita opens dramatically,...

A Spiritual Bloomsbury: Hinduism and Homosexuality in the Lives and Writings of Edward Carpenter, E.M. Forster, and Christopher Isherwood

by Antony Copley

A Spiritual Bloomsbury is an exploration of how three English writers_Edward Carpenter, E.M. Forster, and Christopher Isherwood_sought to come to terms with their homosexuality by engagement with Hinduism.

Bhagavad Gita: The Beloved Lord's Secret Love Song

by Graham M. Schweig

The Bhagavad Gita is often regarded as the Bible of India. With a gripping story and deeply compelling message, it is unquestionably one of the most popular sacred texts of Asia and, along with the Bible and...

Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power

by Laura Amazzone

This book takes us on a pilgrimage to explore the Goddess Durga in ancient and contemporary culture. The mythology, rituals, philosophy, and spiritual practices of this distinctly female-centered and millennia-old...


by Hermann Hesse & A to z Classics

Siddhartha is an allegorical novel by Hermann Hesse which deals with the spiritual journey of an Indian boy called Siddhartha during the time of the Buddha. The book, Hesse's ninth novel, was written in German,...

Finding God through Yoga

by David J. Neumann

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893–1952), a Hindu missionary to the United States, wrote one of the world's most highly acclaimed spiritual classics, Autobiography of a Yogi, which was first published in 1946 and...

The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa - Adi Parva (Feathers Classics)

by Kisari Mohan Ganguli & Feathers Classics

This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure! The Mah?bh?rata is an epic legendary narrative of the Kuruk?etra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the P???ava...

Siva's Saints

by Gil Ben-Herut

Comprising more than twelve million people and renowned for their resistance to Brahminical values, the Virasaivas are a vibrant and unorthodox religious community with a provocative socio-political voice. The...

What is Buddhism? From Islamic Perspective Bilingual Edition English & French

by Muhammad Vandestra

Buddhism is the religion of more than 500 million people around the globe.  The majority of those people live in Asia but there are substantial Buddhist communities in other continents.  There are two main...

What Is Islam Religion? English Languange Edition

by Muhammad Vandestra

The ultimate goal of every Divine Message has always been the same: to guide the people to God, to make them aware of Him, and to have them worship Him alone. Each Divine Message came to strengthen this meaning,...

Why I Am a Hindu

by Shashi Tharoor

Hinduism is one of the world's oldest and greatest religious traditions. In captivating prose, Shashi Tharoor untangles its origins, its key philosophical concepts and texts. He explores everyday Hindu beliefs...

Sikhing Success & Happiness

by Dya Singh

There is no doubt, that ones environment, upbringing, family stability, health, job satisfaction, and even living in the right country contributes towards ones success & happiness. But beyond all that, it all...

Pearls from Upanisads

by Dr. R. B. Sharma

Being the 'Revealed Knowledge', the Upanishads form the foundations of the Indian philosophical heritage. Upanishads are aptly described as Vedanta, acme of the Veda that postulates brotherhood of humankind...

Bhagvat Gita, Song of God

by Dr. Roopnarine Singh Md Frcpc

The Bhagvat Gitaan important Hindu scriptureoffers a comprehensive view of God supreme, humanitys place in the world, and the avenues of destiny.

In Bhagvat Gita, Song of God, author Dr. Roopnarine Singh MD FRCPC,...

Indian Heritage Quiz

by Sripati

Quizzing can be funif the questions sound simple and the answers are not so simple! After you have heard both, you feel like having more! Questions and answers are initial steps to deep learning and contemplation....

Wisdom of Mahatma Vidur & Chanakya

by Munindra Misra

Mahatma Vidur a Dharmaraj, was respected by Lord Krishna for his devotion to people's welfare and proficiency in every sphere of knowledge.He is the paragon of truth, dutifulness, impartial judgement, steadfast...

100 Days - 100 Pages

by Raghubir Lal Anand

My Incredible India is beautiful in all its aspects. We have natural paradise on earth called Jammu & Kashmir. It is the abode of Bharat Mata (Maa Vaishno Devi); a valley full of vibrant natural beauties and...

Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex

by Amara Das Wilhelm

Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex is a collection of years of research into a topic seldom discussed or easily found within the Hindu/Vedic scriptural canon. Based entirely upon authentic Sanskrit references...

Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex

by Amara Das Wilhelm

Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex is a collection of years of research into a topic seldom discussed or easily found within the Hindu/Vedic scriptural canon. Based entirely upon authentic Sanskrit references...