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Four Key Concepts of the Qur'an

by Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi

An exposition of four key themes in the Qur'an by a noted figure in Islamic history, Mawlana Abul A'la Mawdudi.

Heart: The Sufi Psychology of Growth, Balance, and Harmony

by Robert Frager

"I have heard of a seeker who went to ask a sage for guidance on the Sufi way. The old man said to him: 'If you have never trodden the path of love, go away and fall in love; then come back and see us.'" ---...

New Directions in Islamic Education: Pedagogy and Identity Formation

by Abdullah Sahin

A groundbreaking rethink of Islamic education in the modern world.

Mecca the Blessed

by Seyyed Hossein Nasr & Ali Kazuyoshi Nomachi

During the season of Ramadan, when the first revelation of the Qur'an is commemorated, more than a million visitors journey to Mecca's Great Mosque. Despite Islam's position as a powerful religion, boasting...

The Armenians in the Medieval Islamic World: Medieval Cosmopolitanism and Images of Islamthirteenth to Fourteenth Centuries

by Seta B. Dadoyan

In this third volume of her trilogy, Seta B. Dadoyan focuses on social and cultural aspects of the Armenian condition and role in the medieval Islamic world. Dadoyan draws the outlines of a new philosophy of...

Islamic Occasionalism: And Its Critique by Averroes and Aquinas

by Majid Fakhry

Originally published in 1958, this volume discusses the attacks on Occasionalism made by Averroes and St.Thomas Aquinas.

Islamic Law and Society in the Sudan

by Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

Numerous movements for reform and change are discussed in the book, which reflect the contemporary debate in the Sudan over the position of Shari'a in society.


Puritan Islam: The Geoexpansion of the Muslim World

by Barry A. Vann

In this unique analysis of Muslim population shifts in the Western world, geographer Barry A. Vann provides fresh insights into the theological factors that play into these demographic trends. Vann examines...

Islamic Medicine

by Muhammad Salim Khan

Originally published in 1986, this volume deals with the historical, philosophical and psychological concepts found in Islamic medical practices, and covers Islamic ideas on physiological, pathological, curative...

Aspects of Islamic Civilization: As Depicted in the Original Texts

by A J Arberry

Originally published in 1964, this volume gathers together extracts from many of Arberry's best-known works and supplements them with a selection of previously unpublished translations.

Islam: Essays in the Nature and Growth of a Cultural Tradition

by G E von Grunebaum

The essays in this volume deal with three fundamental problems in Islamic civilization; the growth among Muslims of a consciousness of belonging to a culture; the unity of Muslim civilization as expressed in...

Islam: Its Origin and Spread in Words, Maps and Pictures

by F R J Verhoeven

First published in 2008. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Islam and Christianity Today: A Contribution to Dialogue

by W M Watt

Originally published in 1983, in this volume W Montgomery Watt looks at the meeting of Christianity and Islam, how they see and have seen each other, and considers how they can aid each other in dealing with...

Islam: Beliefs and Institutions

by Henri Lammens

In this book, originally published in 1929, Lammens is primarily concerned with the problem of Mohammad's personality and prophetic career - one of the central issues of Islamic history.

Islam and the Arabs

by Rom Landau

Originally published in 1958, this volume covers important aspects of Islamic history and culture.


Islam and the Divine Comedy

by Miguel Asin Palacios

When first published in 1926 this book aroused much controversy. The theory expounded in the book was that Islamic sources in general, and the writings of Ibn al-`Arabi in particular, formed the basis of Dante's...

Islam: Belief and Practices

by A.S. Tritton

Originally published in 1951, this book provides a thorough explanation of the essential elements of Islam: Muhammad and the Quran, Faith, Prayer, Alms, Fasting, Pilgrimage, Holy War, Hadith, and Sunna, Creed,...

The Silence of Mohammed

by Salim Bachi & Sue Rose

Before becoming the Prophet of Islam, Mohammed was a simple man of flesh and blood who started life as a poor orphan in the Arabian city of Mecca. Through his union with Khadija, he became a prosperous merchant...

The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities

by Amanullah De Sondy

Rigid notions of masculinity are causing crisis in the global Islamic community. These are articulated from the Qur�an, its commentary, historical precedents and societal, religious and familial obligations....

Rethinking the Synoptic Problem

by David Alan Black & David R. Beck

What is the relationship between the Synoptic Gospels? How can they be interpreted? Find out through the various approaches presented here from leading New Testament scholars.