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The Fire of Your Life

by Maggie Ross

"This book represents a year's worth of meditations-or rather a lifetime's work of reflection....It is full of vigor...and written with fierceness, humor, and beauty." Rowan Williams

Spirituality for Our Global Community: Beyond Traditional Religion to a World at Peace

by Daniel A. Helminiak

In this ground breaking book, Daniel Helminiak provides a crucial spiritual option for the many who feel the need to go beyond the secular materialism of modern society and the beliefs of traditional religious...

Quantum Soup: Fortune Cookies in Crisis New and enlarged edition

by Chungliang Al Huang

Peppered with a delicate mix of wisdom and humour, this new and enlarged edition of Quantum Soup is a light-hearted yet informative combination of happy anecdotes and traditional Chinese sensibilities in a Western...

Many Faces, One Church: Cultural Diversity and the American Catholic Experience

by Diana Hayes, Peter C. Phan & Gerald Boodoo

Many Faces, One Church both captures and facilitates a seismic shift in the who, what, where, when, why, and how of Catholic theology today. Along with a diverse group of theologians who represent the many faces...

Out of Darkness Into Light: Spiritual Guidance in the Quran with Reflections from Jewish and Christian Sources

by Ann Holmes Redding

Spiritual guidance from the Quran is uniquely presented in this new book for Christian spiritual directors, plus Western seekers, and students. A featured work of Spiritual Directors International, it provides...

Living Well While Doing Good

by Donna Schaper

Drawing from her own experience of working for social change while attempting to live fully, Donna Schaper provides strategies and spiritual solutions for simplifying food, children, money, romance. Humorous...

Lovesongs and Reproaches: Passionate Conversations with God

by L. William Countryman

The author takes liberties with the scriptures in order to explore them with new seriousness and argues with both God and scripture freely in the process. Countryman's poetic style takes its cue from the biblical...

Preferring Christ: A Devotional Commentary on the Rule of St. Benedict

by Norvene Vest

The Rule of St. Benedict continues to attract those who seek to live a deeper life, connected to Christ. But with such an ancient text, how can we authentically engage St. Benedict's Rule in a manner that is...

Spirituality for Ministry

by Urban T. Holmes III

Holmes examines the spiritual foundation that allows ordained clergy to be interpreters of God's message and symbol-bearers of God's presence in their congregations.


by Roger Ferlo

Hopes, fears, and meditations on the afterlife by notable writers of theology, fiction, and poetry. Authors include Barbara Brown Taylor, Phyllis Tickle, and Nora Gallagher. Poignant mix of autobiography, storytelling,...

Do Nothing to Change Your Life: Discovering What Happens When You Stop

by Stephen Cottrell

In this generous, life-affirming book, Cottrell invites us to slow down and stop... breathe... and start an adventure of self-discovery and renewed creativity that will improve the way we see life and help us...

Just Passing Through: Notes from a Sojourner

by Margaret Guenther

Fans of Margaret Guenther will welcome this salty, wise collection of autobiographical reflections on her life journey.

Compass and Stars

by Martin L. Smith

This collection of short, informal pieces that are both theologically substantial and genuinely popular is aimed at helping us "get our bearings" in the life of the spirit today

Give Us This Day: Lenten Reflections on Baking Bread and Discipleship

by Christopher Levan

Meditations for every day in Lent invite us to connect faith - "our daily bread"- and the world in which we live. Includes recipes ranging from Shrove Tuesday "No-Fret Pancakes" to Easter Challah bread. Each...

Keeping Silence: Christian Practices for Entering Stillness

by C.W. McPherson

Slow down and be quiet so you can hear God's voice and guidance for your life. This engaging book provides easy-to-follow instructions for a variety of Christian practices to enter stillness. For individuals...

God with Skin On: Finding God's Love in Human Relationships

by Anne Robertson

You may be the only Jesus some people will ever meet! This book helps us become "God with skin on" for others. With biblical examples and psychological studies, it examines our relationships with family, authorities,...

Echo of the Soul: The Sacredness of the Human Body

by Philip Newell

Few issues have caused the church more difficulty through the ages than those surrounding the human body. Throughout much of Christian history, spiritual seekers have considered the body to be, at best, a hindrance...

Clouds and Glory: Prayers for the Church Year, Year A

by David Adam

A collection of prayers and other resources based on the new Common Worship Lectionary used in many parts of the Anglican Communion, and very similar to lectionaries in use in the United States. Written in the...

Common Prayer on Common Ground: A Vision of Anglican Orthodoxy

by Alan Jones

A look at Anglicanism from four different perspectives- fundamentalism versus modernism, caricatures of Anglicanism as "muddled thinking," as an orientation toward transcendent mystery, and through the eyes...

Crossing: Reclaiming the Landscape of Our Lives, 2nd Edition: Reclaiming the Landscape of Our Lives, 2nd Edition

by OSB, Mark Barrett

Illuminates the spiritual journey we all take and the choices we make by focusing on five of the monastic hours.