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Healing Through Spiritual Warfare

by Peggy Scarborough & Bill Hamon

 Fight for WellnessGod wants you well. God's agenda is healing. This book shows you what God thinks about healing, as well as the early church. It also tells you of healings today. To receive healing, you...

The Life Giver: ..".But I Come That You Might Have Life and Have It in Abundance." John 10:10

by Joey LeTourneau

Life is waiting! Tap into the Life Giver Himself and begin to give life more abundantly. Then share it! The whole world is your family in need. Based on the author’s profound, personal vision when he was...

The Power of Forgiveness: Releasing God's Power

by Brian Adams & Sid Roth

Power Up Today! You can be healed through the power of forgiveness. Supernatural healing is available! Faith moves God, but forgiveness releases His power. When you chose to forgive, you break the legal right...

The Power of Imagination

by Kerry Kirkwood & Sid Roth

Just imagine!Does God want you to use your imagination? Are Christians to turn off their imaginative, creative side when they become mature believers? The answers may surprise you! The Power of Imagination...

Remember Who You Are...: You Are Loved and Carry the Authority of Jesus

by Ken Winton

You Are Here—God’s Heart

You have been embraced with an outrageous authenticity of an exchanged life, His for yours. Most believers have never been taught that God is always in a good mood and totally in...

The Gateway to the Seer Realm: Look Again to See Beyond the Natural

by Barbie Breathitt, Chuck Pierce & James W. Goll

Look again to See Beyond!You can step into God’s gateway to receive personal insights from Heaven—today. The Gateway to the Seer Realm: Look Again to See Beyond the Natural is written by a gifted Seer...

God, You've Got Mail: 15 Keys to Abundant Provision

by Danette Crawford & T. D. Jakes

He will provide!Tossing a lifeline of faith to rescue you from financial distress and pressure. Have you or a friend or relative lost a job, a pension, or home because of today’s troubled economy? Perhaps...

What If...: You Joined Your Dreams with the Most Amazing God

by Beni Johnson, Sheri Silk & Bill Johnson

A World of Possibilities!

Trusting God to fulfill all your “What ifs” and beyond.What if you…

  • fulfilled your dreams?
  • weren’t afraid?
  • needed healing and received it?
  • believed in yourself and partnered...

The Miracle Landing: And Other Supernatural Encounters

by Larry Welch

Ready, Set, Take Off!

Make sure your tray table is secure and your seat is in its upright position as you get ready to encounter God’s supernatural power!

Written by a professional pilot and airline captain,...

Taken: 25 Minutes in Heaven

by Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez was taken from his body for 25 minutes. He faced a visit from satan and was guided by the Holy Spirit. He was taken to the third heaven in spirit and saw the Lord seated on His throne. He has written...

Possessing Your Healing: Taking Authority Over Sickness in Your Life

by Kynan Bridges

Is divine healing for you?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? You can be healed and happy by possessing the abundant life God desires for you—today!

Possessing Your Healing—Taking Authority over...

Bulletproof: Accessing the Favor and Protection of God in the Secret Place

by Jeff Rostocil

Time for pessimism or optimism?

Precarious times will progressively become more perilous as the Day of the Lord draws near. But God assures your safety and security!

In light of increased worldwide terrorism,...

Dream Encounters: Seeing Your Destiny from God's Persepctive

by Barbie Breathitt

Uniquely inspired, and written to convince the greatest skeptics, as well as educate the most ardent believer, Dream Encounters will bring God’s perspective, and understanding to the symbolic, visual love...

The Wind and the Rudder: How to Live in the Power of the Spirit Without Becoming Weird

by Dan Smith

Are you prepared?A training and reference manual for the great nationwide revival—which has already begun. The Wind and the Rudder: How to Live in the Power of the Spirit without Becoming Weird gives you...

Heaven Is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations: Ten True Stories of Experiencing Heaven

by Sid Roth & Lonnie Lane

So this is Heaven!These true stories are your unique, personal opportunities to enjoy a taste of Heaven from here on earth. Heaven Is Beyond Your Wildest Expectations shares the testimonies of ten ordinary...

Angels in the Realms of Heaven: The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today

by Kevin Basconi

Heaven is real!Christ has already prepared a place for you to dwell with Him in Heaven. Your heavenly home awaits you! Angels in the Realms of Heaven: The Reality of Angelic Ministry Today is the third book...

Journey of a World Changer: 40 Days to Ignite a Life That Transforms the World

by Banning Liebscher

Transforming Yourself and Your World!

Mobilizing a new breed of revivalists living in intimacy with Jesus and moving in the supernatural to see culture shaped and nations transformed.

The heart of Journey of a...

Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels

by C. Peter Wagner, John Wimber & Neil T. Anderson

Spiritual warfare victory! A biblical and theological rationale with practical tools for advancing God’s Kingdom. Supernatural Forces in Spiritual Warfare: Wrestling with Dark Angels is a compilation of...

The Daily Prophecy: Your Future Revealed Today!

by Brenda Kunneman & Mark Chironna

Do you need a word from God?The Daily Prophecy shares a unique prophetic word—plus much more—for each day of the year.  More than a daily devotional, you will feel divine inspiration as you read The Daily...

The Prayer from the Crypt: Keys to Reaching the Souls of Your Loved Ones and Others

by Hank Kunneman

One man’s plea to save his family!The Prayer from the Crypt stirs hearts and awakens fresh burdens for lost family members, friends, and neighbors. Then he said, “I beg you therefore, father, that you would...