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The Quick-Reference Guide to Counseling Teenagers

by Tim Clinton & Chap Clark

A practical, comprehensive guide to counseling teenagers for lay and professional Christian counselors.

Sacramental Commons: Christian Ecological Ethics

by John Hart, Leonardo Boff & Thomas Berry

The increasing awareness of environmental issues as ultimately moral issues has led to the intersection of religion and environment. Sacramental Commons presents a unique way of looking at this topic by relating...

Who or What is God?: And Other Investigations

by John Hick

Theologian John Hick reflects on the search for truth, justice, and peace, through his lucid portrayals of the nature and accessibility of God, God's relevance for the meaning of life, the reconstruction of...

Why Haven't You Left?: Letters from the Sudan

by Marc Nikkel & Grant Le Marquand

As a missionary in the Sudan, amid unrest and war following Sudanese independence, Nikkel wrote these quasi-public letters -- missionary epistles --to his friends and supporters back home in the USA. These letters...

With Generous Hearts, Revised Edition: How to Gather Resources for Your Church, Church School, Church Agency, Chaplaincy, or Diocese

by Glenn N. Holliman

The classic manual for raising capital funds. This edition includes new material on the discernment phase of the campaign, annual stewardship campaigns, and establishing church planned-giving programs.

To Dream as God Dreams: Sermons of Community, Conversion, and Hope

by Porter Taylor

Porter Taylor, known for his wonderful preaching, always has something unusual and thoughtful to say. "Forgive us our weeds as we forgive the weediness of others," he writes in one sermon on the parable of the...

What Would Jesus Sing?: Experimentation and Tradition in Church Music

by Marilyn L. Haskel & John Bell

A collection of essays about the multiplicity of ways churches engage in the ministry of music.

Transitional Ministry: A Time of Opportunity

by Molly Dale Smith & Loren Mead

Interim clergy and the members they serve need the skill and experience to maintain congregational vitality during transition. This book presents a clear and up-to-date approach to both the value and various...

The Showings of Divine Love

by Julian of Norwich

The Showings of Divine Love is a book of Christian mystical devotions written by Julian of Norwich. It is believed to be the first published book in the English language to be written by a woman. At the age...

A Plain Account of Christian Perfection

by John Wesley

John Wesley (1703-1791) is the chief architect and source of inspiration to the teaching commonly referred to as Christian perfection. Among his many publications, the book that best summarizes his teachings...

Steps Along the Way: A Spiritual Autobiography

by Diogenes Allen

In his latest book, Diogenes Allen recounts his search for the Providence of God. His journey includes reflections on the evolving role of faith in the world; an exploration of the anguished and eloquent poetry...

The Fat Jesus: Christianity and Body Image

by Lisa Isherwood

A fascinating study of the complex ways that food, women, and religion interconnect, and a proposed theology of embrace and expansion that emphasizes the fullness of our incarnation.

Introduction to the Devout Life

by St. Francis de Sales

Francis de Sales’s Introduction to the Devout Life has remained a uniquely accessible and relevant treasure of devotion for nearly four hundred years. As Bishop of Geneva in the first quarter of the sevenjteenth...

The Conquest of Fear

by Basil King

My small experience in the conquest of fear can be condensed into these four words: Calmly resting! quiet trust! That amid the turmoil of the time and the feverishness of our days it is always easy I do not...

What Can One Person Do?: Faith to Heal a Broken World

by Sabina Alkire

The challenge of living in a broken, poverty-stricken world and recommendations for making a difference.

At The Master's Feet

by Sadhu Sundar Singh

Sadhu Sundar Singh (1889-1929?) has been referred to as “the apostle of India.” His Christian witness was one of faith, endurance, and supernatural activity. In 1922, his beloved classic At the Master’s...

Undiscovered Country: Imagining the World to Come

by Peter S. Hawkins

What really happens next? Using Dante's Divine Comedy as a framework, Peter Hawkins mines Christian tradition, contemporary culture, a rich array of literature, and his own personal experience to give us a context...

The Great 50 Days: The Daily Office from Easter to Pentecost

by Frank L. Tedeschi

Ideal for seekers who want to "try out" the discipline. It contains everything needed to pray Morning and Evening Prayer during the Easter Season in a single volume: Bible readings, prayers, psalms, etc.

The Desert: An Anthology for Lent

by John Moses

This devotional work offers an introduction to the tradition of desert spirituality. Short readings take the reader on a journey through each day of Lent. General themes covered include solitude, testing, self-emptying,...

The Vanishing Evangelical: Saving the Church from Its Own Success by Restoring What Really Matters

by Calvin Miller

Established and influential church leader issues a wake up call, spotlighting the decline of the evangelical empire, and charting a path forward for those who want to be part of the solution.