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The Vanishing Evangelical: Saving the Church from Its Own Success by Restoring What Really Matters

by Calvin Miller

Established and influential church leader issues a wake up call, spotlighting the decline of the evangelical empire, and charting a path forward for those who want to be part of the solution.

Take Charge of Your Emotions: Seven Steps to Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, and Anger

by Dr. Linda J. Solie

Take control of your own well-being with this proven 7-step approach to managing your emotions and overcoming anxiety and depression, from a respected Christian psychologist.

Mormon Crises: Anatomy of a Failing Religion

by James A Beverley & Sandra Tanner

Mitt Romney's run for President of the United States and the recent success of the Broadway play "Book of Mormon" has created enormous interest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In spite of...

The Bible Cure for Headaches: Ancient Truths, Natural Remedies and the Latest Findings for Your Health Today

by Donald Colbert

Are you a headache sufferer? God's plan for your life has no place for the distractions of headaches!


The Bible Cure for Colds and Flu: Ancient Truths, Natural Remedies and the Latest Findings for Your Health Today

by Donald Colbert


Stop your suffering from these miseries! An estimated one billion Americans suffer with colds, flu and sinus infections each year, but now you can stop being one of them. In this...

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego: The Historical Evidence

by Eduardo Chávez

Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Juan Diego:The Historical Evidence offers a detailed account of the Great Guadalupan Event and its historical and spiritual importance today. As part of the series Celebrating...

Partnership with the Dying: Where Medicine and Ministry Should Meet

by David H. Smith

What do physicians, nurses, chaplains, and social workers think about moral and religious issues in care for the dying? These professionals live with death, including many untimely and difficult deaths, on a...

Premodern Faith in a Postmodern Culture: A Contemporary Theology of the Trinity

by Peter Drilling

In Premodern Faith in a Postmodern Culture, Peter Drilling presents a how-to guide to assist believers in seeing how the process of coming to faith in the triune God of the Christian tradition is not only reasonable...

On Prayer and Contemplation: Classic and Contemporary Texts

by Matthew Levering

This is a rich, informative, and inspiring compendium of the Christian tradition of prayer and contemplation from the earliest days of the Church to the present day. Included are selections from St. Ignatius...

La Vida Sacra: Contemporary Hispanic Sacramental Theology

by James Empereur & Eduardo Fernández

La Vida Sacra: Contemporary Hispanic Sacramental Theology is an original, insightful approach to the sacraments from the perspective and actual practice of Latinos over the centuries. It offers a distinctive...

Searching for Sacred Space: Essays on Architecture and Liturgical Design in the Episcopal Church

by John Ander Runkle

Every Sunday we walk through those (probably red) doors and enter a sacred space. It is familiar . . . maybe comforting . . . maybe not . . . maybe downright uncomfortable and unwelcoming. In twelve thoughtful...

More Blessed to Give: Straight Talk on Stewardship

by John H. MacNaughton

With years of experience as a parish priest, the author provides a concise and thorough guide to all aspects of the theology and practice of stewardship. His careful, step-by-step approach to giving and planning...

Living Loved: Knowing Jesus as the Lover of Your Soul

by Peter Wallace

Devotional book of meditations encourages readers to approach Jesus through the eyes of "the disciple whom Jesus loved."

Reweaving the Sacred: A Practical Guide to Change and Growth for Challenged CongregationsA Practical Guide to Change and Growth for Challenged Congreg

by Carol J. Gallagher

Simple, clear exercises and techniques to help leaders and members pinpoint problems and claim and identify gifts and values of their shared history, in order to engage in a ministry of renewal, welcome, and...

Prayers for Pastor and People

by Carl G. Carlozzi & John B. Coburn

A rich collection of prayers for corporate worship and personal devotion including blessings, thanksgivings, intercessions, litanies, and various occasions appropriate for all Christian denominations. (310 pp)...

Pillars of Flame: Power, Priesthood, and Spiritual Maturity

by Maggie Ross & Desmond Tutu

Ross sets our contemporary questions about ordained ministry in the Church within a much wider context, encouraging us to reflect anew on the relationship between administrative power and spiritual authority...

Practicing Reconciliation in a Violent World

by Michael Battle

How do we practice reconciliation in a world full of violence? How do we love someone at work who seems hell-bent on sabotaging a successful career? And how do religious people resolve differences when religious...

Parish Acolyte Guide

by Donna H. Barthle

The complete guidebook for individual acolytes. Written for acolytes of varying ages, this handbook includes information about the history of the ministry of acolytes, the duties of various acolyte positions,...

Restoring the Ties That Bind: The Grassroots Transformation of the Episcopal Church

by William Sachs

Drawing on more than 2,500 discussions with Episcopalians in focus groups and personal interviews as part of the Episcopal Church Foundation's Zacchaeus project, William Sachs and Thomas Holland conclude that...

Organic Prayer: A Spiritual Gardening Companion

by Nancy Roth

We cultivate the earth around us, and the earth, in turn, cultivates our souls. Nancy Roth shares meditations that help us enrich and care for our bonds with God, creation, and our neighbors on the planet.