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Breaking Invisible Chains: The Way to Freedom from Domestic Abuse

by Susan Osborn & Jeenie Gordon

Breaking Invisible Chains, written to women, shows how to recognize if your relationship is abusive and offers advice on how to gain freedom.

Unlocked: 5 Myths Holding Your Influence Captive

by Cynthia Cavanaugh

Unlocked, through personal stories, unique illustrations, and Scripture, dispels the five myths holding a woman's godly influence captive and helps women reach their full potential. Author and speaker Cynthia...

The Big Guy Upstairs: You, Him, and How It All Works

by Rob Strong

When Rob Strong tells people he's a pastor in Massachusetts--"the least churched state in the USA"--it sometimes stops them in their tracks, but Strong never lets his faith bar him from doing what matters most:...

Another World: A Retreat in the Ozarks

by William Claassen

Another World explores day to day life in a small Trappist monastery tucked away in the Ozark foothills. Interweaving memoir with conversations with the monks, observations of community life, and relationships...

Marriage Vows Under Fire Mega Series 1: Gold Bands In The Fire

by Lanette Zavala

Natalie and Joseph Reyes have everything any young interracial couple could desire - a loving marriage, children together, wealth, and enterprise. But the demands of a controlling mother-in-law and her husband's...

Get a Grip on Your Lip

by Beth Jones

Words have power. They can shape your world, encourage and inspire, or they can sting and wound. Words carry the power of life and death. Words are powerful containers that frame your world. Learn how to get...

Bizzare Bible Stories: Flying Pigs, Walking Bones, and 24 Other Things that Really Happened

by Dan Cooley & Kurt Bruner

Jonah and the whale? Heard that. David and Goliath? Know them. Noah and the ark? So it rained... Get ready for wild, wacky, and weird stories you'd be surprised to find in Scripture. But beware: It's not your...

Your Heritage: How to be Intentional about the Legacy you Leave

by Dr. J. Otis Ledbetter & Kurt Bruner

At last, a chance and a a plan to ensure that the heritage that you pass on to your children is the meaningful, spiritually rich, loving legacy that you want it to be.

The Love I Choose To Remember

by Jude Marie

This book is a step-by-step guide to helping families cope after being impacted by the heartache and pain caused by divorce. No matter what kind of divorce we may endure, we must remember to preserve the sense...

Using the Book of Common Prayer: A simple guide

by Paul Thomas

A practical guide to using the Book of Common Prayer, without using technical language or assuming prior knowledge. It includes a history and theology of the BCP with practical advice on using its principal...

Pocket Prayers for Healing

by Trevor Lloyd

This pocket collection contains traditional and modern prayers and blessings, on themes such as being in hospital, healing for ourselves and others, and thanksgiving for recovery. Ideal for those performing...

World-Shaped Mission: Reimagining Mission Today

by Janice Price

This landmark study is the result of a three year project by the Mission and Public Affairs Division of the Archbishops' Council to 'develop a new, better, narrative of mission' for the church. World Shaped...

Exploring God's Mercy: Five Images of Salvation

by Steven Croft

A five-part course for small groups that aims to help you discover one simple truth: that God loves you passionately, deeply and unconditionally. Tracing this dynamic love through the Psalms and the Gospels,...

The Testing of Vocation: 100 years of ministry selection in the Church of England

by Robert Reiss  

The Testing of Vocation is a comprehensive study that will provide an essential reference volume for historians and all students of the vocation and ministry in today's Church. It explores in detail the Church...

Experiencing God's Love: Five Images of Salvation

by Steven Croft

This five-part course for small groups aims to deepen your understanding and first-hand experience of living a life of faith. It explores five biblical images of the way our lives are changed by walking with...

Common Worship: Pastoral Ministry Companion

by Common Worship

An essential and easy to use collection of prayers bound in a durable and portable format for the most frequently encountered pastoral occasions. It includes liturgies, prayers and readings for the sick and...

Common Worship: Times and Seasons

by Common Worship

Provides all the essential seasonal liturgy for the Christian year, including material for using from Advent to Candlemas, and from Lent to Easter, as well as many other festivals and seasons throughout the...

Common Worship: Christian Initiation

by Common Worship

The Common Worship liturgy for Christian Initiation, covering the rites of Baptism, Confirmation and Penitence.

New Patterns for Worship

by Common Worship

This versatile collection of liturgical material is designed to enable ministers and worship planners to customize Common Worship services for any locality, age group, special occasion or festival.

Fresh Expressions in the Mission of the Church: Report of an Anglican-Methodist working party

by Church of England

Christians are increasingly seeking new ways of doing church, often called 'fresh expressions', which has created new questions and challenges for the Church as a whole. This Anglican-Methodist report explores...