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Beyond the Flame: A Journey from Burning Devastation to Healing Restoration

by Desiree Ayres

Beyond the Flame will encourage you to stand on the promises of God’s Word, speak life into your situation, and claim your miracle.

Fatal Attraction: The Enemy We Love

by Maurice Calvert

Don’t let your attraction to self turn fatal!

The Jefe Factor

by Ron Bernard

Are You a Leader or a Jefe? Is your job title more important to you than your position in the eyes of God? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to meet your goals without considering the feelings of your...

The Ekklesia

by Anthony Daley

Today there is a lot of emphasis on building within Christianity. We speak of building the kingdom and building the church, neither of which are our responsibility. The Father has given us the kingdom and Christ...

Discipleship Manual

by David Arnold

Armed with "battle-tested" truths, veteran pastor David Arnold eloquently equips the church to better serve the congregation and their pastoral leaders with this latest guide to a more purposeful life.

God Hunger: Breaking Addictions of Anorexia, Bulimia and Compulsive Eating

by Desiree Ayres

In her latest release, God Hunger, author and former Hollywood stuntwoman Desiree Ayres offers a solution to the anxiety, depression, and physical challenges facing people who suffer with eating disorders.


Wholly Holy: Total Health From the Inside Out--Body, Mind and Spirit

by Angela Asbill

“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you? “

(1 Cor. 3:16, NIV)

Taking Action: Receiving and Operating in the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit

by Reinhard Bonnke

God uses manpower.

We need God’s power.

God works when we work.

Millions of people all over the world have been introduced to Jesus through the ministry of Reinhard Bonnke. In Taking Action he describes how we...

Passing the Tests of Life: Lessons to Get Unstuck and Prepared for Where you Want to Go

by George Davis

If your life has suddenly gotten more difficult, you may be up for promotion with God.Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” Often when trouble comes, we wonder what we have done wrong....

One-Minute Insights: How to Make Great Choices, Live With Passion, and Get It Right

by Charisma House

The world is in a precarious situation—economically, morally, politically, and spiritually.

Satan, You Can't Have My Children: The Spiritual Warfare Guide for Every Parent

by Iris Delgado

Satan, You Can’t Have My Children provides clear, powerful spiritual tools that can be used to nurture and raise godly children.

Spiritual Housekeeping: Sweep Your Life Free from Demonic Strongholds and Satanic Oppression

by Kim Daniels

Do life’s challenges seem to throw you off balance? Do you struggle with the should haves, could haves, and would haves? In Spiritual Housekeeping, Kimberly Daniels outlines the keys to defeating the devil...

Evangelism by Fire: Keys for Effectively Reaching Others With the Gospel

by Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke has written this book out of his desire to inspire others to “do the work of an evangelist” and to lay out the principles necessary for any Holy Spirit ministry. Discover how God operates...

Unconditional?: The call of Jesus to radical forgiveness

by Brian Zahnd

If Christianity is to be a compelling and relevant voice in the 21st Century, it needs a fresh message—not a new innovation or novel interpretation, but a return to our roots. And what are our roots?

Trusting God to Get You Through: How to Trust God through the Fire¿Lessons I've Learned about Grace, Loss, and Love

by Jason Crabb

More than anything else, this book is about an amazing God who reaches down and touches ordinary lives. It is a testimony of all He has done for Jason Crabb’s family and for the people he has been privileged...

The Art of War for Spiritual Battle: Essential Tactics and Strategies for Spiritual Warfare

by Cindy Trimm

This new book by best-selling author Cindy Trimm, The Art of War for Spiritual Battle will become the “go-to” manual for preparing Christians to have victory in today’s spiritual battles with the enemy...

Secrets from Beyond The Grave: The Amazing Mysteries of Eternity, Paradise, and the Land of Lost Souls

by Perry Stone

From books, to movies, to TV shows, heaven, hell, and the afterlife are popular subjects today. Perry Stone brings his unique blend of Bible knowledge, prophecy, and spiritual insight to the topic in this comprehensive...

After You Believe

by N. T. Wright

In After You Believe, award-winning author and esteemed spiritual leader Bishop N.T. Wright (Simply Christian, Surprised by Hope) addresses the often neglected question of how Christians ought to live in the...

Every Point Counts: How the Bible Makes You a Winner in the Match of Life

by Andreas Andersson

Know your opponent. Study the rulebook. Win the match.

The Real Kosher Jesus: Revealing the Mysteries of the Hidden Messiah

by Michael L. Brown


The most influential Jew who ever lived. The most controversial Jew who ever lived.

He has been called a rabbi, a rebel, a reformer, a religious teacher, a reprobate sinner, a revolutionary, a...