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Heres the Difference

by William MacDonald

This book will bring into clear focus some of the most important teachings in the Word of God. Here's The Difference provides 96 careful biblical distinctions.

Once in Christ in Christ Forever

by William MacDonald

There are those who believe they can save themselves and those who believe they need a Saviour. This book offers 100 biblical reasons why a true believer cannot be lost.

Now that Is Amazing Grace

by William MacDonald

The well-loved classic, Amazing Grace, has stirred the hearts of millions. William MacDonald takes the reader on a thrilling expedition to discover the breathtaking heights and depths of God's amazing grace....

Worlds Apart

by William MacDonald

A doctrinal book that compares the principles of the kingdom of the world and the kingdom of God. The believer is faced each day with choices which reveal his loyalty to each of these two kingdoms.

Enjoy Your Bible

by William MacDonald & Arthur Farstad

Studying God's Word should become a delight and a joy. This little volume is to help chart your own early excursions on the limitless seas of adventuring into the written Word of God.

The Logan Story (Story of Wallace and Ruth Logan)

by David Logan

The Logan Story is a book that needs to be read by every serious Christian, especially those considering service for the Lord. As young Christians, Wallace and Ruth determined in their hearts to give their lives...

God and the Nations

by Harry Lacey

Subjects including: The Origin of Nations; Forms of Divine Visitation; God's Witness to Nations; The Divine Purposes; Temporal Blessings of God; The End of the Age & more.

The Call to Revival

by E.A. Johnston

Seeking The Face of God For Revival In Our Day. by E.A. Johnston May the stirring challenge of this book speak to us all...this book is a serious call to holy living to repentance to total commitment and to...

Walking with God The Believers Priviledge

by E.A. Johnston

Is Walking With God Your Passion? "As you read this book, be prepared to be counseled, corrected, convicted and challenged concerning your own walk with God. Learn some valuable lessons from Enoch. He was well...

Return to Me

by E.A. Johnston

Remember the first time you fell in love with Jesus? You couldn't wait to spend time with Him? Time after time in Scripture, God warns his straying people to re-enter a vital love relationship with Him again....

Know the Book: Bible Survey at a Glance

by E.A. Johnston

A survey of each book of the Bible. At a glance the reader can grasp the central truths and content of each book. It is a helpful extra tool for Bible study or teaching.

Realities of Revival

by E.A. Johnston

Thought provoking, heart searching and will-bending.... the sovereign work of God and the responsibility of man in revival are beautifully balanced and blended.

Strength for the Journey

by Shane Johnson

The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan has been a source of encouragement for Christians for almost four centuries now. Lately, however, it has fallen out of style. Most Christians under the age of thirty have...

Trinidad My Home My People

by Max Inglis

Edith Johnson shares her 54-years of testing and triumphs in helping build authentic followers of Jesus in Trinidad, West Indies. "This book will strengthen your faith in our Great God and move you to tears...

Robert C. Chapman: 70 Years of Serving the Lord

by Frank Holmes

"The fact that Robert Chapman lived to be nearly a hundred years old, and purposely destroyed most of his papers, makes the writing of his life extremely difficult. Obviously this book is not a full biography,...

Scaling the Sermon on the Mount

by C.F. Hegg & J.B. Watson

Get to understand, appreciate, and obey this great Sermon. The authors warn against discounting it as law-keeping, or misunderstanding its relationship to the teaching of the Epistles. The view from the mountain...

Winning is Everything

by Tony Hart

With contemporary illustrations, clear Biblical exposition and in the common man's language, Dr. Tony Hart helps us to experientially know what it means to be more than conquerors in Christ and how we can more...

The Gladness of His Return (Volume 3)

by Neil M Fraser

Volume 3 of the Triumph Trilogy. Captivate your mind and heart with Old and New Testament texts pointing to His return. Purify your personal life, motivate evangelism, & feel joy as we await His coming again....

The Glory of His Rising (Volume 2)

by Neil M Fraser

Volume 2 of the Triumph Trilogy gives Old Testament pictures of Christ's resurrection then follows this teaching through the New Testament writers.

Grandeur of Golgotha (Vol 1 of the Triumph Trilogy)

by Neil M Fraser

Volume 1 of the Triumph Trilogy. If we sense that our devotion to Christ is not as it should be, we can rediscover our first love for Him where we first loved Him-at Calvary.