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Exploring Catholic Literature: A Companion and Resource Guide

by Mary R. Reichardt

Designed for students of all ages, Exploring Catholic Literature: A Companion and Resource Guide provides an engaging and succinct introduction to twelve recognized masterpieces of Catholic literature, from...

Incidental Psychotherapy within Christian Relationships: Mental Health Benefits from Therapeutic Alliances Built on the Caring Love of Christians

by E. Rae Harcum

This book points out the close similarity between the loving connections of Christians and therapeutic relationships between psychotherapists and clients. It discusses the nature of psychotherapy, the nature...

Insight into Two Biblical Passages: Anatomy of a Prohibition I Timothy 2:12, the TLG Computer, and the Christian Church

by Leland E. Wilshire

The first study uses the TLG computer database for a new interpretation of I Timothy 2.12, exploring the effect of the interpretation on exegesis, gender pronouncements, hermeneutics, tradition, theology, and...

Talking About Cultural Diversity in Your Church: Gifts and Challenges

by Michael V. Angrosino

Congregational workshop leader Michael Angrosino gives down-to-earth examples and practical information to make discussion of these tough issues for congregations much easier. Clergy and laity of any church...

Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free

by Tullian Tchividjian

In this world, one thing is certain: Everybody hurts. Suffering may take the form of tragedy, heartbreak, or addiction. Or it could be something more mundane (but no less real) like resentment, loneliness,...

Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire: The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements

by Christine Valters Paintner

Organized around "The Canticle of the Creatures" by St. Francis of Assisi, Water, Wind, Earth, and Fire is the first book to consider the ways in which praying with the natural elements can enliven Christian...

Clergy Moms: A Survival Guide to Balancing Family and Congregation

by Allison M. Moore

Walking the tightrope of home and parish life for clergy parents is notoriously difficult in all the mainline Protestant denominations, but most books on ordination and vocation ignore the question of family...

Seeing through the Fog: Hope When Your World Falls Apart

by Ed Dobson

Pastor Ed Dobson has spent his life preaching sermons, but this book is not a sermon. He has spent over ten years with a debilitating illness, but this book is not about grief. He has found joy in the midst...

The Cup of Salvation: A Manual for Eucharistic Ministers

by Beth Wickenberg Ely

This practical guide covers everything a Lay Eucharistic Minister does, offering suggestions on how to prepare oneself spiritually to present the sacrament, what to do when visiting the sick or shut-in parishioner...

Back from the Dead: The Book of Congregational Growth

by Gerald W. Keucher

Church management expert, Keucher, focuses in very practical terms on how to bring the right spirit, approach, and tactics to the work of bringing a congregation back from the edge of the abyss.

Living the Resurrection: Reflections After Easter

by C. Franklin Brookhart

How do we live as "resurrection people?" How do we take those stories into our hearts and lives, living as though we believe resurrection to be a reality? Frank Brookhart takes stories of the resurrection and...

Keeping the Feast: Metaphors for the Meal

by Milton Brasher-Cunningham

This is a book about what nourishes us: food, faith, family and friends, and how all of those elements are essential ingredients of Communion - in fact how every meal of our lives holds an invitation to the...

The Episcopal Handbook

by Morehouse Publishing

This "instant classic" provides historical and theological information about the Episcopal Church alongside fun-filled facts and practical tips for being a churchgoing follower of Jesus Christ.

The God Box: Sharing My Mother's Gift of Faith, Love and Letting Go

by Mary Lou Quinlan

Imagine the joy of discovering your late mother's prayers, covering decades of her life, scribbled on folded scraps of paper, and tucked into her God Box.

When "I Do" Becomes "I Don't": Practical Steps for Healing During Separation & Divorce

by Laura Petherbridge

Laura Petherbridge offers real-life help, spiritual insights, and new hope for anyone going through a separation or divorce.

The Unity of Christ: Continuity and Conflict in Patristic Tradition

by Christopher A. Beeley

No period of history was more formative for the development of Christianity than the patristic age, when church leaders, monks, and laity established the standard features of Christianity as we know it today....

You Have It In You!: Empowered To Do The Impossible

by Sheryl Brady

 By exploring the lives of the Bible’s most remarkable characters, we can learn how to dig deep within ourselves and find the strength to overcome and succeed in any situation.

Some of the most talented,...

Slice of Life Worship Dramas Volume 2

by Shelly Barsuhn

Slice of life dramas are a tool to capture the imagination of viewers and communicate good news by telling stories that mirror real life. Slice of Life Worship Dramas (Volume 2) contains fifteen short, ready-to-use...

The Sacraments in Protestant Practice and Faith

by James F White

The sacraments were a major factor in the Reformation of the sixteenth century. Ever since, they have been an important part of Protestant church life. Major changes have occurred in our time as most traditions...

Makin' Room in the Inn: Christmas Hospitality Through an African American Experience

by S Dianna Masters & Henry Masters

Celebrates Christmas traditions and practice through the perspective of an African American family