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Wisdom For Crisis Times

by Mike Murdock

Packed With Answers To The Struggles You Are Facing Now, And Any Struggle You Could Ever Face. Learn these Wisdom Seeds for your crisis...Crisis Always Occurs At The Curve of Change / 4 Steps To Take For A Successful...

7 Keys To 1000 Times More

by Mike Murdock

If Increase Is Your Passion, Then You Will Appreciate This Powerful Book. 40 Facts About The Uncommon Dream God Places Within You / 8 Facts About Solving Problems For Others / 10 Rewards For Using Right Words...

7 Signposts To Your Assignment (SOW on Your Assignment)

by Mike Murdock

Who Can Put A Price On You Discovering Your Assignment? Explore Wisdom Keys to help you in your journey. Learn...11 Seasons of Preparation / 3 Keys In Understanding Your Anger / 6 Keys For Developing An Obsession...

The God Book

by Mike Murdock

If You Are Seriously Interested In Learning About God, This Is The "Answer Book" You Have Been Waiting For! 127 questions answered directly from Scripture. A must for those who have a great desire to know God,...

Where Miracles Are Born

by Mike Murdock

The Value And Rewards of Establishing Your Place For Prayer. 4 Secrets The Holy Spirit Reveals / 10 Miracles That Happen In The Secret Place / Staying Long Enough In The Secret Place To Create A Memory. This...

2 Minute Wisdom Vol2

by Mike Murdock

Every Season Contains A Reward...Hidden or Known. Your Difference from others will require a specific scenario, season, potential reward or adversary. A problem world is a Champion's Paradise. This Volume can...

31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest

by Mike Murdock

Do You Long To See The Rewards of Seeds Planted In Your Past? Are you tired of the same old life... the same old routine... and ready for a change? In this book you will learn to recognize the Enemies of Prosperity,...

The Assignment Vol.3: The Trials & The Triumphs

by Mike Murdock

Gives You The Facts You Need To Make Important Decisions. These 31 remarkable Wisdom Keys will help unlock the next season of your life Assignment. Includes...18 Facts You Should Consider In Evaluating Your...

The Covenant of Fifty-Eight Blessings

by Mike Murdock

Learn The 58 Different Kinds of Blessings And Where These Scriptures Are Found. What Occurs When You Ignore The Instruction of A Man of God / What Always Must Happen Before You Experience A Miracle and Many...

31 Keys To A New Beginning

by Mike Murdock

Take A Giant Step Toward The Path To Finding, Fulfilling And Accomplishing Your Assignment In Life. These 31 Keys include scriptural text and Principles of Success such as...Allowing Yourself Time To Change...

7 Overlooked Keys To Effective Goal-Setting (SOW on Goal-Setting)

by Mike Murdock

Are You Going In Circles And Seemingly Not Achieving Anything? This insightful teaching on the Rewards and Successes of Goal-Setting includes...5 Ways To Identify An Enemy To Your Goal / 4 Relationships You...

7 Hidden Keys to Favor (SOW on Favor Vol. 17)

by Mike Murdock

A 7-Day Mentorship Program That Can Forever Change The Seasons of Your Life. 5 Hindrances To Favor / 7 Tips On How To Protect It After You Receive It From God / Over 30 Scriptural Keys To Unlocking Favor.


The Mentor's Manna On Achievement

by Mike Murdock

Wouldn't You Like To Become An Uncommon Achiever? This powerful book focuses on the 7 Ingredients Necessary For You To Become An Uncommon Achiever. Also learn...5 Reasons To Plan / 3 Ways To Successfully Handle...

The Wisdom Key Devotional

by Mike Murdock

The Difference Between Seasons In Your Life Is Simply...Your Wisdom. Each of the 365 Wisdom Keys were birthed into Dr. Murdock's heart by The Holy Spirit. Begin a new season in your life today...unleash The...

The Uncommon Dream

by Mike Murdock

One of The Most Important Books You Will Read During Your Lifetime. It reveals the remarkable secrets that can cause the unspoken craving of your heart to come to pass. A step-by-step Mentorship Program for...

The Uncommon Leader

by Mike Murdock

Experience Unprecedented Success When You Apply The Wisdom Principles Contained In This Handbook. Learn to...Establish Goals / Guard Your Schedule / Develop The Power of Habit / Getting Things Done Through People...

The Book That Changed My Life

by Mike Murdock

Provides Confidence And Inner Peace That The Bible Is Truly God's Infallible Word. 11 Reasons Why The Bible Is The Most Important Book On Earth / 12 Problems The Word of God Can Solve In Your Life / 4 Steps...

Object Lessons: 100 Lessons from Everyday Life

by Charles C. C. Ryrie & Charles C. Ryrie

Adults and children will enjoy learning truths about salvation and the Christian life through the presentation of these fascinating object lessons.

One Minute After You Die STUDY GUIDE

by Erwin W. W.. W. W. . Lutzer & Erwin W. Lutzer

This companion Study Guide brings Dr. Erwin Lutzer's bestselling  One Minute After You Die into even more practical focus. Have your questions asked and answered as this Study Guide clarifies the teachings...

Hello, I Love You: Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood

by Ted A. Kluck

Hello, I Love You is a very real and authentic look from Ted Kluck's perspective of his journey through the corridors of international adoption.

Overcoming the heartbreak of infertility, Ted and his wife set...