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Home By Another Way

by Taylor fBarbara Brown

In this selection of new sermons, Barbara Brown Taylor walks us through the church year, from the expectancy of Advent to the fires of Pentecost and beyond.

Gospel Medicine

by Barbara Brown Taylor

In this new collection of sermons she summons with piercing clarity and wit the Old and New Testament stories that have the power to mend our spirits, strengthen our weaknesses, and restore us to wholeness.

Preaching Life

by Barbara Brown Taylor

In her bestselling preaching autobiography, Barbara Brown Taylor writes of how she came to be a preacher of the gospel as a priest in the Episcopal Church.

Mary's Choice

by Dr. Barbara Horton Jones & Shelbee Mares

Have you ever thought about Mary of Nazareth when she was a little girl? She had a Mama and a Papa and liked to run and play and listen to stories and sing songs. What special things about Mary led God to choose...

Fifty Shades of Grace: Devotions Celebrating God's Unlimited Gift

by Freeman-Smith Freeman-Smith

The phenomenal success of the Fifty Shades series has caught the publishing world and reading public by storm. The Christian community has found the book to be nothing short of written word pornography. Freeman-Smith...

Is There a Future for God's Love?: An Evangelical Theology

by Henry H., III Knight

Is postmodernism right? Henry Knight says, "No," by interpreting evangelical theology’s insistence on religious experience and the transformed heart that is faithfully lived out in community. 

Lifetime Guarantee: Making Your Christian Life Work and What to Do When It Doesn't

by Bill Gillham

In Lifetime Guarantee (more than 100,000 copies sold), Bill Gillham writes of his struggle to live a life of victory in Christ, "After 12 years...I finally crashed and burned. That was the best thing the Lord...

Cowboy Tales Along the Trail: Meeting God in the Wide Open Spaces

by Jack Terry

Celebrated western artist Jack Terry captures the essence of cowboy living in this collection of stories, prayers, and insights from life on the trail. Drawing on his many hours in the saddle and the life of...

Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex

by Josh McDowell & Dottie McDowell

In Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex, Josh and Dottie McDowell draw on their decades-long love and concern for youth. Building on the "Why True Love Waits" campaign and utilizing up-to-the-minute research...

21 Ways to Connect with Your Kids

by Kathi Lipp

Parents spend a good chunk of time making sure their kids are okay--they're getting good grades, doing their chores, and doing just enough cleaning that their rooms won't be condemned if the Board of Health...

From Cover Girl to Cookie Queen: Life Ingredients and Recipes to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth and Your Soul

by Laura Bradley

With warmth, raw honesty, and eternal hope, Lori Nader Gray shares her sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes hilarious tales of a model, business entrepreneur, widow, and struggling single mom. This hybrid memoir,...

Outside the Gates: Theology, History, and Practice of Chaplaincy Ministries

by Robert Crick

The great task before Christian workers, chaplains in particular, is to find a way to work within the systems of this world in order to redeem and sanctify those systems in the authority of our Lord, Jesus Christ,...

Release the Prophetic Destiny in Philadelphia: A City Under Reconstruction

by Maurine McFarlane

Philadelphia was once a city that embraced the spirit of love, but as crime and poverty infiltrated the populace, it steadily became a city that is today filled with desolation and hate. Under a mandate from...

Gracyn's Song: A Journey from Facing Crisis to Finding Hope

by Kris DeBesten

Experience the heart-warming story of a young girl's catastrophic illness and miraculous recovery through a heart transplant! It was 3 A.M., the day before Christmas, when nine-year-old Gracyn climbed into her...

Children Of God

by Anne E. Sonnack-Garcia

When the world starts to experience shared visions and dreams from God signaling a change looming in the future, Angel is called in to assist. Once again, the hero of the previous book, Angel, is there to ready...

Understanding Assurance and Salvation

by R Picirilli

Dr. Picirilli gives a basic overview of the teachings of Joseph Arminius and discusses the biblical explanation of the possibility of apostasy. This booklet presents the Reformed Arminian position of assurance...

Handbook for Deacons

by J.D. O'Donnell

Handbook for Deacons is an excellent resource for all ministers and deacons. Dr. O'Donnell begins by exploring the biblical basis for these servants of God, and then helps the reader discover what the Scriptures...

Calvin and the Reformed Tradition: On the Work of Christ and the Order of Salvation

by Richard A. Muller

A world-class scholar examines the relationship of Calvin's theology to the Reformed tradition and provides historical perspective on topics of current interest.

The Outsider Interviews: What Young People Think about Faith and How to Connect with Them

by Jim Henderson, Todd Hunter & Craig Spinks

Ministry pioneers in creative evangelism offer a groundbreaking "DVB" experience that tells the stories of real people and puts a human face on the issues raised in unChristian.

"God, Where Were You When...?"

by Dr. Pam Habib

No one is exempt from adversity. In the midst of suffering and tragedy multitudes have cried out to God, "Where are You, don't you care?"

Lacking answers, some people turn against God when bad things happen,...