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The Mentor's Manna On The Secret Place

by Mike Murdock

Have You Ever Thought About Establishing A Personal Prayer Room? Discover these life-changing facts...30 Important Facts You Should Know About Places / 15 Keys To Entering The Secret Place / What Is Not Included...

The Mentor's Manna On Assignment

by Mike Murdock

You Will Never Again Have To Worry About What Your Assignment Is. Through the teachings in these 35 Wisdom Keys you will unlock your Assignment...What You Love Is A Clue To Your Assignment / Your Assignment...

Mentor's Manna On Abilities

by Mike Murdock

Did You Ever Ask Yourself, "What is my Dominant Skill?" In this powerful book you will discover the secrets that will unlock the treasures of life. Discover 38 aspects of your abilities such as...Awareness /...

Seeds of Wisdom on Faith Talk

by Mike Murdock

This Book Could Determine The Future of Your Family. An excellent Daily Devotional to share with your family on living a faith-filled life. Includes 31-Days of Scripture readings and Seeds of Wisdom such as...Making...

Seeds of Wisdom On Seed-Faith

by Mike Murdock

The Best-Kept Secrets In This Book Will Be A Constant Reminder That The Wisdom of God Is Flowing Through You...Daily! Learn to respect the Law of Sowing and Reaping / Your Hundred-Fold Return / Naming Your Seed...

Seeds of Wisdom on Prayer

by Mike Murdock

How Many Times Have You Said To Yourself, "How do I pray about this circumstance?" This Wisdom Book on Prayer will give you the faith to overcome every circumstance you are facing today! Learn...How To Express...

Seeds of Wisdom On Warfare

by Mike Murdock

Now You Can Be Victorious In Warfare! Wisdom teachings include...Pinpointing Problem People / Seeing Your Battle As A Gate To Promotion / Refusing To Panic / Staying Focused and much more! A Compelling Book...

Seeds of Wisdom on Adversity

by Mike Murdock

Keep This Book In Your Pocket As A Constant Reminder That The Wisdom of God Is Flowing Through You...Today! It includes...4 Ways To Respond To A Crisis / 31-Days of Scriptures and Wisdom Keys to inspire and...

Seeds of Wisdom On Relationships

by Mike Murdock

Did You Ever Ask Yourself Who God Has Assigned To Your Life? This book gives you daily suggestions for discerning the hearts of others. It teaches you to...Abandon Abusive Friendships / Learn Love Talk / Interview...

Seeds of Wisdom On Habits

by Mike Murdock

Not Just Another Daily Devotional! Share these Seeds of Wisdom with your family or business associates revealing how to create good habits and how to confront destructive habits. Learn... To Differentiate Between...

1 Minute Businessman's Devotional

by Mike Murdock

This Business Devotional Will Strengthen Your Relationship With God, Unlock Career Opportunities And Stabilize Personal Relationships At Home And The Office. 60 Devotionals For Success / 10 Ingredients For Success...

The Craziest Instruction God Ever Gave Me

by Mike Murdock

How Do You Impress A God Who Has Seen Everything? You do something He does not see often. You will discover that the smallest act of obedience is a monument in the mind of God. You will learn how your dreams...

The Bridge Called Divorce

by Mike Murdock

Are You Drowning In A Sea of Emotional Pain From Divorce? Through the Keys revealed in this book you will learn the 7 Stages of The Pain of Divorce / Watching Out For Denial, Anger, Depression / Learning Acceptance...

Creating Tomorrow Through Seed-Faith

by Mike Murdock

A Wealth of Understanding Regarding The Principle of Seed-Faith. 4 Powerful Keys on Seed-Faith / Understanding Your Source / Recognizing Your Seeds / The Multiplication Factor and more! You will learn how to...

7 Keys To Your Healing (SOW on Healing)

by Mike Murdock

This Book Could Determine The Future of Your Health. A concise study with Wisdom principles to unlock the flowing of Divine Healing God promised / What Stops Truth From Working For You / The Hidden Keys To Praying...

31 Facts About Wisdom

by Mike Murdock

This Power-Packed Devotional Focuses On What God Says About The Rewards of Wisdom. This ideal Daily Devotional will enlighten you on subjects about how...Wisdom Creates Joy, Happiness and Peace / The Wisdom...

How To Turn Your Mistakes Into Miracles

by Mike Murdock

Now, You Too Can Practice The 15 Steps On Turning Your Mistakes Into Miracles. Accepting Your Humility / Assigning Responsibility / Developing A Winner's Mentality, plus much more! Take the Keys from these pages...

Secrets of The Journey, Volume 3

by Mike Murdock

In 7 Days, You Could Learn The Secrets That Could Make Your Life Easier Than It Has Ever Been Before. 10 Advantages of The Use of Office Equipment Versus People / 6 Instructions You Should Give Your Staff /...

The Greatest Success Habit On Earth

by Mike Murdock

This Pocket Book Has Revolutionized The Lives of Thousands. It probes the practical methods of effective Bible reading. You will learn that as you make reading the Word of God a practice of your daily life,...

Born To Taste The Grapes

by Mike Murdock

If You Are Seriously Interested In Understanding Your Gifts, Talents And Abilities, The Pages of This Book Reveal The Dynamic Truths That Fuel The Life of An Overcomer. Such As...11 Benefits From God / 7 Gates...