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2 Minute Wisdom Vol 1

by Mike Murdock

Your Decisions Create Your Future Success. Real success is knowing and attaining God's goals for your life. Becoming what God wants you to become. Doing what God wants you to do. Possessing what God wants you...

Jesus and Prayer: What the New Testament Teaches Us

by Daniel J., SJ Harrington

In this inspiring and informative book, renowned Scripture scholar Daniel J. Harrington, SJ, looks at the prayers of Jesus as well as the New Testament prayers about him.

31 Greatest Chapters in the Bible

by Mike Murdock

Dr. Mike Murdock Has Selected The Most Powerful Chapters For Your Daily Devotional. Such As... / The Creation Chapter / The Love Chapter / The Holy Spirit Chapter / The Protection Chapter / The Financial Blessing...

40 Days to Life-Changing Family Worship

by MyRon Edmonds

What if you could change the destiny of your family by committing about fifteen minutes of your day to God? The answer to that questions is You Can. By bringing your household together for about fifteen minutes...

The Signature of God: Astonishing Bible Codes Reveal September 11 Terror Attacks

by Grant R. Jeffrey



As American society becomes more secularized, Christians need to know all the facts about the Bible. Dr. Grant R. Jeffrey has spent decades researching history, science,...

Light Through the Crack: Life After Loss

by Sue Mosteller

A deeply moving and engaging work of Christian spirituality in the tradition of Henri Nouwen, written by his close friend and literary executrix.

Sue Mosteller has had a rich life as a spiritual adventurer and...

The Prayer We Offer: A Catholic Guide to Communion with God

by Peter J. Vaghi & Seán, O.F.M. Cap.,, Cardinal O'Malley

Msgr. Peter J. Vaghi guides readers in an exploration of the practice of Christian prayer, starting from the perspective that prayer is God's gift to his people. Following the outline of the fourth section of...

The Murmuring Deep: Reflections on the Biblical Unconscious

by Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg

From one of the most innovative and acclaimed biblical commentators at work today, here is a revolutionary analysis of the intersection between religion and psychoanalysis in the stories of the men and women...

99 Ways to Build Job Security

by Gary Nowinski

Although most people have rudimentary knowledge on how to get a job, very few spend much time learning how to keep a job. 99 Ways to Build Job Security provides a practical overview of workplace attitudes, practices,...

99 Ways to Stretch Your Home Budget

by Cheri Gillard

With words like “recession” and “record unemployment” filling the air, the typical family–regardless of how the economy is treating them–will be paying attention to the budget. That’s why 99 Ways...

The Friends We Keep: A Woman's Quest for the Soul of Friendship

by Sarah Zacharias Davis

Why are women’s friendships so tricky?

During a particularly painful time in her life, Sarah Zacharias Davis learned how delightful–and wounding–women can be in friendship. She saw how some friendships...

Blue Like Play Dough: The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of God

by Tricia Goyer

In the everyday stretch and squeeze of motherhood, Tricia Goyer often feels smooshed by the demands of life. In Blue Like Play Dough, she shares her unlikely journey from rebellious, pregnant teen to busy wife...

The Radical Question: What Is Jesus Worth to You?

by David Platt

What is Jesus worth to you?

It’s easy for American Christians to forget how Jesus said his followers would actually live, what their new lifestyle would actually look like. They would, Jesus said, leave behind...

The Jesus Blueprint: Rediscovering His Original Plan for Changing the World

by David Buehring

It seems the faithful get caught up in a lot of religious activity, good and positive things, and yet the world around them is not profoundly impacted. Why is that? Those who call themselves Christ followers...

Unwrapping His Presence: What We Really Need For Christmas

by Chris Maxwell

This year, why not go through the ups and downs of the holidays season with Jesus right by your side. Find faith in the buzz of overcrowded malls or as you visit a friend in the hospital. Hear Him in the rhythm...

Training for Reigning: Releasing the Power of your Potential

by Bill Winston

Let Dr. Bill Winston help you release the power of your potential through Training for Reigning, the first of the Success in Life Series. Achieve victory by declaring the outcome before the fight even starts....

The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus

by Adam Hamilton

The third volume in Adam Hamilton's Bible study trilogy on the life of Jesus.

Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation 2013-2016 (Set of 26): For Each Ministry of Your Church

by General Board Of Discipleship

The Guidelines’ booklets, one for each ministry area, are tools that enable you to help get new lay leaders off to a good start. Each booklet includes the basic "job description" for the leader as well as...

The Cross-Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing

by C.J. Mahaney

Remember Jesus Christ? Although it seems almost too obvious, the center of our faith is surprisingly easy to forget. Dynamic pastor C.J. Mahaney shows how to overcome our tendency to move on from the gospel...

A Significant Life: Fulfilling Your Eternal Potential Every Day

by Jim Graff

Are you yearning to live a life that matters?

Many people wrestle with their significance. If you’re one of them, Jim Graff understands. And in his life-changing new book, he offers incredible insight and inspiration...