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Global Pentecostalism in the 21st Century

by Afterword by Peter L. Berger. Edited by Robert W. Hefner

This state-of-the-field overview of Pentecostalism around the world focuses on cultural developments among second- and third-generation adherents in regions with large Pentecostal communities, considering the...

The Future of Pentecostalism in the United States

by Eric Patterson & Edmund Rybarczyk

This book considers whether Pentecostalism will remain a vibrant religious force in the land of its birth (the U.S.), and if so, what forms it will take. The contributors represent a variety of disciplinary...

The Trinity: Rediscovering the Central Christian Mystery

by O. M. S. B. Farrelly

The mystery of the Trinity is the central Christian belief that defines God's essence, God's ongoing love for humanity, and saving grace. Yet, over the past few centuries, especially in the West, Christians...

Dead Man Living

by Ira Andrus Jr.

Like most children, Ira Andrus had a role model. But unlike other kids his age, Ira's role model was both a fugitive and a thief. In this gripping and unbelievable autobiography, Dead Man Living shows readers...


by Kelly Jean Whitaker

JEALOUS will cause you to come away from the Christian norm and allow God to position you in a place of victory over the world's darkest enemy.

Do you ever wonder what is happening to our world when you see...

False Prophets Among Us

by Kent A. Philpott & Katie LC Philpott

Kent Philpott, former charismatic/Pentecostal pastor, presents a compelling evaluation of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Those aligned with the NAR hold that God is doing a “new thing” in these last...

The New Canadian Pentecostals

by Adam Stewart

The New Canadian Pentecostals takes readers into the everyday religious lives of the members of three Pentecostal congregations located in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Using the rich qualitative...

Wealth, Health, and Hope in African Christian Religion

by Stan Chu Ilo, Obaji M. Agbiji, Michael Barkowski & Peter Clark et al.

Wealth, Health, and Hope in African Christian Religion offers a portrait of how contending narratives of modernity in both church and society play out in Africa today through the agency of African Christian...

Jesus, the Cross and the Blood

by Joan Pearce

We are truly living in the end-times. We know we only have a season of time.

JESUS, THE CROSS, AND THE BLOOD will prepare you to be ready for what is coming very soon to planet earth.

This book is about Jesus'...

Fundamentals of Pentecostal Oneness

by Harry L. Herman & Eric A. Beda

Fundamentals of Pentecostal Oneness is Dr. Harry Herman’s bold, honest, and heartwarming message about the unipersonality of God and the audacious discovery about the hidden identify of this one true God unpacked...

How to be filled with the Holy Spirit

by A. W. Tozer

Excerpted from sermons preached by A. W. Tozer at his Chicago church, these four chapters cover the following subjects: (1) Who Is the Holy Spirit? (2) The Promise of the Father, (3) How to Be Filled with the...

Six Principles of the Doctrine of Christ

by Harry L Herman & Eric A Beda

When you think of the Six Principles of the Doctrine of Christ, think of foundation, building blocks, knowledge, understanding, wisdom. Think of revelatory truth. The success of this book since its first publication...

Godly Wisdom for Success at the Workplace

by Ayodeji David Olusanmi

Success is not by luck. I am yet to see or read about a person who succeeded by luck. On the other hand, success is what you set yourself up for by your actions. The passages of Scripture are filled with wisdom...

Nothing Shall By Any Means Hurt You

by Ayodeji David Olusanmi

From the well known scripture, Luke 10: 19, the Holy Spirit has given Ayodeji a timely revelation that will benefit the body of Christ. In this book, the how, when and why of satanic attack is unveiled. You...

If I Give My Soul

by Andrew Johnson

Pentecostal Christianity is flourishing inside the prisons of Rio de Janeiro. To find out why, Andrew Johnson dug deep into the prisons themselves. He began by spending two weeks living in a Brazilian prison...

Main Street Mystics

by Margaret Poloma

On January 20, 1994 the worshippers at the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church began to feel the Holy Spirit move them. They began to laugh uncontrollably, collapse to the floor, stagger as if drunk. But what was...

The Rise of Network Christianity

by Brad Christerson & Richard Flory

Why, when traditionally organized religious groups are seeing declining membership and participation, are networks of independent churches growing so explosively? Drawing on in-depth interviews with leaders...

Migrating Faith

by Daniel Ramírez

Daniel Ramirez's history of twentieth-century Pentecostalism in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands begins in Los Angeles in 1906 with the eruption of the Azusa Street Revival. The Pentecostal phenomenon--characterized...

Hittin' the Prayer Bones

by Anderson Blanton

In this work, Anderson Blanton illuminates how prayer, faith, and healing are intertwined with technologies of sound reproduction and material culture in the charismatic Christian worship of southern Appalachia....

Choosing the Jesus Way

by Angela Tarango

Choosing the Jesus Way uncovers the history and religious experiences of the first American Indian converts to Pentecostalism. Focusing on the Assemblies of God denomination, the story begins in 1918, when white...