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Augustine and World Religions

by Kim Paffenroth, John A. Doody, Brian Brown & Leo Lefebure et al.

Despite Augustine's reputation as the father of Christian intolerance, one finds in his thought the surprising claim that within non-Christian writings there are 'some truths in regard even to the worship of...

The favourite daughter of Teresa of Jesus

by Carlos Ros

"María of Saint Joseph chosen by Teresa of Jesus as her successor in the Reform of Carmel, a woman who has been greatly calumniated in life and silenced after her death. Elegant, a writer, poet and mystic,...

Saints on Sunday

by Gail Ramshaw

How might Ambrose of Milan, Hildegard of Bingen, and Catherine of Siena inspire us to improve Sunday worship? What about Lawrence, John of Damascus, Thomas Cranmer, Johannes Kepler, Margaret Fell, and Dorothy...

Give Love and Receive the Kingdom

by Sr. Benedicta Ward

From the greatest living expert on the history of English spirituality comes the most expansive collection ever published of her work. From the spirituality of Cuthbert, to Bede and the Psalter, Anselm the monastic...

Paul VI

by Michael Collins

Pope Paul VI (1963-78) was one of the most important and influential pontiffs of the twentieth century. In this engaging biography, Michael Collins examines this deeply spiritual man who is remembered as a reformer,...

Three Pseudo-Bernardine Works

by Joseph Wawrykow, Ann Astell & Elias Dietz

During the “Silver Age” of the Cistercians (the late twelfth and thirteenth centuries), pseudepigraphical compositions bearing the name Bernard flourished. Important for the history of monasticism and, more...

The Life of Jesus Christ

by Ludolph of Saxony & Milton T. Walsh

The Vita Christi of the fourteenth century Carthusian, Ludolph of Saxony, is the most comprehensive series of meditations on the life of Christ of the late Middle Ages. Ludolph assembles a wealth of commentary...

The Herald of God's Loving Kindness: Book 4

by Gertrud the Great of Helfta & ALEXANDRA BARRATT

Gertrud the Great (1256–1302) entered the monastery of Helfta in eastern Germany as a child oblate. At the age of twenty-five she underwent a conversion that led to a series of visionary experiences. These...

A Short Introduction to Saint Anselm

by John Lord

The Middle Ages produced no more interesting man than Anselm, Abbot of Bec and Archbishop of Canterbury,--not merely a great prelate, but a great theologian, resplendent in the virtues of monastic life and in...

Elizabeth Seton

by Catherine O'Donnell

In 1975, two centuries after her birth, Pope Paul VI canonized Elizabeth Ann Seton, making her the first saint to be a native-born citizen of the United States in the Roman Catholic Church. Seton came of age...

Saint Thomas Aquinas

by 50MINUTES.Com

Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Saint Thomas Aquinas in next to no time with this concise guide. provides a clear and engaging analysis of the life, work and ideas...

From the Tools of Good Works to the Heart of Humility

by Aquinata Böckmann, Andrea Westkamp & Marianne Burkhard

In a new volume of her exegetical commentary, Sr. Aquinata Böckmann explores chapters 4–7 of the Rule of St. Benedict. They contain Benedict’s instruction of how to learn and live the spiritual art of monastic...

Saint Columban

by Terrance G. Kardong

Saint Columban: His Life, Rule, and Legacy contains a new English translation of a commentary on the entire Rule of Columban. Columban was a sixth-century Irish monk who compiled a written rule of life for the...

St. Teresa of Avila

by Teresa of Ávila, Kieran Kavanaugh & Regina Marie Gorman

St. Teresa of Avila, one of the most interesting and important figures in the history of the Catholic Church, was also one of the most candid, entertaining, and brilliant correspondents of her century. This...

Joan of Arc : The Peasant Girl Who Led The French Army - Biography of Famous People | Children's Biography Books

by Baby Professor

Christianity has seen so many martyrs over the years. One of the most unbelievable stories is that of Joan of Arc. Joan was very young when she died but she has lived a life of fulfillment. She followed the...

The Way of the Carmelites

by James McCaffrey

For Carmelites, prayer is friendship with God in a silent communion of love. By fixing our eyes on the vulnerability of Jesus and on his unrequited love for us, we are transformed. For a life permeated by closeness...

The Sinner Saint

by Jamie Arpin-Ricci

“You see, my son, the saints are not so different than you or me. Their stories reveal them to be very much human. However, this frailty does not weaken their witness or holiness, but rather extends to us...

Devoted to Death

by R. Andrew Chesnut

R. Andrew Chesnut offers a fascinating portrayal of Santa Muerte, a skeleton saint whose cult has attracted millions of devotees over the past decade. Although condemned by mainstream churches, this folk saint's...

The Text of a Coptic Monastic Discourse On Love and Self-Control

by Carolyn Schneider

This book introduces a beautiful fourth-century Coptic discourse on love and self-control in its first English translation. The text’s heading attributes it to Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, but this attribution...

The Living Flame of Love

by Caroline Cox

St John of the Cross was a Carmelite friar and mystic who lived in Spain in the second half of the sixteenth century. He helped Teresa of Avila with her reform of the Carmelite Order and was imprisoned for political...