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Applied Multivariate Analysis: Using Bayesian and Frequentist Methods of Inference, Second Edition

by S. James Press

This two-part treatment deals with foundations as well as models and applications. Topics include continuous multivariate distributions; regression and analysis of variance; factor analysis and latent structure...

Matrices and Linear Algebra

by Hans Schneider & George Phillip Barker

Basic textbook covers theory of matrices and its applications to systems of linear equations and related topics such as determinants, eigenvalues, and differential equations. Includes numerous exercises.

Tensor Analysis on Manifolds

by Richard L. Bishop & Samuel I. Goldberg

Proceeds from general to special, including chapters on vector analysis on manifolds and integration theory.

A Profile of Mathematical Logic

by Howard DeLong

This introduction to mathematical logic explores philosophical issues and Gödel's Theorem. Its widespread influence extends to the author of Gödel, Escher, Bach, whose Pulitzer Prize–winning book was inspired...

Continuum Mechanics: Concise Theory and Problems

by P. Chadwick

Comprehensive treatment offers 115 solved problems and exercises to promote understanding of vector and tensor theory, basic kinematics, balance laws, field equations, jump conditions, and constitutive equations....

Differential Forms

by Henri Cartan

The famous mathematician addresses both pure and applied branches of mathematics in a book equally essential as a text, reference, or a brilliant mathematical exercise. "Superb." — Mathematical Review. 1971...

Mathematics: The Man-Made Universe

by Sherman K. Stein

Highly readable volume covers number theory, topology, set theory, geometry, algebra, and analysis, plus the primes, fundamental theory of arithmetic, probability, and more. Solutions manual available upon request....

Introduction to Mathematical Fluid Dynamics

by Richard E. Meyer

Geared toward advanced undergraduate and graduate students in applied mathematics, engineering, and the physical sciences, this introductory text covers kinematics, momentum principle, Newtonian fluid, compressibility,...

Elementary Statistical Physics

by Charles Kittel

Graduate-level text covers properties of the Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein distributions; the interrelated subjects of fluctuations, thermal noise, and Brownian movement; and the thermodynamics of irreversible...

Mathematical Modelling Techniques

by Rutherford Aris

Highly useful volume discusses the types of models, how to formulate and manipulate them for best results. Numerous examples.

A Concise History of Mathematics: Fourth Revised Edition

by Dirk J. Struik

Compact, well-written survey ranges from the ancient Near East to 20th-century computer theory, covering Archimedes, Pascal, Gauss, Hilbert, and many others. "A work which is unquestionably one of the best."...

Methods of Mathematics Applied to Calculus, Probability, and Statistics

by Richard W. Hamming

This 4-part treatment begins with algebra and analytic geometry and proceeds to an exploration of the calculus of algebraic functions and transcendental functions and applications. 1985 edition. Includes 310...

How Dangerous Is Lightning?

by Christian Bouquegneau & Vladimir Rakov

This highly readable survey explores the history of lightning, from ancient myth to modern times. Topics include sources of lightning, physical effects, protection of structures and power lines, and current...

Symmetry: An Introduction to Group Theory and Its Applications

by Roy McWeeny

Well-organized volume develops ideas of group and representation theory in progressive fashion. Emphasis on finite groups describing symmetry of regular polyhedra and of repeating patterns, plus geometric illustrations....

Classical Dynamics

by Donald T. Greenwood

Graduate-level text provides strong background in more abstract areas of dynamical theory. Hamilton's equations, d'Alembert's principle, Hamilton-Jacobi theory, other topics. Problems and references. 1977 edition....

Mathematical Foundations of Statistical Mechanics

by A. Ya. Khinchin

Phase space, ergodic problems, central limit theorem, dispersion and distribution of sum functions. Chapters include Geometry and Kinematics of the Phase Space; Reduction to the Problem of the Theory of Probability;...

Optical Processes in Semiconductors

by Jacques I. Pankove

Comprehensive text and reference covers all phenomena involving light in semiconductors, emphasizing modern applications in semiconductor lasers, electroluminescence, photodetectors, photoconductors, photoemitters,...

Physics of Electric Propulsion

by Robert G. Jahn

Geared toward advanced undergraduates and graduate students, this text develops the concepts of electrical acceleration of gases for propulsion, from primary physical principles to realistic space thruster designs....

The Philosophy of Set Theory: An Historical Introduction to Cantor's Paradise

by Mary Tiles

Beginning with perspectives on the finite universe and classes and Aristotelian logic, the author examines permutations, combinations, and infinite cardinalities; numbering the continuum; Cantor's transfinite...

From Geometry to Topology

by H. Graham Flegg

Introductory text for first-year math students uses intuitive approach, bridges the gap from familiar concepts of geometry to topology. Exercises and Problems. Includes 101 black-and-white illustrations. 1974...