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Energy in the 21st Century


Many events that affect global energy production and consumption have occurred since the second edition of Energy in the 21st Century appeared in 2011. For example, an earthquake and tsunami in Japan led to...

Controlling Steady-State and Dynamical Properties of Atomic Optical Bistability

by Amitabh Joshi & Min Xiao

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the theoretical and experimental studies of atomic optical bistability and multistability, and their dynamical properties in systems with two- and three-level...

Scanning Probe Microscopy for Energy Research


Efficiency and life time of solar cells, energy and power density of the batteries, and costs of the fuel cells alike cannot be improved unless the complex electronic, optoelectronic, and ionic mechanisms underpinning...

Industrial Accelerators and Their Applications

by Robert W Hamm & Marianne E Hamm

This unique new book is a comprehensive review of the many current industrial applications of particle accelerators, written by experts in each of these fields. Readers will gain a broad understanding of the...

An Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics

by Horacio S Wio & Roberto R Deza

This book aims to provide a compact and unified introduction to the most important aspects in the physics of non-equilibrium systems. It first introduces stochastic processes and some modern tools and concepts...

Asymptotic Time Decay in Quantum Physics

by Domingos H U Marchetti & Walter F Wreszinski

Time decays form the basis of a multitude of important and interesting phenomena in quantum physics that range from spectral properties, resonances, return and approach to equilibrium, to quantum mixing, dynamical...

Diversities in Quantum Computation and Quantum Information

by Mikio Nakahara & Yidun Wan

This book is a collection of lecture notes and contributions in “Summer School on Diversities in Quantum Computation/Information” held on 1–5 August, 2010 at U-Community Hotel, Higashi-Osaka, Japan. Lecturers...

New Trends in Control Theory


New Trends in Control Theory is a graduate-level monographic textbook. It is a contemporary overview of modern trends in control theory. The introductory chapter gives the geometrical and quantum background,...

Homological Algebra: In Strongly Non-Abelian Settings


We propose here a study of ‘semiexact’ and ‘homological' categories as a basis for a generalised homological algebra. Our aim is to extend the homological notions to deeply non-abelian situations, where...

Number Theory and Its Applications

by Fuhuo Li & Nianliang Wang

This book emphasizes the role of symmetry and presents as many viewpoints as possible of an important phenomenon — the functional equation of the associated zeta-function. It starts from the basics before...

A Physicist's View of Matter and Mind


This is a highly interdisciplinary book straddling physics and complex systems such as living organisms. The presentation is from the perspective of physics, in a manner accessible to those interested in scientific...

Polygroup Theory and Related Systems

by Bijan Davvaz

This monograph is devoted to the study of Polygroup Theory. It begins with some basic results concerning group theory and algebraic hyperstructures, which represent the most general algebraic context, in which...

Algorithmics of Matching Under Preferences


Matching problems with preferences are all around us: they arise when agents seek to be allocated to one another on the basis of ranked preferences over potential outcomes. Efficient algorithms are needed for...

Lectures on Quantum Computing, Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics

by Mikio Nakahara & Shu Tanaka

This book is a collection of lecture notes from the Symposium on Quantum Computing, Thermodynamics, and Statistical Physics, held at Kinki University in March 2012. Quantum information theory has a deep connection...

Quantum Information and Quantum Computing

by Mikio Nakahara & Yoshitaka Sasaki

The open research center project “Interdisciplinary fundamental research toward realization of a quantum computer” has been supported by the Ministry of Education, Japan for five years. This is a collection...

Interface Between Quantum Information and Statistical Physics

by Mikio Nakahara & Shu Tanaka

This book is a collection of contributions to the Symposium on Interface between Quantum Information and Statistical Physics held at Kinki University in November 2011. Subjects of the symposium include quantum...

Noncommutative Geometry and Physics 3


Noncommutative differential geometry is a novel approach to geometry, aimed in part at applications in physics. It was founded in the early eighties by the 1982 Fields Medalist Alain Connes on the basis of his...

Some Recent Advances in Mathematics and Statistics


This volume consists of a series of research papers presented at the conference Statistics 2011 Canada: 5th Canadian Conference in Applied Statistics held together with the 20th conference of the Forum for Interdisciplinary...

Nuclear Structure Problems

by Hideaki Otsu & Tohru Motobayashi

The book contains the papers presented in the French–Japan Symposium on Nuclear Structure Problems, held in January 2011 at RIKEN Wako Campus with 100 participants.

Based on the long history of collaboration...

A First Course in Analysis

by Donald Yau

This book is an introductory text on real analysis for undergraduate students. The prerequisite for this book is a solid background in freshman calculus in one variable. The intended audience of this book includes...