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Kernel Smoothing in Matlab: Theory and Practice of Kernel Smoothing

by Ivanka Horová & Jan Kolácek

Methods of kernel estimates represent one of the most effective nonparametric smoothing techniques. These methods are simple to understand and they possess very good statistical properties. This book provides...

Astroparticle, Particle, Space Physics and Detectors for Physics Applications

by S Giani & C Leroy

The exploration of the subnuclear world is done through increasingly complex experiments covering a wide range of energy and performed in a large variety of environments ranging from particle accelerators, underground...

Counting: Solutions Manual

by Khee Meng Koh & Eng Guan Tay

This book is the essential companion to Counting (2nd Edition) (World Scientific, 2013), an introduction to combinatorics for secondary to undergraduate students. The book gives solutions to the exercises in...

Counting: 2nd Edition

by Khee Meng Koh & Eng Guan Tay

This book in its Second Edition is a useful, attractive introduction to basic counting techniques for upper secondary to undergraduate students, as well as teachers. Younger students and lay people who appreciate...

Reminiscences: A Journey through Particle Physics

by Adrian Melissinos

A personal recount in areas of particle physics and related fields as a research physicist for over 50 years, Adrian Melissinos' insights into the ways that general research was carried out, as well as the evolution...

Modeling and Pricing in Financial Markets for Weather Derivatives

by Fred Espen Benth & Jurate Šaltyte Benth

Weather derivatives provide a tool for weather risk management, and the markets for these exotic financial products are gradually emerging in size and importance. This unique monograph presents a unified approach...

The Ravaging Tide

by Mike Tidwell

If, like many Americans, you believe the ongoing tragedy of Hurricane Katrina was a once-in-a-lifetime fluke, you need to read this book. In the coming years and decades, the safety of your region, your town,...

History of Mathematical Sciences: Portugal and East Asia IV

by Luís| Saraiva

Missionaries, and in particular the Portuguese Assistancy of the Society of Jesus, played a fundamental role in the dissemination of Western scientific knowledge in East Asia. They also brought to Europe a deeper...

Topological Polymer Chemistry: Progress of Cyclic Polymers in Syntheses, Properties and Functions

by Yasuyuki Tezuka

There are examples aplenty in the macroscopic world that demonstrate the form of objects directing their functions and properties. On the other hand, the fabrication of extremely small objects having precisely...

Virtual Knots: The State of the Art

by Vassily Olegovich Manturov & Denis Petrovich Ilyutko

The book is the first systematic research completely devoted to a comprehensive study of virtual knots and classical knots as its integral part. The book is self-contained and contains up-to-date exposition...

Topological Library: Part 3: Spectral Sequences in Topology


The final volume of the three-volume edition, this book features classical papers on algebraic and differential topology published in the 1950s–1960s. The partition of these papers among the volumes is rather...

Polarized Positron 2011

by Wei Gai

This volume is a collection of the contributions to the 6th Annual Workshop on Polarized Positron held in China. It provides updated information on polarized positron source R&D efforts for future high energy...

Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanomaterials

by Dinesh C Agrawal

This textbook is aimed primarily at the senior undergraduate and first year graduate students from the various engineering and sciences departments including physics, chemistry, materials engineering, chemical...

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Schrödinger Equation and Path Integral

by Harald J W Müller-Kirsten

This text on quantum mechanics begins by covering all the main topics of an introduction to the subject. It then concentrates on newer developments. In particular it continues with the perturbative solution...

Engineering of Chemical Complexity


This review volume, co-edited by Nobel laureate G Ertl, provides a broad overview on current studies in the understanding of design and control of complex chemical systems of various origins, on scales ranging...

An Introduction to Wavelet Theory in Finance: A Wavelet Multiscale Approach

by Francis In & Sangbae Kim

This book offers an introduction to wavelet theory and provides the essence of wavelet analysis — including Fourier analysis and spectral analysis; the maximum overlap discrete wavelet transform; wavelet variance,...

Handbook of Immunological Properties of Engineered Nanomaterials


The Handbook of Immunological Properties of Engineered Nanomaterials provides a comprehensive overview of the current literature, methodologies, and translational and regulatory considerations in the field of...

The Dark Secrets of the Terascale: TASI 2011


This volume is a compilation of the lectures at TASI 2011, held in Boulder, Colorado, June 2011. They cover topics in theoretical particle physics including the Standard Model and beyond, collider physics, dark...

Silicon Solid State Devices and Radiation Detection

by Claude Leroy & Pier-Giorgio Rancoita

This book addresses the fundamental principles of interaction between radiation and matter, the principles of working and the operation of particle detectors based on silicon solid state devices. It covers a...

ABC of Physics: A Very Brief Guide


Translated from Russian by Vitaly Kisin

This little book concentrates on the foundations of modern physics (its “ABC's”) and its most fundamental constants: c — the velocity of light and — the quantum...