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Einstein's Essays in Science

by Albert Einstein & Alan Harris

Speeches and essays in accessible, everyday language profile influential physicists such as Niels Bohr and Isaac Newton. They also explore areas of physics to which the author made major contributions.

What Is Relativity?

by L. D. Landau & G. B. Rumer

Written by a Nobel Prize physicist and his colleague, this compelling book uses familiar objects (trains, rulers, clocks) to illuminate the more subtle aspects of relativity. 23 illustrations. 1959 edition.

De Magnete

by William Gilbert

From the first great experimental scientist: the classic text, first published in Latin in 1600. Summarizes then-current knowledge of magnetism and electricity, offering insights into the origins of modern science....

Elements of Partial Differential Equations

by Ian N. Sneddon

This text features numerous worked examples in its presentation of elements from the theory of partial differential equations, emphasizing forms suitable for solving equations. Solutions to odd-numbered problems...

Microwave Spectroscopy

by C. H. Townes & A.L. Schawlow

Two Nobel Laureates present a systematic, comprehensive account of the theory, techniques, experimental data, and interpretation involved in the study of microwave spectroscopy. Ideal as reference or text. 1955...

Harmonic Proportion and Form in Nature, Art and Architecture

by Samuel Colman

A treatise on the laws governing proportional form in both nature and art, this well-illustrated volume features natural organisms and artistic creations in a mathematical study of their constructive principles....

Philosophy of Science: The Link Between Science and Philosophy

by Philipp Frank

A distinguished mathematician traces the history of science, illustrating philosophy's ongoing role, explaining technology's erosion of the rapport between the two fields, and offering suggestions for their...

Functional Analysis

by Frigyes Riesz & Béla Sz.-Nagy

Classic exposition of modern theories of differentiation and integration and principal problems and methods of handling integral equations and linear functionals and transformations. 1955 edition.

Scattering of Light by Crystals

by William Hayes & Rodney Loudon

This authoritative graduate-level text describes inelastic light scattering by crystals and its use in the investigation of solid-state excitation, with experimental techniques common to all types of excitation....

The Logic of Chance

by John Venn

No mathematical background is necessary to appreciate this classic of probability theory, which remains unsurpassed in its clarity and readability. It explores physical foundations, logical superstructure, and...

Statistical Mechanics

by Norman Davidson

Sufficiently rigorous for introductory or intermediate graduate courses, this text offers a comprehensive treatment of the techniques and limitations of statistical mechanics. 82 figures. 15 tables. 1962 edition....

Random Field Models in Earth Sciences

by George Christakos

This text for graduate students examines problems related to earth and environmental sciences by means of theoretical models based on a purely random (stochastic) element. 103 figures. 16 tables.

Hypersonic Inviscid Flow

by Wallace D. Hayes & Ronald F. Probstein

Unified, self-contained view of nonequilibrium effects, body geometries, and similitudes available in hypersonic flow and thin shock layer; appropriate for graduate-level courses in hypersonic flow theory. 1966...

Oceanographical Engineering

by Robert L. Wiegel

Valuable both as a graduate-level text and as a reference for engineers and scientists, the classic features descriptive and mathematical sections, supplemented by hundreds of drawings and photographs. 1964...

Higher Geometry: An Introduction to Advanced Methods in Analytic Geometry

by Frederick S. Woods

Excellent exposition of advanced work on projective and algebraic geometry bridges the gap between intermediate and specialized studies. Topics include single- and multi-dimensional coordinated systems and related...

A Treatise on the Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces

by Luther Pfahler Eisenhart

Created especially for graduate students by a leading writer on mathematics, this introduction to the geometry of curves and surfaces concentrates on problems that students will find most helpful.

Theory of Groups of Finite Order

by W. Burnside

Classic introduction to group theory covers permutation; composition-series of groups; isomorphism; Abelian groups; groups whose orders are the powers of primes; Sylow's theorem; permutation groups; groups of...

Electrodynamics and Classical Theory of Fields and Particles

by A. O. Barut

Comprehensive graduate-level text by a distinguished theoretical physicist reveals the classical underpinnings of modern quantum field theory. Topics include space-time, Lorentz transformations, conservation...


by J. P. Den Hartog

This classic introductory text features hundreds of applications and design problems that illuminate fundamentals of trusses, loaded beams and cables, and related areas. Includes 334 answered problems.

De Natura Fossilium (Textbook of Mineralogy)

by Georgius Agricola

This 1546 publication remains a landmark in geology, with unprecedented classifications by physical property and locality, simple standardized naming system, summaries of earlier studies, and employment of observation...