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Operational Research and Networks

by Gerd Finke

This book presents the principal concepts of operations research (OR) as tools for the planning, support, and management of various types of networks, including both physical and logical networks. It analyzes...

Control Methods for Electrical Machines

by Rene Husson

The type of control system used for electrical machines depends on the use (nature of the load, operating states, etc.) to which the machine will be put. The precise type of use determines the control laws which...

Automotive Electricity: Electric Drive

by Joseph Beretta

Since the beginning of the century, electrical goods have invaded our everyday lives. Now, electric power is coming to be seen as a solution to the pollution caused by cars. While this transition has remained...

Fatigue of Materials and Structures: Application to Design

by Claude Bathias & Andr? Pineau

The design of mechanical structures with predictable and improved durability cannot be achieved without a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of fatigue damage and more specifically the relationships between...

IP, Ethernet and Mpls Networks: Resource and Fault Management

by André Perez

This book summarizes the key Quality of Service technologies deployed in telecommunications networks: Ethernet, IP, and MPLS. The QoS of the network is made up of two parts: fault and resource management.


Home Area Networks and Iptv

by Jean-Gabriel R?my & Charlotte Letamendia

The field of Home Area Networks (HAN), a dedicated residential subset of LAN technologies for home-based use, is fast becoming the next frontier for the communications industry.

This book describes the various...


by J. Paulo Davim

Tribology is the “science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion” and encompasses the study of friction, wear and lubrication. By extension biotribology is usually defined as the tribological...

Extractive Metallurgy 3: Processing Operations and Routes

by Alain Vignes

Extractive metallurgy is the art and science of extracting metals from their ores and refining them. The production of metals and alloys from these source materials is still one of the most important and fundamental...

Simulation and Modeling of Systems of Systems

by Pascal Cantot & Dominique Luzeaux

Systems engineering is the design of a complex interconnection of many elements (a system) to maximize a specific measure of system performance. It consists of two parts: modeling, in which each element of the...

Natural Element Method for the Simulation of Structures and Processes

by Francisco Chinesta, Serge Cescotto & Elias Cueto

Computational mechanics is the discipline concerned with the use of computational methods to study phenomena governed by the principles of mechanics. Before the emergence of computational science (also called...

Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineering

by Mathieu Mory

The book aims at providing to master and PhD students the basic knowledge in fluid mechanics for chemical engineers. Applications to mixing and reaction and to mechanical separation processes are addressed.


Fatigue of Materials and Structures: Application to Damage and Design

by Claude Bathias & Andr? Pineau

The design of mechanical structures with improved and predictable durability cannot be achieved without a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of fatigue damage and more specifically the relationships between...

Mechanics of Unsaturated Geomaterials

by Lyesse Laloui

This book provides a sound basis in the challenging area of the mechanics of unsaturated geomaterials. The objective is to supply the reader with an exhaustive overview starting from the basics and covering...

Extractive Metallurgy 2: Metallurgical Reaction Processes

by Alain Vignes

The Extractive Metallurgy series is devoted to the extraction of metals from ores and other sources, their refining to the state of either liquid or solid metal, and the various processes needed to carry out...

Tools for Signal Compression: Applications to Speech and Audio Coding

by Nicolas Moreau

This book presents tools and algorithms required to compress/uncompress signals such as speech and music. These algorithms are largely used in mobile phones, DVD players, HDTV sets, etc.

In a first rather theoretical...

Integration of Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Thin Films: Concepts ANS Applications for Microsystems

by Emmanuel Defa?

This book contains four parts. The first one is dedicated to concepts. It starts with the definitions and examples of what is piezo-pyro and ferroelectricity by considering the symmetry of the material. Thereafter,...


by Javier Sanchez & Mamadou Thioune

During the first decade of this new millennium, it is estimated that more than €100 billion will be invested in the third generation (3G) Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) in Europe. This fact...

Discrete Stochastic Processes and Optimal Filtering

by Jean-Claude Bertein & Roger Ceschi

Optimal filtering applied to stationary and non-stationary signals provides the most efficient means of dealing with problems arising from the extraction of noise signals. Moreover, it is a fundamental feature...

Spatial Interpolation for Climate Data: The Use of GIS in Climatology and Meteorology

by Hartwig Dobesch, Pierre Dumolard & Izabela Dyras

This title gives an authoritative look at the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in climatology and meterology. GIS provides a range of strategies, from traditional methods, such as those for hydromet...

Metrology in Industry: The Key for Quality

by French College of Metrology & Dominique Placko

Metrology is an integral part of the structure of today’s world: navigation and telecommunications require highly accurate time and frequency standards; human health and safety relies on authoritative measurements...