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Asthma: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for Someone Diagnosed with Asthma

by Author Stacey Chillemi

Managing the Stress of Asthma can be devastating for the people and their families who are affected with the lifelong disease. Many people who have been diagnosed with asthma feel distressed frustrated, and...

How to Purify Your Drinking Water: Understanding the Importance of Purifying Water and How Purified Water Can Keep You Healthy and Prevent Unwanted Il

by Author Stacey Chillemi

Do you know how safe your drinking water is? Do you know what is being done to improve the security of your public water systems? Where does your drinking water come from, and how is it treated? If you get your...

Live, Learn and Be Happy With Epilepsy: Learn About Your Disorder and How to Cope With It

by Author Stacey Chillemi

The techniques in "Live, Learn and Be Happy with Epilepsy," will help you build the inner power to do anything or become anything you want in life. The approaches in this book for dealing with epilepsy will...

The History and Impact of Development in Dental Biomaterials Over the Last 60 Years - The John McLean Archive a Living History of Dentistry Witness Se

by Nairn Wilson & Stanley Gelbier

This is the transcript of a witness seminar held at the British Dental Association in June 2012. It records the changes and impact on the practice of Dentistry made by the changes and development in biomaterial...

The Dental Press - The John McLean Archive a Living History of Dentistry Witness Seminar 5

by Nairn Wilson & Stanley Gelbier

This is the transcript of a witness seminar held at the British Dental Association in September 2012. It records the contribution made by the media and Dental Press to the practice of Dentistry within the United...

The Changes in Dentistry Since 1948 - The John McLean Archive a Living History of Dentistry Witness Seminar 2

by Nairn Wilson & Stanley Gelbier

This transcript of a witness seminar, one of a series of five, provides an intriguing and instructional collection of memoires and insights from senior members of the dental profession and others, especially...

Technology and Science in Education Magazine: January/February 2014

by Clive W. Humphris

TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE IN EDUCATION MAGAZINE: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). A publication devoted to the teaching of science, engineering education and design technology, including art and...

The Einstein Theory of Relativity

by H.A. Lorentz

Whether it is true or not that not more than twelve persons in all the world are able to understand Einstein's Theory, it is nevertheless a fact that there is a constant demand for information about this much...

The 5th Dimension

by George Curtis

The fifth dimension is a book that describes a new and unique way of looking at the universe. It is intended for people who reject the notion of the Big Bang for various reasons.

My Achilles Heel: How to Overcome Achilles Tendinopathy

by Paul G. Bennett

Achilles tendinitis, can be quite a serious injury if it is allowed to become chronic. Modern medical research has shown the condition to be due to the actual degeneration of the fibres, rather than inflammation...

ESCOs Around the World: Lessons Learn in 49 Countries

by Pierre Langlois, Paolo Bertoldi & Ph.D., Shirley J. Hansen

This book provides an insightful assessment of today's ESCO (energy services) industry around the world, analyzing current trends - both by geographical regions and in specific countries. Both opportunities...

The Depression Code: Deciphering the Purposes of Neurotic Depression

by Psy.D., Dr. Roger Di Pietro & Ph.D., ABPP (Contributor), Dr. Ha Mosak

The Depression Code: Deciphering the Purposes of Neurotic Depression focuses on one specific depressive diagnosis: Dysthymic Disorder. Much of talk therapy as well as pharmacological interventions use procedures...

Environment and the City

by Joe Ravetz, Clive George & Joe Howe

For the first time at the beginning of the twenty-first century, urban dwellers outnumber rural residents and this trend is set to continue. Consequently one of the most pressing issues of our time is how to...

Private Rights in Public Resources: Equity and Property Allocation in Market-Based Environmental Policy

by Professor Leigh Raymond

Privatizing public resources by creating stronger property rights, including so-called rights to pollute, is an increasingly popular environmental policy option. While advocates of this type of market-based...

Making Universal Service Policy: Enhancing the Process Through Multidisciplinary Evaluation

by Steven S. Wildman, IV, Allen S. Hammond & Barbara A. Cherry

This book is the outgrowth of shared interests between the editors and the contributing authors to provide a multidisciplinary perspective in evaluating universal service policy and recommending policy changes...

Renewable Energy in the Countryside

by Peter Prag

Climate Change is high on the political agenda and the UK Government is committed to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. One of the main means of doing so has been by encouraging the production of energy...

Bad Harvest: The Timber Trade and the Degradation of Global Forests

by Nigel Dudley, Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud & Francis Sullivan

The world's forests are disappearing at an alarming rate, and with disastrous consequences. Demand for wood and paper products ranks high amongst the causes of deforestation and forest degradation, and is now...

Building to Last: The challenge for business leaders

by Colin Hutchinson

The major challenge for companies is to create a business that will last. This means they have to take seriously the issue of sustainable development, rather than simply having an environmental policy, conducting...

International Migration and Knowledge

by Allan Williams & Vladimir Baláž

Two unconnected but important recent academic and policy debates have focussed on the idea of the knowledge-based economy and the economic consequences of increasing international migration. This book challenges...

Compendium of Armaments and Military Hardware

by Christopher Chant

First published in 1987, The Compendium of Armaments and Military Hardware provides, within a single volume, the salient technical and operational details of the most important weapons. The complete range of...