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The Swedish Nuclear Dilemma: Energy and the Environment

by William D. Nordhaus

Renowned economist William Nordhaus has developed many innovative approaches for analyzing complex environmental questions. He applies them to the possible phaseout of nuclear power in Sweden in The Swedish...

Economic Analyses at EPA: Assessing Regulatory Impact

by Richard D. Morgenstern

For years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been conducting programmatic 'economic analyses,' also known as Regulatory Impact Analyses (RIAs), to assess the economic effects of its regulatory efforts....

A Shock to the System: Restructuring America's Electricity Industry

by Timothy J. Brennan, Karen L. Palmer & Raymond J. Kopp

A Shock to the System is a guide to the decisions that will be faced by electricity providers, customers, and policymakers. Produced by a team of analysts at Resources for the Future, this concise and balanced...

Comparing Environmental Risks: Tools for Setting Government Priorities

by J. Clarence Davies

The budgetary squeeze of the 1990s has made it obvious that the government cannot address every possible environmental problem. Comparative risk assessment (CRA) is increasingly advanced as the means for setting...

Worst Things First: The Debate over Risk-Based National Environmental Priorities

by Adam M. Finkel & Dominic Golding

For any government agency, the distribution of available resources among problems or programs is crucially important. Agencies, however, typically lack a self-conscious process for examining priorities, much...

Assigning Liability for Superfund Cleanups: An Analysis of Policy Options

by Katherine N. Probst & Paul R. Portney

While more than 2,700 emergency removals of hazardous materials have taken place under Superfund, implementing the long-term cleanup program has been the object of considerable controversy. One of the most contentious...

Multiple-Use Management: The Economics of Public Forestlands

by Michael D. Bowes & John V. Krutilla

In this book, Bowes and Krutilla bring together what is known and relevant about valuing the nonmarket services of the public forests and propose a new theoretical framework that allows multiple uses, the biological...

The Mining Law: A Study in Perpetual Motion

by John D. Leshy

In this highly entertaining as well as profoundly scholarly study of the 1872 Mining Law, John Leshy has produced both a legal treatise and a history of the West written from the vantage point of mineral exploration...

Objectivity, Science and Society: Interpreting Nature and Society in the Age of the Crisis of Science

by Paul A Komesaroff

Originally published in 1986. This work remains of compelling interest to those concerned with the natural sciences and their social problems. It puts forward original and unorthodox ideas about the philosophy...

Method in the Physical Sciences

by G Schlesinger

Originally published in 1963. Can one discern certain regularities in the manoeuvrings and techniques employed by scientists and can these be formulated into the methodological principles of science? What is...

Philosophy and Scientific Realism

by J J C Smart

Originally published in 1963. In an introductory chapter the author argues that philosophy ought to be more than the art of clarifying thought and that it should concern itself with outlining a scientifically...

Environmental Change and Human Development: Controlling nature?

by Chris Barrow

Environmental Change and Human Development focuses on environmental change and human fortunes. While there is a large and rapidly expanding literature dealing with how people affect the environment, less attention...

Understanding Weather

by Karel Karel Hughes & Julian Mayes

Weather provides a wide variety of stimuli for our senses. The sound of thunder and gales, the smell of damp soil at the start of a summer thunderstorm are but temporary phenomena while the visual panorama of...

The Geography of the World Economy 5th Edition

by Paul Knox, John Agnew & Linda McCarthy

The Geography of the World Economy provides an in-depth and stimulating introduction to the 'globalization' of the world economy. The book offers a consideration of local, regional, national and global economic...

Researching Human Geography

by Anna Davies, Keith Hoggart & Loretta Lees

Researching Human Geography is an essential new text for any geography student about to embark on a research project. An understanding of how different theories of knowledge have influenced research methodologies...

Reading Retail: A Geographical Perspective on Retailing and Consumption Spaces

by Neil Wrigley & Michelle Lowe

Reading Retail captures contemporary debates on the geography of retailing and consumption spaces. It is constructed around a series of 'readings' from key works, and is designed to encourage readers to develop...

Making Space: Property Development and Urban Planning

by Andrew MacLaran

Making Space studies the built environment by examining the private-sector forces responsible for its development and the urban planning systems put in place to influence, guide and manipulate its outcomes.


Soil Management: Problems and Solutions

by Michael A Fullen & John A Catt

The soil is a fundamental constituent of the Earth's system, maintaining a careful state of equilibrium within the biosphere. However, this natural balance is being increasingly disturbed by a variety of anthropogenic...

The Evolution of Hazardous Waste Programs

by Katherine N. Probst & Thomas C. Beierle

In most countries, the development of environmental programs follows a similar pattern. Early efforts concentrate on direct threats to public health, such as contaminated drinking water and air pollution. Only...

How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic

by Michael Jay Geier

Master the Art of Electronics Repair

In this hands-on guide, a lifelong electronics repair guru shares his tested techniques and invaluable insights. How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic shows you how...