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The Double-crested Cormorant

by Linda R. Wires

The double-crested cormorant, found only in North America, is an iridescent black waterbird superbly adapted to catch fish. It belongs to a family of birds vilified since biblical times and persecuted around...

Chasing Monarchs

by Robert Michael Pyle & Lincoln P. Brower

Although no one had ever followed North American monarch butterflies on their annual southward journey to Mexico and California, in the 1990s there were well-accepted assumptions about the nature and form of...

Madness and Memory: The Discovery of Prions--A New Biological Principle of Disease

by Stanley B. Prusiner

In 1997, Stanley B. Prusiner received a Nobel Prize, the world's most prestigious award for achievement in physiology or medicine. That he was the sole recipient of the award for the year was entirely appropriate....

Homology, Genes, and Evolutionary Innovation

by Günter P. Wagner

Homology—a similar trait shared by different species and derived from common ancestry, such as a seal’s fin and a bird’s wing—is one of the most fundamental yet challenging concepts in evolutionary biology....

Planets: Ours and Others: From Earth to Exoplanets

by Thérèse Encrenaz

What is a planet? The answer may seem obvious; still, the definition of a planet has continuously evolved over the centuries, and their number has changed following successive discoveries. In 2006, the decision...

The Whole-Brain Path to Peace: The Role of Left- and Right-Brain Dominance in the Polarization and Reunification of America

by James Olson

We've long known that our brain's division into distinct hemispheres results in two divergent ways of responding to our world. One hemisphere's perspective always seems to rule: For example, the "holistic, compassionate"...

Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry

by Alan R. Katritzky, Christopher A. Ramsden & John A. Joule

Heterocyclic compounds play a vital role in the metabolism of living cells. Their practical applications range from extensive clinical use to fields as diverse as agriculture, photography, biocide formulation...

Hyperspectral Imaging for Food Quality Analysis and Control

by Da-Wen Sun

Based on the integration of computer vision and spectrscopy techniques, hyperspectral imaging is a novel technology for obtaining both spatial and spectral information on a product. Used for nearly 20 years...

Cholinergic Ligand Interactions

by D. J. Triggle, J.F. Moran & E. A. Barnard

Cholinergic Ligand Interactions presents the papers read at a symposium held at the State University of New York at Buffalo, 25-26 May 1970. The recent purification and crystallization of acetylcholinesterase...

Virus Structure

by Robert W. Horne

Virus Structure describes the physical characteristics of isolated viruses that represent typical structural groups, with particular reference to those features analyzed with the aid of the electron microscope....

Ion Transport in Prokaryotes

by Barry P. Rosen & Simon Silver

Ion Transport in Prokaryotes

Computational Fluid Mechanics: Selected Papers

by Alexandre Joel Chorin

Computational Fluid Mechanics: Selected Papers compiles papers on computational fluid dynamics written between 1967 and 1982.

This book emphasizes the numerical solution of the equations of fluid mechanics in...

Information Processing in Motor Control and Learning

by George E. Stelmach

Information Processing in Motor Control and Learning provides the theoretical ideas and experimental findings in the field of motor behavior research.

The text presents a balanced combination of theory and empirical...

Nucleotide Metabolism: An Introduction

by J. Frank Henderson & A. R. P. Paterson

Nucleotide Metabolism: An Introduction is a textbook exclusively focusing on the study of the aspects of nucleotide metabolism.

The book intends to present the chemistry and metabolism of nucleotides, one of...

Designing Usable Texts

by Thomas M. Duffy & Robert Waller

Designing Usable Texts covers the analysis of textual communication processes in the real world of publishing systems and work sites. The book presents topics on designing and understanding of written texts;...

An Introduction to the Statistical Theory of Classical Simple Dense Fluids

by G.H.A. Cole

An Introduction to the Statistical Theory of Classical Simple Dense Fluids covers certain aspects of the study of dense fluids, based on the analysis of the correlation effects between representative small groupings...

EEG Technology

by R. Cooper, J. W. Osselton & J. C. Shaw

EEG Technology provides information and advice related to electroencephalography (EEG). The objective and purpose of this book is to learn more about people given that a person's brain is the person, in sickness...

Electron and Positron Spectroscopies in Materials Science and Engineering: Materials Science and Technology

by Otto Buck, John K Tien & Harris L. Marcus

Electron and Positron Spectroscopies in Materials Science and Engineering presents the advances and limitations of instrumentations for surface and interface probing useful to metallurgical applications. It...

Elements of Elasticity: The Commonwealth and International Library: Structures and Solid Body Mechanics Division

by D. S. Dugdale & B. G. Neal

Elements of Elasticity details the fundamental concepts in the theory of elasticity. The title emphasizes discussing the essential formulas, along with elementary matters.

The text first covers stress and strain,...

The Germination of Seeds: Pergamon International Library of Science, Technology, Engineering and Social Studies

by A. M. Mayer & A. Poljakoff-Mayber

The Germination of Seeds, Third Edition contains the same content in the previous edition, but with modifications in each section, containing updated information. As the first two editions, this edition attempts...