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by Sy Montgomery

Meet the ladies: a flock of smart, affectionate, highly individualistic chickens who visit their favorite neighbors, devise different ways to hide from foxes, and mob the author like she’s a rock star. In...

Legal Frameworks for the Built Environment

by Jean Badman & Laurie Grimmet

Law is a complex subject and has major impacts on the built environment and all those working in it. Law is seen as one of the strongest interdisciplinary links between the various professions; it is essential...

Sustainable Urban Design: An Environmental Approach

by Adam Ritchie & Randall Thomas

By the end of the twenty-first century it is thought that three-quarters of the world's population will be urban; our future is in cities. Making these cities healthy, vibrant and sustainable is an exceptional...

New infotainment Technologies in the Home: Demand-side Perspectives

by Ruby Roy Dholakia, Norbert Mundorf & Nikhilesh Dholakia

As the "information superhighway" moves into the home through interactive media, enhanced telecom services, and hybrid appliances, interest continually grows in how consumers adopt and use Information Technology...

The Living Land: Agriculture, Food and Community Regeneration in the 21st Century

by Jules Pretty Obe

The Living Land sets out a new 'stakeholder' vision for rural regeneration in Europe. It integrates three themes: sustainable agriculture, localised food systems and rural community development. All three offer...

Consuming Tradition, Manufacturing Heritage: Global Norms and Urban Forms in the Age of Tourism

by Nezar AlSayyad

From the Grand Tour to today's packages holidays, the last two centuries have witnessed an exponential growth in travel and tourism and, as the twenty-first century unfolds, people of every class and from every...

The Place of Geography

by Tim Unwin

The Place of Geography is designed to provide a readable and yet challenging account of the emergence of gepgraphy as an academic discipline. It has three particular aims: it seeks to trace the development of...

Resource and Environmental Management

by Bruce Mitchell

This book does an exceptional job in giving an understanding of change, complexity, uncertainty and conflict as well as their linkages, including awareness of strategies, methods and techniques to handle them...

Endotoxemia and Endotoxin Shock

by C. Ronco, P. Piccinni & M.H. Rosner

The presence of endotoxin in the bloodstream is the consequence of an immunological response triggered by bacterial invasion of the host. This condition leads to altered cardiovascular function, lung dysfunction...

Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?: Debunking Pseudoscience

by Martin Gardner

"[Gardner] zaps his targets with laserlike precision and wit."—Entertainment Weekly

Martin Gardner is perhaps the wittiest, most devastating unmasker of scientific fraud and intellectual chicanery of our time....

Pituitary Today II

by E. Arzt, M. Bronstein & M. Guitelman

Function and disease of the pituitary gland have long been at the center of research interest. Based on a recent scientific meeting held in Angra dos Reis, Brazil, this volume of Frontiers of Hormone Research...

Managing Projects in Developing Countries

by John W. Cusworth & T. R Franks

Covers the concepts, systems and skills of project management, identifying the three major elements of organisations: implementation, planning and procurement.

Fluid Overload

by C. Ronco, M.R. Costanzo & R. Bellomo

Fluid overload is often observed in patients with heart failure and secondary oliguric states. A thorough assessment of the fluid status of the patient may help guide the therapy and prevent complications induced...

TNF Pathophysiology

by G. Kollias & P.P. Sfikakis

TNF is a multifunctional proinflammatory cytokine central to the development and homeostasis of the immune system and a regulator of cell activation, differentiation and death. Recent decades have seen an enormous...

Cell Migration: Signalling and Mechanisms

by F. Entschladen & K.S. Zänker

Cell migration is a highly complex process which involves several compartments of the cell, including surface receptors, signalling elements and the cytoskeleton. It plays an essential role in embryogenesis,...

Frontiers in Eating and Weight Regulation

by W. Langhans & N. Geary

The development of effective preventive and therapeutic measures to control eating and body weight involves basic physiology as well as cognitive and social psychology. The potential of molecular genetics to...

Gaston Bachelard: Critic of Science and the Imagination

by Cristina Chimisso

In this new study, Cristina Chimisso explores the work of the French Philosopher of Science, Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962) by situating it within French cultural life of the first half of the century. The book...

Genetics of Mental Retardation

by S.J.L. Knight

This remarkable publication focuses on the importance of genetics in mental retardation, investigating the extent to which molecular diagnostic capability and the understanding of genetic causes have improved...

Repetitive DNA

by M.A. Garrido-Ramos

The experimental data that have been generated using new molecular techniques associated with the completion of genome projects have changed our perception of the structural features, functional implications...

Nanomedicine - Basic and Clinical Applications in Diagnostics and Therapy

by C. Alexiou

Nanomedicine - the application of nanotechnology to human health - is a promising field of research at the interface of physical, chemical, biological, and medical science. Recent advances have made it possible...