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Advances in Analog and RF IC Design for Wireless Communication Systems

by Gabriele Manganaro & Domine M W Leenaerts

Advances in Analog and RF IC Design for Wireless Communication Systems gives technical introductions to the latest and most significant topics in the area of circuit design of analog/RF ICs for wireless communication...

Osteoporosis: Two-Volume Set

by Robert Marcus, David Feldman & David W. Dempster

Now in its 4e, Osteoporosis is a classic reference on this disease, comprising a tremendous wealth of knowledge in a single source not found elsewhere. Written by renowned experts in the field, this two-volume...

The Biology and Identification of the Coccidia (Apicomplexa) of Rabbits of the World

by Donald W Duszynski & Lee Couch

The Biology and Identification of the Coccidia (Apicomplexa) of Rabbits of the World is a taxonomic summation of a damaging intestinal parasite found in rabbits and transmissible to other species, including...

Evolution of Global Electricity Markets: New paradigms, new challenges, new approaches

by Fereidoon P. Sioshansi

Get the latest on rapidly evolving global electricity markets direct from the scholars and thought leaders who are shaping reform. In this volume, dozens of world-class experts from diverse regions provide a...

Placebo and Pain: From Bench to Bedside

by Luana Colloca, Magne Arve Flaten & Karin Meissner

The placebo effect continues to fascinate scientists, scholars, and clinicians, resulting in an impressive amount of research, mainly in the field of pain. While recent experimental and clinical studies have...

The Earth's Electric Field: Sources from Sun to Mud

by Michael C. Kelley

The Earth's Electric Field provides you with an integrated and comprehensive picture of the generation of the terrestrial electric fields, their dynamics and how they couple/propagate through the medium. The...

Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry

by Gregory Choppin, Jan-Olov Liljenzin & JAN RYDBERG

Radiochemistry or nuclear chemistry is the study of radiation from an atomic and molecular perspective, including elemental transformation and reaction effects, as well as physical, health and medical properties....

Transport in Biological Media

by Sid Becker & Andrey Kuznetsov

Transport in Biological Media is a solid resource of mathematical models for researchers across a broad range of scientific and engineering problems such as the effects of drug delivery, chemotherapy, or insulin...

Mathematics for Physical Chemistry

by Robert G. Mortimer

Mathematics for Physical Chemistry is the ideal supplementary text for practicing chemists and students who want to sharpen their mathematics skills while enrolled in general through physical chemistry courses....

Fundamentals of Weed Science

by Robert L Zimdahl

This book addresses herbicides and their use as an important aspect of modern weed management and strives to place them in an ecological framework. Many weed scientists believe agriculture is a continuing struggle...

Linear Algebra: Algorithms, Applications, and Techniques

by Richard Bronson, Gabriel B. Costa & John T. Saccoman

In this appealing and well-written text, Richard Bronson starts with the concrete and computational, and leads the reader to a choice of major applications. The first three chapters address the basics: matrices,...

Transfusion Medicine and Hemostasis: Clinical and Laboratory Aspects

by Beth H. Shaz, Christopher D. Hillyer & Charles S. Abrams

The second edition of Transfusion Medicine and Hemostasis continues to be the only "pocket-size" quick reference for pathology residents and transfusion medicine fellows. It covers all topics in blood banking,...

Genomic Biomarkers for Pharmaceutical Development: Advancing Personalized Health Care

by Yihong Yao, Bahija Jallal & Koustubh Ranade

Genomic Biomarkers for Pharmaceutical Development: Advancing Personalized Health Care provides an in-depth review of the state of translational science across all stages of pharmaceutical development with a...

Escherichia coli: Pathotypes and Principles of Pathogenesis

by Michael Donnenberg

The 2e of Escherichia coli is a unique, comprehensive analysis of the biology and molecular mechanisms that enable this ubiquitous organism to thrive. Leading investigators in the field discuss the molecular...

Solar Energy Forecasting and Resource Assessment

by Jan Kleissl

Solar Energy Forecasting and Resource Assessment is a vital text for solar energy professionals, addressing a critical gap in the core literature of the field.  As major barriers to solar energy implementation,...

Introduction to Biological and Small Molecule Drug Research and Development: theory and case studies

by C. Robin Ganellin, Roy Jefferis & Stanley M. Roberts

Introduction to Biological and Small Molecule Drug Research and Development provides, for the first time, an introduction to the science behind successful pharmaceutical research and development programs. The...

Solar Energy Markets: An Analysis of the Global Solar Industry

by Philip G. Jordan

This groundbreaking new book features holistic coverage of technological breakthroughs, financing trends, workforce development issues, and comparative regional case studies in solar energy. It provides a global...

Sustainability, Energy and Architecture: Case Studies in Realizing Green Buildings

by Ali Sayigh

This unique volume offers insights from renowned experts in energy efficient building from the world over, providing a multi-faceted overview of the state-of-the-art in energy efficient architecture. It opens...

Diagnosing Wild Species Harvest: Resource Use and Conservation

by Matti Salo, Anders Sirén & Risto Kalliola

Diagnosing Wild Species Harvest bridges gaps of knowledge fragmented among scientific disciplines as it addresses this multifaceted phenomenon that is simultaneously global and local. The authors emphasize the...

General Aviation Aircraft Design: Applied Methods and Procedures

by Snorri Gudmundsson

Find the right answer the first time with this useful handbook of preliminary aircraft design. Written by an engineer with close to 20 years of design experience, General Aviation Aircraft Design: Applied Methods...