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From Raindrops to Volcanoes: Adventures with Sea Surface Meteorology

by Duncan C. Blanchard

A fascinating, easily digestible book that takes readers into the realms of meteorology, oceanography, physics, chemistry, and volcanology. "Packed with interesting and significant information." — Florida...

Game, Set and Math: Enigmas and Conundrums

by Ian Stewart

Twelve essays take a playful approach to mathematics, investigating the topology of a blanket, the odds of beating a superior tennis player, and how to distinguish between fact and fallacy.

First Course in Mathematical Logic

by Patrick Suppes & Shirley Hill

Rigorous introduction is simple enough in presentation and context for wide range of students. Symbolizing sentences; logical inference; truth and validity; truth tables; terms, predicates, universal quantifiers;...

Lady Luck: The Theory of Probability

by Warren Weaver

This witty, nontechnical introduction to probability elucidates such concepts as permutations, independent events, mathematical expectation, the law of averages and more. No advanced math required. 49 drawings....

Philosophy of Mathematics and Deductive Structure in Euclid's Elements

by Ian Mueller

This text provides an understanding of the classical Greek conception of mathematics as expressed in Euclid's Elements. It focuses on philosophical, foundational, and logical questions and features helpful appendixes....

The Ideas of Biology

by John Tyler Bonner

Using evolution as the central theme, these concise essays explore the foundations of modern biology, focusing on heredity, embryonic development, and ultimately, relations between organisms and their environment....

Dynamic Programming: Models and Applications

by Eric V. Denardo

Introduction to sequential decision processes covers use of dynamic programming in studying models of resource allocation, methods for approximating solutions of control problems in continuous time, production...

Protection of Electronic Circuits from Overvoltages

by Ronald B. Standler

Practical rules and strategies designed to protect electronic systems from damage by transient overvoltages include symptoms and threats, remedies, protective devices and their applications, and validation of...

Fundamentals of the Theory of Plasticity

by L. M. Kachanov

Intended for use by advanced engineering students and professionals, this volume focuses on plastic deformation of metals at normal temperatures, as applied to strength of machines and structures. 1971 edition....

Another Fine Math You've Got Me Into. . .

by Ian Stewart

Sixteen columns from the French edition of Scientific American feature oddball characters and wacky wordplay in a mathematical wonderland of puzzles and games that also imparts significant mathematical ideas....

Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes

by Ernest H. Cherrington

Informative, profusely illustrated guide to locating and identifying craters, rills, seas, mountains, other lunar features. Newly revised and updated with special section of new photos. Over 100 photos and diagrams....

Topology for Analysis

by Albert Wilansky

Three levels of examples and problems make this volume appropriate for students and professionals. Abundant exercises, ordered and numbered by degree of difficulty, illustrate important topological concepts....

Conformal Mapping: Methods and Applications

by Roland Schinzinger & Patricio A. A. Laura

This volume introduces the basic mathematical tools behind conformal mapping, describes advances in technique, and illustrates a broad range of applications. 1991 edition. Includes 247 figures and 38 tables....

Basic Set Theory

by Azriel Levy

The first part of this advanced-level text covers pure set theory, and the second deals with applications and advanced topics (point set topology, real spaces, Boolean algebras, infinite combinatorics and large...

Concepts of Classical Optics

by John Strong

An intermediate course in optics, this volume explores both experimental and theoretical concepts, offering a practical knowledge of geometrical optics with a minimum of mathematical detail. 1958 edition.

Free Energy Transduction and Biochemical Cycle Kinetics

by Terrell L. Hill

This three-part treatment translates the technical language of research monographs on the theory of free energy transfer in biology, making the subject more accessible to novices. 1989 edition.

Transport Processes in Chemically Reacting Flow Systems

by Daniel E. Rosner

Introduction to the transport of energy, mass, and momentum in chemically reacting fluids for graduate or undergraduate students with no prior background in fluid mechanics. Solutions to selected exercises....

Symmetry in Chemistry

by Hans H. Jaffé & Milton Orchin

Developed in an essentially nonmathematical way, this text covers symmetry elements and operations, multiple symmetry operations, multiplication tables and point groups, group theory applications, and crystal...

Concepts of Force

by Max Jammer

This work by a noted physicist traces conceptual development from ancient to modern times. Kepler's initiation, Newton's definition, subsequent reinterpretation — contrasting concepts of Leibniz, Boscovich,...

Variational Principles

by B. L. Moiseiwitsch

This text shows how variational principles are used to determine the discrete eigenvalues for stationary state problems and to illustrate how to find the values of quantities that arise in the theory of scattering....