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Flight Dynamics and System Identification for Modern Feedback Control: Avian-Inspired Robots

by J A Grauer & J E Hubbard Jr.

Unmanned air vehicles are becoming increasingly popular alternatives for private applications which include, but are not limited to, fire fighting, search and rescue, atmospheric data collection, and crop surveys,...

Sputtering Materials for VLSI and Thin Film Devices

by Jaydeep Sarkar

An important resource for students, engineers and researchers working in the area of thin film deposition using physical vapor deposition (e.g. sputtering) for semiconductor, liquid crystal displays, high density...

Low-Angle Radar Land Clutter

by J. Barrie Billingsley

A necessary reference for all radar engineers or analysts including many levels of managers, advisors and decision makers in the U.S. and worldwide radar industry. Directly useful in both military (DOD) and...

Handbook of Adhesive Bonded Structural Repair

by Raymond F. Wegman & Thomas R. Tullos

Provides repair methods for adhesive bonded and composite structures; identifies suitable materials and equipment for repairs; describes damage evaluation criteria and techniques, and methods of inspection before...

The Biology of Chameleons

by Krystal A. Tolley & Anthony Herrel

They change color depending on their mood. They possess uniquely adapted hands and feet distinct from other tetrapods. They feature independently movable eyes. This comprehensive volume delves into these fascinating...

Microclimate for Cultural Heritage: Conservation, Restoration, and Maintenance of Indoor and Outdoor Monuments

by D. Camuffo

Microclimate for Cultural Heritage: Conservation and Restoration of Indoor and Outdoor Monuments, Second Edition, is a cutting-edge, theoretical, and practical handbook concerning microclimate, environmental...

The Fine Arts, Neurology, and Neuroscience: New Discoveries and Changing Landscapes

by Stanley Finger, Dahlia W. Zaidel & François Boller

 This volume on neuroscience, neurology, and the fine arts brings several disciplines together. It presents current thoughts and modern examples about how science, medicine and the arts have interacted in the...

Nanomagnetism and Spintronics

by Teruya Shinjo

The concise and accessible chapters of Nanomagnetism and Spintronics, Second Edition, cover the most recent research in areas of spin-current generation, spin-calorimetric effect, voltage effects on magnetic...

23rd European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering

by Andrzej Kraslawski & Ilkka Turunen

Computer-aided process engineering (CAPE) plays a key design and operations role in the process industries, from the molecular scale through managing complex manufacturing sites. The research interests cover...

Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths

by J.-C. G. Bünzli & Vitalij K. Pecharsky

The rare earths represent a group of chemical elements, the lanthanides, together with scandium and yttrium, which exhibit similar chemical properties. They are strategically important to developed and developing...

The Fine Arts, Neurology, and Neuroscience: Neuro-Historical Dimensions

by Stanley Finger, Dahlia W. Zaidel & François Boller

This well-established international series examines major areas of basic and clinical research within neuroscience, as well as emerging and promising subfields. This volume explores the history and modern perspective...

Advances in Molecular Toxicology

by James C. Fishbein & Jacqueline M. Heilman

Advances in Molecular Toxicology features the latest advances in all of the subspecialties of the broad area of molecular toxicology. Toxicology is the study of poisons, and this series details the study of...

Progress in Optics

by Emil Wolf

In the 50 years since the first volume of Progress in Optics was published, optics has become one of the most dynamic fields of science. The volumes in this series that have appeared up to now contain more...

Advanced Techniques in Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS-MS and GC-TOF-MS) for Environmental Chemistry

by Imma Ferrer & E. Michael Thurman

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) has been the technique of choice of analytical scientists for many years. The latest developments in instrumentation, including tandem mass spectrometry (MS-MS) and...

Studies in Natural Products Chemistry

by Atta-ur- Rahman

Natural products in the plant and animal kingdom offer a huge diversity of chemical structures that are the result of biosynthetic processes that have been modulated over the millennia through genetic effects....

Biofuels from Algae

by Ashok Pandey, Duu-Jong Lee & Yusuf Chisti

This book provides in-depth information on basic and applied aspects of biofuels production from algae. It begins with an introduction to the topic, and follows with the basic scientific aspects of algal cultivation...

Food Protected Designation of Origin: Methodologies and Applications

by Miguel de la Guardia & Ana Gonzalvez Illueca

Protected designation of origin (PDO) taken together with other geographical indicators, such as protected geographical indication (PGI) and traditional specialty guaranteed (TSG), offer the consumer additional...


by Ashok Pandey, Jo-Shu Chang & Patrick C Hallenbeck

This book provides in-depth information on basic and applied aspects of biohydrogen production. It begins with an introduction to the topic, and follows with the basic scientific aspects of biohydrogen production,...

Kenya: A Natural Outlook: Geo-Environmental Resources and Hazards

by Paolo Paron, Daniel Ochieng Olago & Christian Thine Omuto

Kenya is a thriving country in East Africa: its economy is largely based on the natural environment that frames the tourism sector, mainly through safaris and holidays on the coast. The natural environment also...

Waterborne Pathogens: Detection Methods and Applications

by Helen Bridle

This book gives an overview of advanced emerging technologies for the detection of a range of waterborne pathogens. The book will present existing methodology and highlight where improvements can be made, as...