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Advances in Structural Adhesive Bonding

by D Dillard

Adhesive bonding is often effective, efficient, and often necessary way to join mechanical structures. This important book reviews the most recent improvements in adhesive bonding and their wide-ranging potential...

Vehicle Noise and Vibration Refinement

by Xu Wang

High standards of noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance are expected in vehicle design. Refinement is therefore one of the main engineering/design attributes to be addressed when developing new vehicle...

Materials, Design and Manufacturing for Lightweight Vehicles

by P K Mallick

Research into the manufacture of lightweight automobiles is driven by the need to reduce fuel consumption to preserve dwindling hydrocarbon resources without compromising other attributes such as safety, performance,...

Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials for the Repair of Connective Tissues

by C Archer & J Ralphs

Regenerative medicine for the repair of connective tissues is a fast moving field which generates a lot of interest. Unfortunately the biomaterials and biomechanics for soft tissue repair has been under-represented...

Materials for Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort in Buildings

by M Hall

Almost half of the total energy produced in the developed world is inefficiently used to heat, cool, ventilate and control humidity in buildings, to meet the increasingly high thermal comfort levels demanded...

Fire Toxicity

by A A Stec & T R Hull

Toxic fire effluents are responsible for the majority of fire deaths, and an increasing large majority of fire injuries, driven by the widespread and increasing use of synthetic polymers. Fire safety has focused...

Making Human Geography

by Kevin R. Cox

This book cogently examines how human geography has developed from a field with limited self-awareness regarding method and theory to the vibrant study of society and space that it is today. Kevin R. Cox provides...

Thermosets: Structure, Properties and Applications

by Q Guo

Thermosets are a key group of polymers. Understanding how their chemistry and structure affects their properties is essential to their manufacture and use in a range of applications. Thermosets: Structure, properties...

Fundamentals of Magnesium Alloy Metallurgy

by M Pekguleryuz, K Kainer & A. Kaya

Magnesium and magnesium alloys offer a wealth of valuable properties, making them of great interest for use across a wide range of fields. This has led to extensive research focused on understanding the properties...

Metropolitan Sustainability: Understanding and Improving the Urban Environment

by F Zeman

Global populations have grown rapidly in recent decades, leading to ever increasing demands for shelter, resources, energy and utilities. Coupled with the worldwide need to achieve lower impact buildings and...

Nanomedicine: Technologies and Applications

by T J Webster

Nanotechnology is at the forefront of advances in medicine. Nanomedicine: Technologies and applications provides an important review of this exciting technology and its growing range of applications.

After an...

Handbook of Metal Injection Molding

by D Heaney

Metal injection molding combines the most useful characteristics of powder metallurgy and plastic injection molding to facilitate the production of small, complex-shaped metal components with outstanding mechanical...

Defect Structure in Nanomaterials

by J Gubicza

Nanomaterials exhibit unique mechanical and physical properties compared to their coarse-grained counterparts, and are consequently a major focus of current scientific research. Defect structure in nanomaterials...

Phase Transformations in Steels: Diffusionless Transformations, High Strength Steels, Modelling and Advanced Analytical Techniques

by E Pereloma & D V Edmonds

The processing-microstructure-property relationships in steels continue to present challenges to researchers because of the complexity of phase transformation reactions and the wide spectrum of microstructures...

Innovation in Aeronautics

by T Young & M Hirst

Innovation in aerospace design and engineering is essential to meet the many challenges facing this sector. Innovation in aeronautics explores both a range of innovative ideas and how the process of innovation...

Modelling and Simulation of Integrated Systems in Engineering: Issues of Methodology, Quality, Testing and Application

by D J Murray-Smith

This book places particular emphasis on issues of model quality and ideas of model testing and validation. Mathematical and computer-based models provide a foundation for explaining complex behaviour, decision-making,...

Introduction to the Physics of Nanoelectronics

by S G Tan & M B A Jalil

This book provides an introduction to the physics of nanoelectronics, with a focus on the theoretical aspects of nanoscale devices. The book begins with an overview of the mathematics and quantum mechanics pertaining...

Laser Surface Modification of Alloys for Corrosion and Erosion Resistance

by C T Kwok

Corrosion and erosion processes often occur synergistically to cause serious damage to metal alloys. Laser surface modification techniques such as laser surface melting or alloying are being increasingly used...

Implantable Sensor Systems for Medical Applications

by A Inmann & D Hodgins

Implantable sensor systems offer great potential for enhanced medical care and improved quality of life, consequently leading to major investment in this exciting field. Implantable sensor systems for medical...

Robotics and Automation in the Food Industry: Current and Future Technologies

by D Caldwell

The implementation of robotics and automation in the food sector offers great potential for improved safety, quality and profitability by optimising process monitoring and control. Robotics and automation in...