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Solar Energy at Urban Scale

by Benoit Beckers

Increasing urbanization throughout the world, the depletion of fossil fuels and concerns about global warming have transformed the city into a physical problem of prime importance. This book proposes a multi-disciplinary...

Probabilistic Combinatorial Optimization on Graphs

by Cécile Murat & Vangelis Th. Paschos

This title provides a comprehensive survey over the subject of probabilistic combinatorial optimization, discussing probabilistic versions of some of the most paradigmatic combinatorial problems on graphs, such...

Protection of Electrical Networks

by Christophe Prévé

This book, designed for engineers, technicians, designers and operators working with electrical networks, contains theoretical and practical information on the design and set-up of protection systems.


Robot Manipulators: Modeling, Performance Analysis and Control

by Etienne Dombre & Wisama Khalil

This book presents the most recent research results on modeling and control of robot manipulators.

  • Chapter 1 gives unified tools to derive direct and inverse geometric, kinematic and dynamic models of serial...

Audiovisual Archives: Digital Text and Discourse Analysis

by Peter Stockinger

Today, audiovisual archives and libraries have become very popular especially in the field of collecting, preserving and transmitting cultural heritage. However, the data in these archives or libraries - videos,...

Models in Spatial Analysis

by Lena Sanders

This title provides a broad overview of the different types of models used in advanced spatial analysis. The models concern spatial organization, location factors and spatial interaction patterns from both static...

Fault Trees

by Nikolaos Limnios

Fault tree analysis is an important technique in determining the safety and dependability of complex systems. Fault trees are used as a major tool in the study of system safety as well as in reliability and...

Numerical Analysis in Electromagnetics: The Tlm Method

by Pierre Saguet

The aim of this book is to give a broad overview of the TLM (Transmission Line Matrix) method, which is one of the “time-domain numerical methods”. These methods are reputed for their significant reliance...

Music and Acoustics: From Instrument to Computer

by Philippe Guillaume

How can a piano tuner obtain such high precision with no other measuring device than their own ears? How can a sequence of notes seem to rise continuously despite coming back periodically to the same notes?...

Digital Signal and Image Processing Using MATLAB

by G?rard Blanchet & Maurice Charbit

This title provides the most important theoretical aspects of Image and Signal Processing (ISP) for both deterministic and random signals. The theory is supported by exercises and computer simulations relating...

X-Ray Diffraction by Polycrystalline Materials

by René Guinebretière

This book presents a physical approach to the diffraction phenomenon and its applications in materials science.

An historical background to the discovery of X-ray diffraction is first outlined. Next, Part 1 gives...

Analysis and Control of Linear Systems

by Philippe de Larminat

Automation of linear systems is a fundamental and essential theory. This book deals with the theory of continuous-state automated systems.

Organic Materials in Civil Engineering

by Yves Mouton

This book provides an inventory of organic materials and products, the major components of all civil engineering projects, in terms of their scientific and technical background, including the regulations that...

Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Measurement

by Dominique Placko

This title presents the general principles of instrumentation processes. It explains the theoretical analysis of physical phenomena used by standard sensors and transducers to transform a physical value into...

Channel Coding in Communication Networks: From Theory to Turbocodes

by Alain Glavieux

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the subject of channel coding. It starts with a description of information theory, focusing on the quantitative measurement of information and introducing two fundamental...

Seismic Vulnerability of Structures

by Philippe Gueguen

This book is focused on the seismic vulnerability assessment methods, applied to existing buildings, describing several behaviors and new approaches for assessment on a large scale (urban area).

It is clear that...

Reverse Engineering in Control Design

by Daniel Alazard

Reverse Engineering in Control Design proposes practical approaches to building a standard H-infinity problem taking into account an initial controller. Such approaches allow us to mix various control objectives...

Fundamentals of Acoustics

by Michel Bruneau, Thomas Scelo & Socit Franaise d'Acoustique

The central theme of the chapters is acoustic propagation in fluid media, dissipative or non-dissipative, homogeneous or nonhomogeneous, infinite or limited, placing particular emphasis on the theoretical formulation...

Multiscales Geomechanics: From Soil to Engineering Projects

by Pierre-Yves Hicher

This book addresses the latest issues in multiscale geomechanics. Written by leading experts in the field as a tribute to Jean Biarez (1927-2006), it can be of great use and interest to researchers and engineers...

Inverse Problems in Vision and 3D Tomography

by Ali Mohamad-Djafari

The concept of an inverse problem is a familiar one to most scientists and engineers, particularly in the field of signal and image processing, imaging systems (medical, geophysical, industrial non-destructive...