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Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials, and Methods

by H. Leslie Simmons

Get the updated industry standard for a new age of constructi

For more than fifty years, Olin's Construction has been the cornerstone reference in the field for architecture and construction professionals and...

The Economics of Human Systems Integration: Valuation of Investments in Peoples Training and Education, Safety and Health, and Work Productivity

by William B. Rouse

Fundamental Economic Principles, Methods, and Tools for Addressing Human Systems Integration Issues and Tradeoffs

Human Systems Integration (HSI) is a new and fundamental integrating discipline designed to help...

Microcellular Injection Molding

by Jingyi Xu & Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng

This book presents the most important aspects of microcellular injection molding with applications for science and industry. The book includes: experimental rheology and pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) data...

Silver in Organic Chemistry

by Michael Harmata & Paul A. Wender

The first authoritative book on using silver cations in organic chemistry—for catalysis and more!

With more sophisticated catalytic methodologies fueling a resurgence in the study of cation-based chemistry,...

Biophysical Chemistry of Biointerfaces

by Hiroyuki Ohshima

The first book on the innovative study of biointerfaces using biophysical chemistry

The biophysical phenomena that occur on biointerfaces, or biological surfaces, hold a prominent place in the study of biology...

Bias and Causation: Models and Judgment for Valid Comparisons

by Herbert I. Weisberg

A one-of-a-kind resource on identifying and dealing with bias in statistical research on causal effects

Do cell phones cause cancer? Can a new curriculum increase student achievement? Determining what the real...

Residential Interior Design: A Guide to Planning Spaces

by Maureen Mitton & Courtney Nystuen

A Room-by-room guide to home interior design

More than a decorating guide, Residential Interior Design teaches the fundamental skills needed to plan interior spaces for all types of homes, in all decorative styles,...

Speed Mathematics: Secrets Skills for Quick Calculation

by Bill Handley

Using this book will improve your understanding of math and have you performing like a genius!

People who excel at mathematics use better strategies than the rest of us; they are not necessarily more intelligent....

Lighting Design Basics

by Mark Karlen & James R. Benya

Lighting is a basic, yet difficult-to-master, element of interior design, and Lighting Design Basics provides the information you need in a concise, highly visual format. Two leading designers, both with decades...

Metal-Organic Frameworks: Design and Application

by Leonard R. MacGillivray

Metal-organic frameworks represent a new class of materials that may solve the hydrogen storage problem associated with hydrogen-fueled vehicles. In this first definitive guide to metal-organic framework chemistry,...

Pre-Calculus Workbook for Dummies

by Yang Kuang & Michelle Rose Gilman

Get the confidence and math skills you need to get started with calculus

Are you preparing for calculus? This hands-on workbook helps you master basic pre-calculus concepts and practice the types of problems...

Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings

by Charles Bishop

A practical, working guide to producing high quality barrier coatings

Roll-to-Roll Vacuum Deposition of Barrier Coatings is a practical guide, providing the reader with basic information to help them understand...

Handbook of International Electrical Safety Practices

by Princeton Energy Resources International

A valuable and comprehensive safety reference for any organization working with or around electricity.

This comprehensive guide informs working professionals in multiple industries, such as manufacturing, processing,...

The Theory of Scintillation with Applications in Remote Sensing

by Charles Rino

In order to truly understand data signals transmitted by satellite, one must understand scintillation theory in addition to well established theories of EM wave propagation and scattering. Scintillation is...

Managing Complex Projects

by International Institute for Learning, Harold Kerzner & Carl Belack

Discover how you can apply the Kerzner Approach®  to successfulLy manage the most challenging and complex projects

Managing complex projects not only takes know-how on the part of project managers, but it also...

Advanced Concrete Technology

by Zongjin Li

Over the past two decades concrete has enjoyed a renewed level of research and testing, resulting in the development of many new types of concrete. Through the use of various additives, production techniques...

Acoustic Array Systems: Theory, Implementation, and Application

by Mingsian R. Bai, Jeong-Guon Ih & Jacob Benesty

Presents a unified framework of far-field and near-field array techniques for noise source identification and sound field visualization, from theory to application.

Acoustic Array Systems: Theory, Implementation,...

Applied Intelligent Control of Induction Motor Drives

by Tze-Fun Chan & Keli Shi

Induction motors are the most important workhorses in industry. They are mostly used as constant-speed drives when fed from a voltage source of fixed frequency. Advent of advanced power electronic converters...

Backroom Boys

by Francis Spufford

Britain is the only country in the world to have cancelled its space programme just as it put its first rocket into orbit. Starting with this forgotten episode, Backroom Boys tells the bittersweet story of how...

The Pencil: A History of Design and Circumstance

by Henry Petroski

Henry Petroski traces the origins of the pencil back to ancient Greece and Rome, writes factually and charmingly about its development over the centuries and around the world, and shows what the pencil can teach...