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Handbook of Exchange Rates

by Jessica James, Ian Marsh & Lucio Sarno

Praise for Handbook of Exchange Rates

“This book is remarkable. I expect it to become the anchor reference for people working in the foreign exchange field.”

—Richard K. Lyons, Dean and Professor of Finance,...

Green Petroleum: How Oil and Gas Can Be Environmentally Sustainable

by M. R. Islam, A. B. Chhetri & M. M. Khan

Can "green petroleum" reverse global warming and bring down high gasoline prices?  Written in non-technical language for the layperson, this book investigates and details how the oil and gas industry can "go...

Engineering Complex Phenotypes in Industrial Strains

by Ranjan Patnaik

This book highlights current trends and developments in the area of engineering strains. The book details the current and future tools used in the production of bulk chemicals and biofuels from renewable biomass...

A Matter of Density: Exploring the Electron Density Concept in the Chemical, Biological, and Materials Sciences

by N. Sukumar

The origins and significance of electron density in the chemical, biological, and materials sciences

Electron density is one of the fundamental concepts underlying modern chemistry and one of the key determinants...

Atlas of Developmental Field Anomalies of the Human Skeleton: A Paleopathology Perspective

by Ethne Barnes

Written by one of the most consulted authorities on the subject, Atlas of Developmental Field Anomalies of the Human Skeleton is the pre-eminent resource for developmental defects of the skeleton. This guide...

Telecommunications System Reliability Engineering, Theory, and Practice

by Mark L. Ayers

Practical tools for analyzing, calculating, and reporting availability, reliability, and maintainability metrics

Engineers in the telecommunications industry must be able to quantify system reliability and availability...

Personal Protective Equipment for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Hazards: Design, Evaluation, and Selection

by Eva F. Gudgin Dickson

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is critical for those dealing with toxic, infectious, and radioactive materials. An easily accessible guide for professionals and researchers in all PPE fields, this book...

Schaum's Outline of Calculus, 5ed

by Frank Ayres & Elliott Mendelson

Tough Test Questions? Missed Lectures? Not Enough Time?

Fortunately for you, there's Schaum's Outlines. More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum's to help them succeed in the classroom and on exams....

Redox Biocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications

by Daniela Gamenara, Gustavo Seoane & Patricia Saenz Méndez

Paves the way for new industrial applications using redox biocatalysis

Increasingly, researchers rely on the use of enzymes to perform redox processes as they search for novel industrial synthetic routes. In...

Nanoparticulate Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Processing

by K. Lu

Serving as the only systematic and comprehensive treatment on the topic of nanoparticle-based materials, this book covers synthesis, characterization, assembly, shaping and sintering of all types of nanoparticles...

The Magic of Ceramics

by David W. Richerson

Most people would be surprised at how ceramics are used, from creating cellular phones, radio, television, and lasers to its role in medicine for cancer treatments and restoring hearing. The Magic of Ceramics...

Estuarine Ecology

by John W. Day, W. Michael Kemp & Alejandro Y??ez-Arancibia

Estuaries are among the most biologically productive ecosystems on the planet--critical to the life cycles of fish, other aquatic animals, and the creatures which feed on them. Estuarine Ecology, Second Edition...

Information Overload: An International Challenge for Professional Engineers and Technical Communicators

by Judith B. Strother, Jan M. Ulijn & Zohra Fazal

A unique approach to information overload, combining theory and practical solutions

Written and edited by an international group of experts from academia and industry, Information Overload clearly links academic...

Plant Breeding Reviews

by Jules Janick

Plant Breeding Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on plant genetics and the breeding of all types of crops by both traditional means and molecular methods. Many of the crops widely grown today stem from...

Horticultural Reviews

by Jules Janick

Horticultural Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on topics in horticultural science and technology covering both basic and applied research. Topics covered include the horticulture of fruits, vegetables,...

Net Zero Energy Design: A Guide for Commercial Architecture

by Thomas Hootman

Conveniently organized and packed with robust technical content and clear explanations of key principles

Written by an architect who is the director of sustainability at a global architecture firm, Net Zero Energy...

Applied Mathematics and Modeling for Chemical Engineers

by Richard G. Rice & Duong D., Do Do

This Second Edition of the go-to reference combines the classical analysis and modern applications of applied mathematics for chemical engineers. The book introduces traditional techniques for solving ordinary...

Becoming a Green Building Professional: A Guide to Careers in Sustainable Architecture, Design, Engineering, Development, and Operations

by Holley Henderson

A career guide for professionals in sustainable architecture, design, planning, development, and related consulting

For those considering a new career or a career change focused on green and sustainable building...

Photonic Sensing: Principles and Applications for Safety and Security Monitoring

by Gaozhi (George) Xiao & Wojtek J. Bock

A cutting-edge look at safety and security applications of photonic sensors

With its many superior qualities, photonic sensing technology is increasingly used in early-detection and early-warning systems for...

Frequency Stability: Introduction and Applications

by Venceslav F. Kroupa

An in-depth look at the theory and applications of frequency stability

An understanding of the acquisition of stable frequency is essential for anyone who needs to solve noise problems in wireless communications....