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by P. Schützenberger

A detailed study of fermentation in all its forms. Contents Include: Fermentation Due to Cellular Organisms, or Direct Fermentation - Historical; Alcoholic or Spirituous Fermentation; Alcoholic Ferments; Actual...

The A B C of Atoms

by Bertrand Russell

In the following pages, Russell explains in non-technical language what is known about the structure of atoms and how it has been discovered, in so far as this is possible without introducing any mathematical...

Mountain Geography - A Critique and Field Study

by Roderick. Peattie

This book is a personal field study and a review of the present knowledge of mountains. Chapters include: Mountain Temperatures, Humidity and Precipitation, Winds, Clouds, and Sun, Vegetation Zones and the Height...

The Right Way to Pig Keeping and Breeding

by Alan Morley

Raising your own pigs can be very rewarding personally and financially, with this fantastic guide you can learn to make a sty, feed, raise and breed your own herd.

The Effects of a Magnetic Field on Radiation -Memoirs by Faraday Kerr and Zeeman

by E. P. Lewis

In the early part of this century possible relationships between the various "forces of nature" began to attract the attention of physicists. In 1800 William Herschel discovered that a "heat spectrum" is superimposed...

Modern Electro-Plating

by J. H. Van House

This early works on 'Modern Electro Plating' is a comprehensive and informative look at the subject detailing the principles involved in depositing Gold, Silver, Nickel, Copper, Brass and Other Metals, by means...

Dynamos and Electric Motors - How to Make and Run Them

by Paul N. Hasluck

This is a handy companion guide for anybody interested in making, running small dynamos and electrical motors.

Handbook of Fertilizers - Their Sources, Make-Up, Effects, and Use

by A. F. Gustafson

Successful and present-day farming and gardening require careful study, full information, and keen judgement at every point. This book is an attempt to supply accurate, up-to-date information as to the source...

Art of Coppersmithing

by John Fuller

Copper is one of the most important of the seven metals mentioned by ancient historians. It was known probably before the time of Tubal Cain, who was well acquainted with its uses and an educator of workers...

Wireless Telegraphy

by Cecil Lewis Fortescue

This is a fantastic book written for the general public of the early 20th century. Written to explain the modern word that was wireless Telegraphy.

New Pathways in Science

by Sir Arthur Eddington

Arthur Eddington was one of the greatest English thinkers of the early 20th century. Here is a fascinating account of a genius trying to explain how hard but immensely rewarding scientific thinking can be. Beautifully...

Space Time And Gravitation

by A.S. Eddington

Arthur Eddington was one of the prominent English astrophysicists of the 20th century, well known in his day for his correspondence with Albert Einstein through the upheavals of the First World War. A fascinating...

Practical Watch Repairing

by Donald De Carle

This book is specially written for the beginner who intends to make watch repairing and adjusting a life study. It describes the first steps of the work in a manner which may appear too simple but this provides...

Mechanical Vibrations - Theory and Application - An Introduction to Practical Dynamic Engineering Problems in the Structural Field

by R. K. Bernhard

The aim of this book is to give to students and practicing engineers who have not studied dynamics and who are interested in mechanical vibrations a sound introduction to this important field of engineering...

Earth Dams, a Study

by Burr Bassell

The earth dam is probably the oldest type of dam in existence, The litera- antedating the Christian Era many hundreds of years. ture upon this subject is voluminous, but much of it is inaccessible and far from...

The Operation, Care, and Repair of Farm Machinery

by Anon.

This book gives a brief but practical course in the operation, care, and repair of the more important farm implements. Contents Include: Power on the Farm; Preparation of the Seedbed; Planting; Cultivation;...

Bearings and Bearing Metals

by Anon.

Few subjects related to the design or construction of machinery are of greater importance than the subject of bearings. All classes of mechanisms have bearings of some kind and bearings that are properly designed...

Policy, Planning, and People: Promoting Justice in Urban Development

by Naomi Carmon & Susan S. Fainstein

Policy, Planning, and People presents original essays by leading authorities in the field of urban policy and planning. The volume includes theoretical and practice-based essays that integrate social equity...

The Green Museum: A Primer on Environmental Practice

by Sarah S. Brophy & Elizabeth Wylie

The Green Museum remains the leading handbook for museums seeking to learn ways to implement environmentally sustainable practices at their institutions. This new edition features updated standards, techniques,...


by Michael S. Gazzaniga

What happened along the evolutionary trail that made humans so unique? In his accessible style, Michael Gazzaniga pinpoints the change that made us thinking, sentient humans different from our predecessors....