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Real World Multicore Embedded Systems

by Bryon Moyer

This Expert Guide gives you the techniques and technologies in embedded multicore to optimally design and implement your embedded system. Written by experts with a solutions focus, this encyclopedic reference...

Manufacturing Process Selection Handbook: From design to manufacture

by K. G. Swift & J. D. Booker

Manufacturing Process Selection Handbook provides engineers and designers with process knowledge and the essential technological and cost data to guide the selection of manufacturing processes early in the product...

Analysis of Turbulent Flows with Computer Programs

by Tuncer Cebeci

Analysis of Turbulent Flows is written by one of the most prolific authors in the field of CFD. Professor of Aerodynamics at SUPAERO and Director of DMAE at ONERA, Professor Tuncer Cebeci calls on both his academic...

Designer Surfaces

by Alexei A. Maradudin, Eugenio R. Méndez & Tamara A. Leskova

This book presents an approach to the design and fabrication of optical elements that are based on the use of one- or two-dimensional randomly rough surfaces to reflect or transmit light in specified ways. The...

A Leg to Stand On

by Oliver Sacks

A Leg To Stand On, one of Oliver Sacks' most personal works, explores the author's journey of recovery from a severe injury, during which his leg no longer feels as though it is part of his body.

Hacking Electronics: An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists : An Illustrated DIY Guide for Makers and Hobbyists

by Simon Monk

Bring your electronic inventions to life! "This full-color book is impressive...there are some really fun projects!" -GeekDad,

Who needs an electrical engineering degree? This intuitive guide shows...

CATIA V5 Macro Programming with Visual Basic Script

by Dieter Ziethen

Write powerful, custom macros for CATIA V5

CATIA V5 Macro Programming with Visual Basic Script shows you, step by step, how to create your own macros that automate repetitive tasks, accelerate design procedures,...

Arduino Robot Bonanza

by Gordon McComb

Create high-tech walking, talking, and thinking robots "McComb hasn't missed a beat. It's an absolute winner!" -GeekDad,

Breathe life into the robots of your dreams-without advanced electronics or...

Ideas under Fire: Historical Studies of Philosophy and Science in Adversity

by Jonathan Lavery, Louis Groarke & William Sweet

The history of Western philosophy and science is marked by numerous moments when a major development has emerged from conditions that are manifestly adverse to intellectual activity. This book surveys a wide...

Ginkgo: The Tree That Time Forgot

by Peter Crane

Perhaps the world’s most distinctive tree, ginkgo has remained stubbornly unchanged for more than two hundred million years. A living link to the age of dinosaurs, it survived the great ice ages as a relic...

The Story of the Stars

by George F. Chambers

The Story of the Stars was written be George Frederick Chambers (1841-1915) in 1895. Chambers was introduced to astronomy at an early age by his mother's brother, Frederick Brodie (1823-1896), although an engineer...

The Foundations of Vacuum Coating Technology

by D. M. Mattox

The Foundations of Vacuum Coating Technology is a concise review of the developments that have led to the wide variety of applications of this technology. This book is a must have for materials scientists and...

Emerging Cancer Therapy: Microbial Approaches and Biotechnological Tools

by Arsenio Fialho & Ananda Chakrabarty

Explores current and emerging applications of microbes as cancer-fighting agents

Today, treatment options for cancer patients typically include surgery, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. While...

Chemistry for Nonchemists: Principles and Applications for Environmental Practitioners

by Frank R. Spellman

Chemistry for Nonchemists provides environmental, health and safety professionals with an introductory reference book that will help them to understand the fundamental principles of chemistry and to understand...

Ecology and Equity: The Use and Abuse of Nature in Contemporary India

by Madhav Gadgil & Ramachandra Guha

Radical both in its critique of the causes of environmental crisis in India and in its proposal for ecological reform, this book reveals the interconnections of social and environmental conflict and makes for...

Environmental Pragmatism

by Eric Katz & Andrew Light

This concise,well-focused collection is the first comprehensive presentation of environmental pragmatism as a new philosophical approach to environmental thoughts and policy.

Atlas of the World's Deserts

by Nathaniel Harris

The Atlas of the World's Deserts examines the hostile and extreme environments that characterize deserts, and is divided into chapters that concentrate on specific aspects of a desert's geology, life forms,...

Instant Notes in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics

by Paul Grimshaw, Neil Fowler & Adrian Lees

Instant Notes Sport and Exercise Biomechanics provides a comprehensive overview of the key concepts in exercise and sport biomechanics. The kinematics of motion are reviewed in detail, outlining the physics...

Monolithic Silicas in Separation Science: Concepts, Syntheses, Characterization, Modeling and Applications

by Klaus K. Unger, Nobuo Tanaka & Egidijus Machtejevas

Edited by the experts and pioneers in the field, this is the first monograph to cover the topic, containing the must-have information hitherto only scattered among journals.

Clearly divided into sections on preparation,...

Emerging Urbanity: Global Urban Projects in the Asia Pacific Rim

by Richard Marshall

Discussions on the global economy focus on the hyper-mobility of capital, the possibility of instantaneous transmission of information and money around the globe, the centrality of information outputs to our...