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Greener Fischer-Tropsch Processes for Fuels and Feedstocks

by Peter M. Maitlis & Arno de Klerk

How can we use our carbon-based resources in the most responsible manner? How can we most efficiently transform natural gas, coal, or biomass into diesel, jet fuel or gasoline to drive our machines? The Big...

Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water

by Pierre Dixneuf & Victorio Cadierno

Water is abundant in nature, non-toxic, non-flammable and renewable and could therefore be safer and economical for the chemical industry

wherever it is used as a solvent. This book provides a comprehensive overview...

Advances in Acoustic Microscopy and High Resolution Imaging: From Principles to Applications

by Roman Gr. Maev

Novel physical solutions, including new results in the field of adaptive methods and inventive approaches to inverse problems, original concepts based on high harmonic imaging algorithms, intriguing vibro-acoustic...

Modern Methods in Crop Protection Research

by Peter Jeschke, Wolfgang Krämer & Ulrich Schirmer

This handbook and ready reference highlights a couple of basic aspects of recently developed new methods in modern crop protection research, authored by renowned experts from major agrochemical companies. Organized...

Organic Optoelectronics

by Wenping Hu, Fenglian Bai & Xiong Gong

Written by internationally recognized experts in the field with academic as well as industrial experience, this book concisely yet systematically

covers all aspects of the topic.

The monograph focuses on the...

Carbohydrates: Tools for Stereoselective Synthesis

by Mike Martin Kwabena Boysen

Closing a gap in the literature, this comprehensive book presents the utility of carbohydrate derivatives as chiral auxiliaries, reagents, complex

ligands and organocatalysts, together with details of their preparation,...

Antimicrobial Peptides

by David A. Phoenix, Sarah Dennison & Fred Harris

In this text, the small team of expert authors presents the field in a comprehensive and accessible manner that is well suited for students and junior researchers.

The result is a highly readable and systematically...

Second Generation Biofuels and Biomass: Essential Guide for Investors, Scientists and Decision Makers

by Roland A. Jansen

This guide to investing in the bioenergy market covers the topic from both a scientific, economic and political perspective. It describes the increasing number of second generation biodiesel projects which are...

Handbook of Ultra-Wideband Short-Range Sensing: Theory, Sensors, Applications

by Jürgen Sachs

Ranging from the theoretical basis of UWB sensors via implementation issues to applications, this much-needed book bridges the gap between designers and appliers working in civil engineering, biotechnology,...

Crystallization: Basic Concepts and Industrial Applications

by Wolfgang Beckmann

Crystallization is a natural occurring process but also a process abundantly used in the industry. Crystallization can occur from a solution, from the melt or via deposition of material from the gas phase (desublimation)....

Modern Diffraction Methods

by E. J. Mittemeijer & U. Welzel

The role of diffraction methods for the solid-state sciences has been pivotal to determining the (micro)structure of a material. Particularly,

the expanding activities in materials science have led to the development...

Optical Engineering of Diamond

by Rich Mildren & James Rabeau

This is the first comprehensive book on the engineering of diamond optical devices. Written by 39 experts in the field, it gives readers an up-to-date review of the properties of optical quality synthetic diamond...

Polymer Composites with Carbonaceous Nanofillers: Proerties and Applications

by Sie Chin Tjong

Written by an expert in the field of nanomaterials, composites, and polymers, this book provides up-to-date information on recent advances in various aspects of polymer composites reinforced by carbonaceous...

Photoinitiators for Polymer Synthesis: Scope, Reactivity, and Efficiency

by J.P. Fouassier & Jacques Lalevée

Photoinitiating systems for polymerization reactions are largely encountered in a variety of traditional and high-tech sectors, such as radiation curing, (laser) imaging, (micro)electronics, optics, and medicine....

Ordered Mesoporous Materials

by Dongyuan Zhao, Ying Wan & Wuzong Zhou

Mesoporous materials are a class of molecules with a large and uniform pore size, highly regular nanopores, and a large surface area. This book is devoted to all aspects and types of these materials and describes,...

Testing Adhesive Joints: Best Practices

by Lucas F.M. da Silva, David A. Dillard & Bamber Blackman

Joining techniques such as welding, brazing, riveting and screwing are used by industry all over the world on a daily basis. A further

method of joining has also proven to be highly successful: adhesive bonding....

Stretchable Electronics

by Takao Someya

On a daily basis, our requirements for technology become more innovative and creative and the field of electronics is helping to lead the

way to more advanced appliances. This book gathers and evaluates the materials,...


by S. C. Singh, H.B. Zeng & Chunlei Guo

The first in-depth treatment of the synthesis, processing, and characterization of nanomaterials using lasers, ranging from fundamentals to

the latest research results, this handy reference is divided into two...

Lead Optimization for Medicinal Chemists: Pharmacokinetic Properties of Functional Groups and Organic Compounds

by Florencio Zaragoza Dörwald

Small structural modifications can significantly affect the pharmacokinetic properties of drug candidates. This book, written by a medicinal chemist for medicinal chemists, is a comprehensive guide to the pharmacokinetic...

Cobalt Oxides: From Crystal Chemistry to Physics

by Bernard Raveau & Motin Seikh

Unparalleled in the breadth and depth of its coverage of all important aspects, this book systematically treats the electronic and magnetic properties of stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric cobaltites in both...