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City Suburbs: Placing suburbia in a post-suburban world

by Alan Mace

The majority of the world's population is now urban, and for most this will mean a life lived in the suburbs. City Suburbs considers contemporary Anglo-American suburbia, drawing on research in outer London...

Sociology of the Visual Sphere

by Regev Nathansohn & Dennis Zuev

This collection of original articles deals with two intertwined general questions: what is the visual sphere, and what are the means by which we can study it sociologically? These questions serve as the logic...

John Nolen and the Metropolitan Landscape

by Jody Beck

"A model city, the hope of democracy" - John Nolen on his suggested plans for Madison, Wisconsin

This book connects John Nolen's political and social visions with his design proposals by analyzing his extensive...

Planning, Risk and Property Development: Urban regeneration in England, France and the Netherlands

by Nikos Karadimitriou, Claudio de Magalhães & Roelof Verhage

The book explores the relationships, objectives and strategies of the actors engaging in urban regeneration schemes, and their effects on affordable property development in cities of three advanced European...

High Performance Homes TRUBIANO: Building Envelopes, Renewable Energies and Integrated Practice

by Franca Trubiano

Both professionals and students are increasingly committed to achieving high-performance metrics in the design, construction and operation of residential buildings. This book responds to this demand by offering...

Architectural Theories of the Environment: Posthuman Territory

by Ariane Lourie Harrison

As architects and designers, we struggle to reconcile ever increasing environmental, humanitarian, and technological demands placed on our projects. Our new geological era, the Anthropocene, marks humans as...

International Heritage and Historic Building Conservation: Saving the World S Past

by Zeynep Aygen

The majority of books in English on historic building conservation and heritage preservation training are often restricted to Western architecture and its origins. Consequently, the history of building conservation,...

The Impact of the Iirsa Road Infrastructure Programme on Amazonia

by Pitou van Dijck

This book analyses the potential socio-economic and environmental impacts of the Initiative for Regional Infrastructure Integration in South America (IIRSA), a continent-wide programme. IIRSA aims at facilitating...

Business Models for Renewable Energy in the Built Environment


Business Models for Renewable Energy in the Built Environment provides insight to policy makers and market actors as to the ways that new and innovative business models (and/or policy measures) can stimulate...

Energy from the Desert 4: Very Large Scale Pv Power -State of the Art and Into the Future

by Keiichi Komoto, Christian Breyer & Edwin Cunow

The fourth volume in the established Energy from the Desert series examines and evaluates the potential and feasibility of Very Large Scale Photovoltaic Power Generation (VLS-PV) systems, which have capacities...

Small- Signal Audio Design

by Douglas Self

Small- Signal Audio Design is an essential for audio equipment designers and engineers for one simple reason; it enables you as a professional to develop reliable, high-performance circuits.

This practical handbook...

Recording Studio Design

by Philip Newell

Recording Studio Design is essential reading for anyone involved in building, renovating and maintaining recording studios. Good acoustics in a recording studio is crucial to the success of a project, and the...

Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

by David Howard & Jamie Angus

The acoustics of a recording space can have a real impact on the sounds you create and capture. The book gives an essential grounding and understanding to how real music sounds behave and are perceived in real...

Sustainable Retrofit and Facilities Management

by Paul Appleby

Explores the relationship between the refurbishment of existing buildings, facility management and the wider community infrastructure

Facilitating Watershed Management: Fostering Awareness and Stewardship

by Robert L. France

Facilitating Watershed Management brings together myriad distinctive voices to create an experiential learning process drawn from the most important innovators in the field. Presenting an introduction to the...

Louis Agassiz: Creator of American Science

by Christoph Irmscher

A provocative new life restoring Agassiz--America's most famous natural scientist of the nineteenth century, inventor of the Ice Age, stubborn anti-Darwinist--to his glorious, troubling place in science and...

Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons

by George Pendle

ROCKET SCIENTIST KILLED IN PASADENA EXPLOSION screamed the headline of the Los Angeles Times. John Parsons, a maverick rocketeer who helped transform the rocket from a derided sci-fi plotline into a reality,...

Mechanisms of Morphogenesis

by Jamie Davies

Morphogenesis is the set of processes that generate shape and form in the embryo--an important area within developmental biology. An exciting and up-to-the-minute account of the very latest research into the...

Advances in Applied Microbiology

by Geoffrey M. Gadd & Sima Sariaslani

Published since 1959, Advances in Applied Microbiology continues to be one of the most widely read and authoritative review sources in microbiology. The series contains comprehensive reviews of the most current...

Product Performance Evaluation using CAD/CAE: The Computer Aided Engineering Design Series

by Kuang-Hua Chang

This is one book of a four-part series, which aims to integrate discussion of modern engineering design principles, advanced design tools, and industrial design practices throughout the design process. Through...