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Stochastic Methods for Pension Funds

by Pierre Devolder, Jacques Janssen & Raimondo Manca

Quantitative finance has become these last years a extraordinary field of research and interest as well from an academic point of view as for practical applications.

At the same time, pension issue is clearly...

Mobile Networks Architecture

by Andre Perez

This book explains the evolutions of architecture for mobiles and summarizes the different technologies:

– 2G: the GSM (Global System for Mobile) network, the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) network and...

Carbon Nanotubes and Nanosensors: Vibration, Buckling and Balistic Impact

by Isaac Elishakoff

The main properties that make carbon nanotubes (CNTs) a promising technology for many future applications are: extremely high strength, low mass density, linear elastic behavior, almost perfect geometrical structure,...

Wear of Advanced Materials

by J. Paulo Davim

Recent advances into the wear of advanced materials

In general, wear is currently defined as “the progressive loss of material from the operating surface of a body occurring as a result of relative motion at...

Medical Robotics

by Jocelyne Troccaz

In this book, we present medical robotics, its evolution over the last 30 years in terms of architecture, design and control, and the main scientific and clinical contributions to the field.

For more than two...

Laser in Manufacturing

by J. Paulo Davim

Generally a laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is defined as “a device which uses a quantum mechanical effect, stimulated emission, to generate a coherent beam of light from a...

Process Engineering and Industrial Management

by Jean-Pierre Dal Pont

Process Engineering, the science and art of transforming raw materials and energy into a vast array of commercial materials, was conceived at the end of the 19th Century. Its history in the role of the Process...

Electromagnetism and Interconnections: Advanced Mathematical Tools for Computer-Aided Simulation

by Stephane Charruau

This book covers the theoretical problems of modeling electrical behavior of the interconnections encountered in everyday electronic products. The coverage shows the theoretical tools of waveform prediction...

Proceedings of the International Conference on Heavy Vehicles, Hvtt10: 10th International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Transportation Technologies

by Bernard Jacob, Paul Nordengen & Alan O'Connor

This reference collects the latest information from the International Conference on Heavy Vehicles, specifically as it relates to Heavy Vehicle Transport Technology.? Among the topics detailed are: interactions...

Negotiating Cultural Encounters: Narrating Intercultural Engineering and Technical Communication

by Han Yu & Gerald Savage

Discusses the challenges of intercultural communication in engineering, technical, and related professional fields

Given today's globalized technical and engineering environment, intercultural communication is...

Plant Transposons and Genome Dynamics in Evolution

by Nina V. Fedoroff

The transposable genetic elements, or transposons, as they are now known, have had a tumultuous history. Discovered in the mid-20th century by Barbara McClintock, they were initially received with puzzlement....

Plant Breeding Reviews

by Jules Janick


1. Bikram Gill: Cytogeneticist and Wheat Man - 1

2. Synthetic Hexaploids: Harnessing Species of the Primary Gene Pool for Wheat Improvement - 35

3. Breeding Early and Extra-Early Maize for Resistance to...

Fundamental Neuropathology for Pathologists and Toxicologists: Principles and Techniques

by Brad Bolon & Mark Butt

This book offers pathologists, toxicologists, other medical professionals, and students an introduction to the discipline and techniques of neuropathology – including chemical and environmental, biological,...

Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications

by Jia-Sheng Hong

The first edition of “Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications” was published in 2001. Over the years the book has been well received and is used extensively in both academia and industry by microwave...

The Analysis of Covariance and Alternatives: Statistical Methods for Experiments, Quasi-Experiments, and Single-Case Studies

by Bradley Huitema

A complete guide to cutting-edge techniques and best practices for applying covariance analysis methods

The Second Edition of Analysis of Covariance and Alternatives sheds new light on its topic, offering in-depth...

Chemical Analysis of Antibiotic Residues in Food

by Jian Wang, James D. MacNeil & Jack F. Kay

An insightful exploration of the key aspects concerning the chemical analysis of antibiotic residues in food

The presence of excess residues from frequent antibiotic use in animals is not only illegal, but can...

Olin's Construction: Principles, Materials, and Methods

by H. Leslie Simmons

Get the updated industry standard for a new age of constructi

For more than fifty years, Olin's Construction has been the cornerstone reference in the field for architecture and construction professionals and...

The Economics of Human Systems Integration: Valuation of Investments in Peoples Training and Education, Safety and Health, and Work Productivity

by William B. Rouse

Fundamental Economic Principles, Methods, and Tools for Addressing Human Systems Integration Issues and Tradeoffs

Human Systems Integration (HSI) is a new and fundamental integrating discipline designed to help...

Microcellular Injection Molding

by Jingyi Xu & Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng

This book presents the most important aspects of microcellular injection molding with applications for science and industry. The book includes: experimental rheology and pressure-volume-temperature (PVT) data...

Silver in Organic Chemistry

by Michael Harmata & Paul A. Wender

The first authoritative book on using silver cations in organic chemistry—for catalysis and more!

With more sophisticated catalytic methodologies fueling a resurgence in the study of cation-based chemistry,...