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The New Urban Economics: And Alternatives

by H.W. Richardson

This book was first published in 1977.




City and Society: An Outline for Urban Geography

by R.J. Johnston


This book was first published in 1980.

Perspective, Projections and Design: Technologies of Architectural Representation

by Mario Carpo & Frédérique Lemerle

The essays selected for this book, presented in chronological order, discuss various aspects of image-making technologies, geometrical knowledge and tools for architectural design, focusing in particular on...

Introductory Remote Sensing Principles and Concepts

by Paul Gibson & With contributions from Clare Power

Introduction to Remote Sensing Principles and Concepts provides a comprehensive student introduction to both the theory and application of remote sensing. This textbook

* introduces the field of remote sensing...

The Sociology of Tourism: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations

by Yiorgos Apostolopoulos, Stella Leivadi & Andrew Yiannakis

The rapid expansion of the tourism industry has provided many economic benefits and affected every facet of contemporary societies including employment, government revenue and cultural manifestations. However,...

Everyday Lives in the Global City: The Delinking of Locale and Milieu

by Jörg Dürrschmidt

Rejecting simplifying notions of globalisation as a macro-economic force, this book provides a grounded picture of the various ways in which people's biographies are tied up with the global cultural economy....


by John Adams

Risk compensation postulates that everyone has a "risk thermostat" and that safety measures that do not affect the setting of the thermostat will be circumvented by behaviour that re-establishes the level of...

Service Worlds: People, Organisations, Technologies

by John Bryson, Peter Daniels & Barney Warf

As the twenty-first century begins, significant changes are occurring in the way that services and goods are produced and consumed. One of the key drivers of this change is information and communications technology...

Leisure/Tourism Geographies: Practices and Geographical Knowledge

by David Crouch

Leisure and Tourism Geographies considers leisure/tourism as an encounter. An encounter that exists between people, between people and space and between people and their expectations, experiences and desires....

Eco-Facts and Eco-Fiction: Understanding the Environmental Debate

by William H. Baarschers

Ozone-friendly, recyclable, zero-waste, elimination of toxic chemicals - such environmental ideals are believed to offer solutions to the environmental crisis. Where do these ideals come from? Is the environmental...

Homeless: Policies, Strategies and Lives on the Streets

by Gerald Daly

The causes of homelessness are disputed by both Right and Left. But, few would argue that life on the streets is anything other than dangerous and debilitating.

Unemployment, deinstitutionalisation, abuse in...

Call Dimensions: Options and Issues in Computer-Assisted Language Learning

by Mike Levy & Glenn Stockwell

This volume gives language teachers, software designers, and researchers who wish to use technology in second or foreign language education the information they need to absorb what has been achieved so far and...

Scientific Knowledge and Sociological Theory

by Barry Barnes

Originally published in 1974.

Scientific Knowledge and Sociological Theory centres on the problem of explaining the manifest variety and contrast in the beliefs about nature held in different groups and societies....

Glimpsing Reality: Ideas in Physics and the Link to Biology

by Paul & F David Buckley & Peat

Originally published in 1979. This reprints the revised and expanded edition of 1996. In this volume, physicists, biologists and chemists, who have been involved in some of the most exciting discoveries in modern...

Continuous Creation: A Biological Concept of the Nature of Matter

by Wilfred Branfield

Originally published in 1950, this book challenged the basis of our beliefs about the relation of life to matter. Already aware that chalk, limestone and coal seams are the residues of ancient life, the author...

Frames of Meaning: The Social Construction of Extraordinary Science

by H M & T J Collins & Pinch

Originally published in 1982. Taking a radical interpretation of the Kuhnian concept of paradigm incommensurability, the authors begin by discussing the difficulties of gaining access to the ideas of communities...

Empiricism, Explanation and Rationality: An Introduction to the Philosophy of the Social Sciences

by Len & Roger Doyal & Harris

Originally published in 1986. All students of social science must confront a number of important philosophical issues. This introduction to the philosophy of the social sciences provides coherent answers to...

Darwin and the Naked Lady: Discursive Essays on Biology and Art

by Alex Comfort

Originally published in 1961. The essays in this volume focus on the awareness of science and art, evolution and Freudian psychology. Besides the chapter on Darwin and Freud, the author discusses criticism,...

The Scientific Revolution

by Peter Harman

Originally published in 1983.This volume outlines some of the important innovations in astronomy, natural philosophy and medicine which took place in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and shows how the...

Evidence and Meaning: Studies in Analytic Philosophy

by Robert J Fogelin

Originally published in 1967. This is an examination of warrant statements - statements which indicated something about the grounds on behalf of some further judgement, choice or action. The first part of the...