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Supervision and Safety of Complex Systems

by Nada Matta, Yves Vandenboomgaerde & Jean Arlat

This book presents results of projects carried out by both scientific and industry researchers into the techniques to help in maintenance, control, supervision and security of systems, taking into account the...

Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

by Rene Lalauze

Technological needs for chemical, ionic and biological species detection are giving rise to continuous research and development in physico-chemistry and biology. The constant progress being made in the theoretical...

Integrated Design by Optimization of Electrical Energy Systems

by Xavier Roboam

This book proposes systemic design methodologies applied to electrical energy systems, in particular integrated optimal design with modeling and optimization methods and tools.

It is made up of six chapters dedicated...

Energy Autonomous Micro and Nano Systems

by Marc Belleville & Cyril Condemine

Providing a detailed overview of the fundamentals and latest developments in the field of energy autonomous microsystems, this book delivers an in-depth study of the applications in the fields of health and...

Practical Applications in Engineering

by Jean-Michel Tanguy

This series of five volumes proposes an integrated description of physical processes modeling used by scientific disciplines from meteorology to coastal morphodynamics. Volume 1 describes the physical processes...

Environmental Hydraulics: Mathematical Models

by Jean-Michel Tanguy

This series of five volumes proposes an integrated description of physical processes modeling used by scientific disciplines from meteorology to coastal morphodynamics. Volume 1 describes the physical processes...

Erosion of Geomaterials

by Stephane Bonelli

This book aims to deliver significant scientific progress on the problem of the erosion of geomaterials, focusing on the mechanical/physical aspect. The chapters oscillate between a phenomenological outlook...

Waves Propagation in Fluids: Models and Numerical Techniques

by Vincent Guinot

This second edition with four additional chapters presents the physical principles and solution techniques for transient propagation in fluid mechanics and hydraulics. The application domains vary including...

Advances in Computed Tomography for Geomaterials: Geox 2010

by Khalid A. Alshibli & Allen H. Reed

This title discusses a broad range of issues related to the use of computed tomography in geomaterials and geomechanics. The contributions cover a wide range of topics, including deformation and strain localization...

Soil Mechanics

by Roberto Nova

Knowledge of the behavior of soil mechanics is essential for forecasting the internal displacements and actions of any construction. This book, although theoretical at first glance, also offers a more practical...

Aquatic Chemistry: Chemical Equilibria and Rates in Natural Waters

by Werner Stumm & James J. Morgan

The authoritative introduction to natural water chemistry THIRD EDITION

Now in its updated and expanded Third Edition, Aquatic Chemistry remains the classic resource on the essential concepts of natural water...

Managing for World Class Safety

by James Melville Stewart

Despite the extensive literature on safety, few tools have been available to help managers quantitatively assess the level of safety management and the quality of the safety practices in organizations. In his...

Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual

by Frank D. Conforti

Knowledge, skill, and art are the three words to remember when working with foods. They are also the focus of the second edition of Food Selection and Preparation: A Laboratory Manual, which guides students...

Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics: From Air Pollution to Climate Change

by John H. Seinfeld & Spyros N. Pandis

Thoroughly restructured and updated with new findings and new features

The Second Edition of this internationally acclaimed text presents the latest developments in atmospheric science. It continues to be the...

Plant Biotechnology and Genetics: Principles, Techniques and Applications

by C. Neal Stewart

Designed to inform and inspire the next generation of plant biotechnologists

Plant Biotechnology and Genetics explores contemporary techniques and applications of plant biotechnology, illustrating the tremendous...

Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis

by Peter G. M. Wuts & Theodora W. Greene

The Fourth Edition of Greene's Protective Groups in Organic Synthesis continues to be an indispensable reference for controlling the reactivity of the most common functional groups during a synthetic sequence....

Dictionary of Industrial Terms

by Michael Holloway & Chikezie Nwaoha

This is the most comprehensive dictionary of maintenance and reliability terms ever compiled, covering the process, manufacturing, and other related industries, every major area of engineering used in industry,...

Design of Wood Structures-ASD/LRFD

by Donald E. Breyer & Kenneth J. Fridley

The leading text and reference on wood design, updated to include the latest codes and data

Continued the sterling standard set by earlier editions, this indispensable reference leads you through the complete...

The Handbook of Environmental Health

by Frank R. Spellman & Melissa L. Stoudt

Environmental issues, global warming, pollution, and chemical dumping, are ever present in the news. But what about the health problems these issues pose? Frank Spellman and Melissa Stoudt identify the hazardous...

Earth Resistance for Archaeologists

by Armin Schmidt

Earth Resistance for Archaeologists, written by the foremost expert in the field, provides archaeologists with the know-how required to exploit the significant potential of earth resistance and gain archaeological...