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Chemical Technology: An Integral Textbook

by Andreas Jess & Peter Wasserscheid

This textbook provides an integral and integrated treatment of industrial-relevant problems for students of both chemistry and chemical engineering.

As such, this work combines the four disciplines of chemical...

Functional Nanostructured Materials and Membranes for Water Treatment

by Mikel Duke, Dongyuan Zhao & Rafael Semiat

Membranes have emerged over the last 30 years as a viable water treatment technology. Earth's population is growing and the need for alternative ways to generate potable water is rising. The recent advent of...

Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis

by Iwao Ojima

Praise for the previous editions

"An excellent text . . . will no doubt provide the benchmark for comparative works for many years." —Journal of the American Chemical Society

"An excellent state-of-the-art compilation...

Mesh Generation

by Pascal Frey & Paul-Louis George

The aim of the second edition of this book is to provide a comprehensive survey of the different algorithms and data structures useful for triangulation and meshing construction. In addition, several aspects...

Vibrations and Acoustic Radiation of Thin Structures: Physical Basis, Theoretical Analysis and Numerical Methods

by Paul J. T. Filippi

Sound is produced by vibrations and as such can be dampened or augmented based on materials selection. This title looks at the effects of sound and vibration on thin structures and details how damage may be...

Nonparametric Tests for Censored Data

by Vilijandas Bagdonavicus, Julius Kruopis & Mikhail Nikulin

This book concerns testing hypotheses in non-parametric models. Generalizations of many non-parametric tests to the case of censored and truncated data are considered. Most of the test results are proved and...

Carbon Based Solids and Materials

by Pierre Delhaes

It is well known that solid carbons can be found in various guises with different forms of bulk phases (graphites, diamonds and carbynes) as well as more molecular forms (fullerenes,nanotubes and graphenes)...

Local Networks and the Internet: From Protocols to Interconnection

by Laurent Toutain & Ana Minaburo

This title covers the most commonly used elements of Internet and Intranet technology and their development. It details the latest developments in research and covers new themes such as IP6, MPLS, and IS-IS...

Enterprise Interoperability: I-ESA'12 Proceedings

by Martin Zelm, Raquel Sanchis & Raul Poler

In a fast changing world governed by innovative Enterprise Services and the Future Internet, the issue of Enterprise Interoperability is no longer limited to the interoperation of systems within a single company,...

Computational Statistics

by Geof H. Givens & Jennifer A. Hoeting

This new edition continues to serve as a comprehensive guide to modern and classical methods of statistical computing.  The book is comprised of four main parts spanning the field:

  • Optimization
  • Integration and...

Plant Centromere Biology

by Jiming Jiang & James A. Birchler

Plant Centromere Biology is dedicated to plant centromere research. Chapters cover the structure of centromeres from several plant species including Arabidopsis thaliana, rice, maize, wheat and beet, while...

Oocyte Physiology and Development in Domestic Animals

by Rebecca Krisher

Oocyte Physiology and Development in Domestic Animals reviews the most recent advances in the research of physiological and biochemical mechanisms underlying oocyte growth and development, providing readers...

Seed Genomics

by Philip W. Becraft

This up-to-date review of seed genomics, from basic seed biology to practical applications in crop science, provides a thorough background understanding of seed biology from a basic science perspective. A valuable...

Equine Genomics

by Bhanu P. Chowdhary

Analysis of the equine genome began just over a decade ago, culminating in the recent complete sequencing of the horse genome. The availability of the equine whole genome sequence represents the successful...

Improving Water and Nutrient-Use Efficiency in Food Production Systems

by Zed Rengel

Improving Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency in Food Production Systems provides professionals, students, and policy makers with an in-depth view of various aspects of water and nutrient us in crop production....

An Accidental Statistician: The Life and Memories of George E. P. Box

by George E. P. Box

Celebrating the life of an admired pioneer in statistics

In this captivating and inspiring memoir, world-renowned statistician George E. P. Box offers a firsthand account of his life and statistical work. Writing...

Dried Fruits: Phytochemicals and Health Effects

by Fereidoon Shahidi & Cesarettin Alasalvar

Dried fruits serve as important healthful snack items around the world. They provide a concentrated form of fresh fruits, prepared by different drying techniques. With their unique combination of taste/aroma,...

Advances in Dairy Ingredients

by Geoffrey W. Smithers & Mary Ann Augustin

Advances in Dairy Ingredients provides an international perspective on recent developments in the area of dairy ingredients and dairy technology. Market and manufacturing trends and opportunities are aligned...

The Molecular Biology of Cancer: A Bridge from Bench to Bedside

by Stella Pelengaris & Mike Khan

 The Molecular Biology of Cancer, Stella Pelengaris & Michael Khan

 This capturing, comprehensive text, extensively revised and updated for its second edition, provides a detailed overview of the molecular...

Molecular Microbial Ecology of the Rhizosphere, Two Volume Set

by Frans J. de Bruijn

Molecular Microbial Ecology of the Rhizosphere covers current knowledge on the molecular basis of plant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere. Also included in the book are both reviews and research-based...