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Social Innovation and Territorial Development

by Diana MacCallum & Frank Moulaert

This volume presents a broad-ranging and insightful exploration of social innovation and how it can affect life, society and economy, especially within local communities. It addresses key questions about the...

Valuing Historic Environments

by Lisanne Gibson & John Pendlebury

This volume brings together an interdisciplinary team of leading scholars to discuss frameworks of value in relation to the preservation of historic environments. It critically analyses the various conceptions...

Sustainable Land Management in the Tropics: Explaining the Miracle

by Kees Burger & Fred Zaal

Bringing together case studies from Kenya, Benin, Cameroon and the Philippines, this volume provides a multidisciplinary overview of the economics of natural resource management in Tropical regions, at household...

Augmented Urban Spaces: Articulating the Physical and Electronic City

by Alessandro Aurigi & Fiorella De Cindio

This book explores the intersection and articulation of physical and digital environments and the ways they can extend and reshape a spirit of place, while considering the problems posed and opportunities that...

Environment and Society: Sustainability, Policy and the Citizen

by Stewart Barr

Environment and Society examines the complex relationships between humans and nature from a new perspective, incorporating recent moves to situate sustainable development within a household and individual context....

Geographies of Australian Heritages: Loving a Sunburnt Country?

by Roy Jones & Brian J. Shaw

In any settler and/or postcolonial society, heritage is a complex and contested topic. In Australia's case, this is compounded by the country's unique characteristics. Geographies of Australian Heritages brings...

Multi-Stakeholder Platforms for Integrated Water Management

by Jeroen Warner

As they provide a negotiating space for a diversity of interests, Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MSPs) are an increasingly popular mode of involving civil society in resource management decisions. Illustrated...

Emotional Geographies

by Joyce Davidson & Mick Smith

Bringing together well-established interdisciplinary scholars and a new generation of researchers, this volume presents a wide range of innovative studies of fundamentally important questions of emotion. The...

Designing Sustainable Cities in the Developing World

by Roger Zetter & Georgia Butina Watson

Roger Zetter and Georgia Butina Watson have produced a fascinating book that explores the concept of urban sustainability within the context of urban design in the developing world. Using a wealth of examples...

Fram: The Functional Resonance Analysis Method: Modelling Complex Socio-Technical Systems

by Erik Hollnagel

There has not yet been a comprehensive method that goes behind 'human error' and beyond the failure concept, and various complicated accidents have accentuated the need for it. The Functional Resonance Analysis...

Just Culture: Balancing Safety and Accountability

by Sidney Dekker

While many organizations see the value of creating a just culture they struggle when it comes to developing it. In this Second Edition, Dekker expands his views, additionally tackling the key issue of how justice...

The Handbook of Operator Fatigue

by Gerald Matthews & Paula A. Desmond

The Handbook of Operator Fatigue provides a comprehensive account of this subject to serve as the definitive reference work for researchers, students and practitioners alike. The volume features 30 chapters...

Small Things Considered: Why There Is No Perfect Design

by Henry Petroski

Why has the durable paper shopping bag been largely replaced by its flimsy plastic counterpart? What circuitous chain of improvements led to such innovations as the automobile cup holder and the swiveling vegetable...

Safety Culture: Building and Sustaining a Cultural Change in Aviation and Healthcare

by Manoj S. Patankar & Jeffrey P. Brown

In Safety Culture: Building and Sustaining a Cultural Change in Aviation and Healthcare, the four authors draw upon their extensive teaching, research and field experience from multiple industries to describe...

The Fast and The Furious: Drivers, Speed Cameras and Control in a Risk Society

by Helen Wells

The Fast and The Furious: Drivers, Speed Cameras and Control in a Risk Society offers an explanation for the continued debate about one road safety intervention - the speed camera - by situating that debate...

Human Factors Methods and Accident Analysis: Practical Guidance and Case Study Applications

by Paul M. Salmon & Neville A. Stanton

Human Factors Methods and Accident Analysis is the first book to offer a practical guide for investigators, practitioners and researchers wishing to apply accident analysis methods. It is also unique in presenting...

Governance and Control of Financial Systems: A Resilience Engineering Perspective

by Gunilla Sundström & Erik Hollnagel

This book illustrates how the safety science of Resilience Engineering can help to gain a better understanding of what the financial services system is and how to improve governance and control of financial...

Human Performance on the Flight Deck

by Don Harris

Taking an integrated, systems approach to human performance issues on the flight deck of the modern airliner, this book describes the inter-relationships between the various application areas of human factors,...

Maritime Risk and Organizational Learning

by Michael Ekow Manuel

Based on an extensive research project, this book investigates how shipping companies learn from, filter and give credence/acceptability to differing risk perceptions and how this influences the work culture...

Trust in Military Teams

by Neville A. Stanton

Written under the auspices of the The Transfer Cooperation Programme, this book reports on contemporary trends in the defence research community on trust in teams, including inter- and intra-team trust, multiagency...