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Modern Techniques for Food Authentication

by Da-Wen Sun

With the increasing awareness of food safety and quality, consumers continuously demand the reassurance of origin and content of their foods. Furthermore, manufacturers must be able to confirm the authenticity...

Advances in Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics

by Ennio Arimondo, Paul R. Berman & Chun C. Lin

This volume continues the tradition of the Advances series. It contains contributions from experts in the field of atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics. The articles contain some review material, but...

Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis

by Satinder Ahuja & Stephen Scypinski

Handbook of Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis, Second Edition, synthesizes the complex research and recent changes in the field, while covering the techniques and technology required for today's laboratories....

Handbook of Differential Equations: Evolutionary Equations: Evolutionary Equations

by C.M. Dafermos & Milan Pokorny

The material collected in this volume discusses the present as well as expected future directions of development of the field with particular emphasis on applications. The seven survey articles present different...

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics: Selected problems of computational charged particle optics

by Dmitry Greenfield, Mikhael Monastyrskii & Peter W. Hawkes

Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics merges two long-running serials--Advances in Electronics and Electron Physics and Advances in Optical and Electron Microscopy. This series features extended articles...

Progress in Optics

by Emil Wolf

In the fourty-seven years that have gone by since the first volume of Progress in Optics was published, optics has become one of the most dynamic fields of science. The volumes in this series which have appeared...


by Eckart Hasselbrink & Bengt I. Lundqvist

This volume of the Handbook of Surface Science covers all aspects of the dynamics of surface processes. Two dozen world leading experts in this field address the subjects of energy exchange in gas atoms, surface...

The Ontology of Spacetime II

by Dennis Dieks

The sixteen papers collected in this volume are expanded and revised versions of talks delivered at the Second International Conference on the Ontology of Spacetime, organized by the International Society for...

The Synchronized Dynamics of Complex Systems

by Stefano Boccaletti, Albert C.J. Luo & George Zaslavsky

The origin of the word synchronization is a greek root, meaning "to share the common time". The original meaning of synchronization has been maintained up to now in the colloquial use of this word, as agreement...

The Late Cenozoic of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

by J. Rabassa

Written by highly qualified Argentine scientists and scholars, this book focuses on the uninterrupted geological and paleontological record of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego since the Miocene-Pliocene boundary...

Metallic Nanoparticles

by John Blackman

Metallic nanoparticles display fascinating properties that are quite different from those of individual atoms, surfaces or bulk rmaterials. They are a focus of interest for fundamental science and, because of...

Scientific Data Ranking Methods: Theory and Applications

by Manuela Pavan & Roberto Todeschini

This volume presents the basic mathematics of ranking methods through a didactic approach and the integration of relevant applications. Ranking methods can be applied in several different fields, including decision...

Carbon Nanotubes: Quantum Cylinders of Graphene: Quantum Cylinders of Graphene

by Susumo Saito & Alex Zettl

This volume is devoted to mostly to nanotubes, unique synthetic nanoscale quantum systems whose physical properties are often singular (i.e. record-setting). Nanotubes can be formed from a myriad of atomic or...

Caldera Volcanism: Analysis, Modelling and Response

by Joachim Gottsmann & Joan Marti

This volume aims at providing answers to some puzzling questions concerning the formation and the behavior of collapse calderas by exploring our current understanding of these complex geological processes. Addressed...

Linear Circuit Design Handbook

by Engineeri Analog Devices Inc. & Hank Zumbahlen

This book enables design engineers to be more effective in designing discrete and integrated circuits by helping them understand the role of analog devices in their circuit design. Analog elements are at the...

Selection of Polymeric Materials: How to Select Design Properties from Different Standards

by E. Alfredo Campo

Today engineers, designers, buyers and all those who have to work with plastics face a dilemma. There has been a proliferation of test methods by which plastic properties are measured. The property data measured...

The Fly River, Papua New Guinea: Environmental Studies in an Impacted Tropical River System

by Barrie R. Bolton

In 1984 the OK Tedi Mining Company Limited began mining copper and gold mineralization from Mt. Fubilan, which is located at the headwaters of the OK Tedi. Subsequent mining in the region followed in 1990. Since...

Handbook of Magnetic Materials

by K.H.J. Buschow

Volume 17 of the Handbook on the Properties of Magnetic Materials, as the preceding volumes, has a dual purpose. As a textbook it is intended to be of assistance to those who wish to be introduced to a given...

Electrochemical Sensor Analysis

by Salvador Alegret & Arben Merkoci

Electrochemical Sensor Analysis (ECSA) presents the recent advances in electrochemical (bio)sensors and their practical applications in real clinical, environment, food and industry related samples, as well...

Beer in Health and Disease Prevention

by Victor R. Preedy

Presenting both the concerns and problems of beer consumption as well as the emerging evidence of benefit, Handbook of Beer Health and Disease Prevention offers a balanced view of today's findings and the potential...