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Audio Wiring Guide: How to wire the most popular audio and video connectors

by John Hechtman

Whether you're a pro or an amateur, a musician or into multimedia, you can't afford to guess about audio wiring. The Audio Wiring Guide is a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide that explains exactly what you need...

Practical Recording Techniques: The Step- By- Step Approach to Professional Audio Recording

by Bruce Bartlett

A hands-on, practical guide for anyone interested in recording their own music - in the studio or on location - digital or analog.

A Professional Guide to Audio Plug-Ins and Virtual Instruments

by Mike Collins

If you are an audio professional needing a complete reference to the complex world of plug-ins and virtual instruments, look no further. Mike Collins, author of Pro Tools for Music Production, has meticulously...

Artist Management for the Music Business 2e

by Paul Allen

Artist Management for the Music Business provides clear in depth information on what to do as an artist manager and how to do it. The book looks at the application of classic management theory to artist management,...

Technological Innovation and Third World Multinationals

by Paz Estrella Tolentino

This examines the relationship between technological growth and outward direct investment from firms in Asia and Latin America which has become increasingly siginificant as these countries develop.

Society, Action and Space

by Benno Werlen

This is the first English translation of a book which has been widely recognized in Europe as a major contribution to the interface between geography and social theory. Ambitious, crackling with original ideas...

Gender Planning and Development: Theory, Practice and Training

by Caroline Moser

Gender planning is not an end in itself but a means by which women, through a process of empowerment, can emancipate themselves. Ultimately, its success depends on the capacity of women's organizations to confront...

Managing Water as an Economic Resource

by James Winpenny

Water, already a scarce resource, is treated as though it were plentiful and free. The task of supplying enough water of the required quality to growing populations is straining authorities and governments to...

Fundamentals of Biogeography

by Richard John Huggett

Fundamentals of Biogeography presents an accessible, engaging and comprehensive introduction to biogeography, explaining the ecology, geography, history and conservation of animals and plants.

Strategies for Sustainable Architecture

by Paola Sassi

Filling a gap in existing literature on sustainable design, this new guide introduces and illustrates sustainable design principles through detailed case studies of sustainable buildings in Europe, North America...

How to Do Your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines

by Peter G. Knight & Tony Parsons

This volume works through each stage of a geography, environmental science or geology dissertation, from deciding what topic to work on, through design and research and collecting data, to handing in the final...

International Perspectives on Rural Homelessness

by Paul Cloke & Paul Milbourne

Drawing on recent academic studies in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, this book is the first international text on homelessness in rural areas. Consisting of fifteen specially commissioned...

Alfred Russell Wallace Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection, 1870, and Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, 'on the Tendency of Species to F

by Noel Thompson

Wallace noticed on expeditions to the Amazon and the Malay archipelego that mammals in Southeast Asia are more advanced than their Australian cousins. His suggestion was that the two continents had split before...

Understanding the Building Regulations

by Simon Polley

Although the UK's Building Regulations are complex and lengthy, their essential features are relatively straightforward. In this third edition of his bestselling book, Simon Polley brings his brief and practical...

Immaterial Architecture

by Jonathan Hill

This fascinating argument from Jonathan Hill presents the case for the significance and importance of the immaterial in architecture.

Architecture is generally perceived as the solid, physical matter that it...

Material Matters: Architecture and Material Practice

by Katie Lloyd Thomas

Bringing together texts and work by theorists and practitioners who are making material central to their work, this book reflects the diverse areas of inquiry which are expanding current material discourse....

Molecular Plant Immunity

by Guido Sessa

Molecular Plant Immunity provides an integrated look at both well-established and emerging concepts in plant disease resistance providing the most current information on this important vitally important topic...

Heterogeneous Electrode Processes and Localized Corrosion

by Yongjun Mike Tan & R. Winston Revie

Sheds new light on the significance of electrode inhomogeneity and electrochemical heterogeneity

A major contribution to the field of electrochemistry, this book—based on a thorough review of the literature...

Efficient Preparations of Fluorine Compounds

by Herbert W. Roesky

The definitive guide to creating fluorine-based compounds—and the materials of tomorrow

Discovered as an element by the French chemist Henri Moissan in 1886, through electrolysis of potassium fluoride in anhydrous...

Quantum Dynamics for Classical Systems: With Applications of the Number Operator

by F. Bagarello

Introduces number operators with a focus on the relationship between quantum mechanics and social science

Mathematics is increasingly applied to classical problems in finance, biology, economics, and elsewhere....