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Storm Warnings: Climate Change and Extreme Weather

by Scientific American Editors

Storm Warnings: Climate Change and Extreme Weather by the Editors of Scientific American Hurricanes. Blizzards. Flooding. Drought. If extreme events like these seem to be on the rise, it’s for apparent reason....

Chasing Doctor Dolittle

by Con Slobodchikoff, PhD

"Slobodchikoff's ground-breaking research" (Jonathan Balcombe) shows us that animals have much to teach us about language

Groundbreaking research has been done teaching animals human language, but what about...

A History of Weed Science in the United States

by Robert L. Zimdahl

It is important that scientists think about and know their history - where they came from, what they have accomplished, and how these may affect the future. Weed scientists, similar to scientists in many technological...


by Jiang Zemin

China's rapid economic expansion raises questions internally and externally about how it will acquire the energy it needs to sustain growth. Currently it is the largest producer and consumer of coal; how much...

Environmental Biotechnology: A Biosystems Approach

by Daniel Vallero

Environmental Biotechnology: A Biosystems Approach introduces a systems approach to environmental biotechnology and its applications to a range of environmental problems. A systems approach requires a basic...


by Kreitzer Geri, Fanny Jaulin & Cedric Espenel

Protein assay methods are used for protein identification with blood groups, cell surface markers, drugs and toxins. This text features comprehensive protocols essential for researchers studying various areas...

Stem Cell Anthology: From Stem Cell Biology, Tissue Engineering, Cloning, Regenerative Medicine and Biology

by Bruce M. Carlson

The fields of stem cell research, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and cloning are very closely related. It is important for researchers in each of these disciplines to be aware of the methods and...

Sustainable Land Development and Restoration: Decision Consequence Analysis

by Kandi Brown, Hall Snook, Marjorie & Kathleen Garvin

Decision Consequence Analysis (DCA) is a framework for improving the quality of decision results. The framework is a systematic, multi-criteria quantification of uncertainties and the opportunities for managing...

SD Card Projects Using the PIC Microcontroller

by Dogan Ibrahim

PIC Microcontrollers are a favorite in industry and with hobbyists. These microcontrollers are versatile, simple, and low cost making them perfect for many different applications. The 8-bit PIC is widely used...

FPGAs 101: Everything you need to know to get started

by Gina Smith

FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) can be found in applications such as smart phones, mp3 players, medical imaging devices, and for aerospace and defense technology. FPGAs consist of logic blocks and programmable...

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma for Surface Modification

by Rory A. Wolf

This Book's focus and intent is to impart an understanding of the practical application of atmospheric plasma for the advancement of a wide range of current and emerging technologies. The primary key feature...

Mechanics of Fluid Flow

by Kaplan S. Basniev, Nikolay M. Dmitriev & George V. Chilingar

The mechanics of fluid flow is a fundamental engineering discipline explaining both natural phenomena and human-induced processes, and a thorough understanding of it is central to the operations of the oil and...

Petroleum Accumulation Zones on Continental Margins

by Y. N. Grigorenko, George V. Chilingar & V.S. Sobolev

Much of the world's petroleum is located on continental margins, and any further development of these offshore deposits would be impossible without new technologies and new methods contained in this volume. ...

Bioremediation of Petroleum and Petroleum Products

by James G. Speight & Karuna K. Arjoon

With petroleum-related spills, explosions, and health issues in the headlines almost every day, the issue of remediation of petroleum and petroleum products is taking on increasing importance, for the survival...

Life Cycle Assessment Handbook: A Guide for Environmentally Sustainable Products

by Mary Ann Curran

The first book of its kind, the LCA Handbook will become an invaluable resource for environmentally progressive manufacturers and suppliers, product and process designers, executives and managers, and government...

Protein Oxidation and Aging

by Tilman Grune, Betul Catalgol & Tobias Jung

Reviews our current understanding of the role of protein oxidation in aging and age-related diseases

Protein oxidation is at the core of the aging process. Setting forth a variety of new methods and approaches,...

Sustainable Swine Nutrition

by Lee I. Chiba

Finding sustainable means of swine nutrition is important to both pork industry personnel and the environment alike. This reference comprehensively covers the most recent advancements in sustainability that...

Oxidation of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins: Kinetics and Mechanism

by Virender K. Sharma & Steven E. Rokita

Explains the role of reactive intermediates in biological systems as well as in environmental remediation

With its clear and systematic approach, this book examined the broad range of reactive intermediate that...

Broadband Wireless Multimedia Networks

by Benny Bing

Provides a clear, coherent review of all major wireless broadband standards with an emphasis on managing the explosive growth in mobile video

802.11ac/ad, 802.16m, 802.22, and LTE-Advanced are the emerging broadband...

Understanding Distillation Using Column Profile Maps

by Daniel Beneke, Mark Peters & David Glasser

Researchers share their pioneering graphical method for designing almost any distillation structure

Developed by the authors in collaboration with other researchers at the Centre of Material and Process Synthesis,...