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System Dynamics: Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Mechatronic Systems

by Dean C. Karnopp, Donald L. Margolis & Ronald C. Rosenberg

An expanded new edition of the bestselling system dynamics book using the bond graph approach

A major revision of the go-to resource for engineers facing the increasingly complex job of dynamic systems design,...

Ultrasonic Inspection Technology Development and Search Unit Design: Examples of Pratical Applications

by Mark V. Brook

Ultrasonic testing is a relatively new branch of science and industry. The development of ultrasonic testing started in the late 1920s. At the beginning, the fundamentals of this method were borrowed from basic...

Transmission Lines in Digital and Analog Electronic Systems: Signal Integrity and Crosstalk

by Clayton R. Paul

In the last 30 years there have been dramatic changes in electrical technology--yet the length of the undergraduate curriculum has remained four years.  Until some ten years ago, the analysis of transmission...

CMOS: Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation

by R. Jacob Baker

The Third Edition of CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation continues to cover the practical design of both analog and digital integrated circuits, offering a vital, contemporary view of a wide range of...

Robot Builder's Bonanza, Third Edition

by Gordon McComb & Myke Predko


Everybody's favorite amateur robotics book is bolder and better than ever -- and now features...

Polymer Nanocomposites: Processing, Characterization, And Applications

by Joseph Koo

Understand the principles, applications, and limitations of a cutting-edge material

Based on the author's 26 years of experience in the field of Nanotechnology, this reference offers researchers and materials...

Corrosion Engineering: Principles and Practice

by Pierre Roberge

The Latest Methods for Preventing and Controlling Corrosion in All Types of Materials and Applications

Now you can turn to Corrosion Engineering for expert coverage of the theory and current practices you need...

Forensics Demystified

by David Fisher & Barry Fisher

There's no easier, faster, or more practical way to learn the really tough subjects

Forensics Demystified explains forensic science in a logical progression from evidence collection through analysis and finally...

Intersubband Transitions In Quantum Structures

by Roberto Paiella

Advances in epitaxial growth and nanofabrication technology in the past several years have made it possible to engineer sophisticated semiconductor quantum devices with unprecedented control of their electronic...

Water Loss Control

by Julian Thornton & Reinhard Sturm

Master the Latest Techniques to Quantify, Locate, Control, and Prevent Water and Revenue Loss in Water Utility Operations

This comprehensive guide takes you step by step through every stage of the development...

Linear Algebra Demystified

by David McMahon

Taught at junior level math courses at every university, Linear Algebra is essential for students in almost every technical and analytic discipline.

Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Operation in Wastewater Treatment Plants: WEF Manual of Practice No. 30

by Water Environment Federation

BNR is a fast-growing method of removing biological pollutants (bacteria, etc.) from wastewater. Experts from both the Water Environment Federation and the American Society of Civil Engineers have collaborated...

Practical Manual of Land Development

by Barbara Colley

The first choice among land development engineers, this edition is newly updated and expanded. It is required reading for young engineers and a convenient reference for experienced engineers. This is the essential...

Handbook of Electrical Design Details

by Neil Sclater & John E. Traister

* A detailed reference on the practical aspects of electrical power--its generation, transmission, distribution, and applications

* NEW topics: CAD drawing, device wiring, lighting design, structured wiring,...

Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering

by Robert Rosaler

In the Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering, Second Edition, Robert C. Rosaler and 70 other industry experts take you on an exhaustive tour of the basic plant facility, plant operation equipment and the all-important...

McGraw-Hill Machining and Metalworking Handbook

by Denis Cormier

Covering the latest equipment and technologies, this massive compendium has been an industry standard for more than a decade.This edition provides professionals with complete information on procedures, tools,...

Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations

by Nicholas Chopey

* Provides detailed procedures for performing hundreds of chemical engineering calculations along with fully worked-out examples

Applied Biofluid Mechanics

by Lee Waite

Improve Your Grasp of Fluid Mechanics in the Human Circulatory System_and Develop Better Medical Devices

Applied Biofluid Mechanics features a solid grasp of the role of fluid mechanics in the human circulatory...

Designing and Building Fuel Cells

by Colleen Spiegel

Acquire an All-in-One Toolkit for Expertly Designing, Modeling, and Constructing High-Performance Fuel Cells

Designing and Building Fuel Cells equips you with a hands-on guide for the design, modeling, and construction...

Handbook of Petroleum Refining Processes

by Robert Meyers

* Offers detailed description of process chemistry and thermodynamics and product by-product specifications of plants

* Contributors are drawn from the largest petroleum producers in the world, including Chevron,...