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Fundamentals of Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies

by K. Daniel Wong

A broad introduction to the fundamentals of wireless communication engineering technologies

Covering both theory and practical topics, Fundamentals of Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies offers a...

Radiation Processing of Polymer Materials and Its Industrial Applications

by Keizo Makuuchi & Song Cheng

Up-to-date, comprehensive coverage on radiation-processed polymer materials and their applications

Offering a unique perspective of the industrial and commercial applications of the radiation processing of polymers,...

Comprehensive Chiroptical Spectroscopy, Instrumentation, Methodologies, and Theoretical Simulations

by Nina Berova, Robert W. Woody & Prasad Polavarapu

This book provides an introduction to the important methods of chiroptical spectroscopy in general, and circular dichroism (CD) in particular, which are increasingly important in all areas of chemistry, biochemistry,...

Rough-Fuzzy Pattern Recognition: Applications in Bioinformatics and Medical Imaging

by Pradipta Maji & Sankar K. Pal

Learn how to apply rough-fuzzy computing techniques to solve problems in bioinformatics and medical image processing

Emphasizing applications in bioinformatics and medical image processing, this text offers a...

Pump Wisdom: Problem Solving for Operators and Specialists

by John Wiley

Learn all the basics about pumps in one place. Clearly written by an ace consultant, this manual for operators and specialists in the petroleum industry gives readers a concise overview of the mechanics of various...

Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health

by Mark A. Friend

The fifth edition of this popular handbook provides a thorough and up-to-date overview of the occupational safety and health field and the issues safety professionals face today, and does so in an accessible...

Spatiotemporal Data Analysis

by Gidon Eshel

A severe thunderstorm morphs into a tornado that cuts a swath of destruction through Oklahoma. How do we study the storm's mutation into a deadly twister? Avian flu cases are reported in China. How do we characterize...

Chance in Biology: Using Probability to Explore Nature

by Mark Denny & Steven Gaines

Life is a chancy proposition: from the movement of molecules to the age at which we die, chance plays a key role in the natural world. Traditionally, biologists have viewed the inevitable "noise" of life as...

Simulation Modeling and Analysis with ARENA

by Tayfur Altiok & Benjamin Melamed

Simulation Modeling and Analysis with Arena is a highly readable textbook which treats the essentials of the Monte Carlo discrete-event simulation methodology, and does so in the context of a popular Arena simulation...

Elasticity: Theory, Applications, and Numerics

by Martin H. Sadd

Elasticity: Theory, Applications and Numerics 2e provides a concise and organized presentation and development of the theory of elasticity, moving from solution methodologies, formulations and strategies into...

Nonlinear Optics

by Robert W. Boyd

Nonlinear optics is the study of the interaction of intense laser light with matter. The third edition of this textbook has been rewritten to conform to the standard SI system of units and includes comprehensively...

The Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M3

by Joseph Yiu

This user's guide does far more than simply outline the ARM Cortex-M3 CPU features; it explains step-by-step how to program and implement the processor in real-world designs. It teaches readers how to utilize...

RF Engineering for Wireless Networks: Hardware, Antennas, and Propagation

by Daniel M. Dobkin

Finally, here is a single volume containing all of the engineering information needed to successfully design and implement any type of wireless network! Author Dan Dobkin covers every aspect of RF engineering...

Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?: A Book of Weird and Wonderful Science Facts

Design in Nature: How the Constructal Law Governs Evolution in Biology, Physics, Technology, and Social Organization

by Adrian Bejan & J. Peder Zane

In this groundbreaking book, Adrian Bejan takes the recurring patterns in nature—trees, tributaries, air passages, neural networks, and lightning bolts—and reveals how a single principle of physics, the...

The New York Times Book of Science Questions & Answers: 200 of the best, most intriguing and just plain bizarre inquiries into everyday scientific mys

by C. Claiborne Ray

Why is glass transparent? Why do cats purr? Why do men have nipples? These are but a handful of the thousands of questions that over the years have been asked and answered in The New York Times "Science Q&A"...

Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell: (Second Edition)

by A. Zee

Since it was first published, Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshell has quickly established itself as the most accessible and comprehensive introduction to this profound and deeply fascinating area of theoretical...

The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars: An Exhibition of Surprising Structures across Dimensions

by Clifford A. Pickover

Humanity's love affair with mathematics and mysticism reached a critical juncture, legend has it, on the back of a turtle in ancient China. As Clifford Pickover briefly recounts in this enthralling book, the...

Volcanoes in Human History: The Far-Reaching Effects of Major Eruptions

by Donald Theodore Sanders, Jelle Zeilinga de Boer & Robert D. Ballard

When the volcano Tambora erupted in Indonesia in 1815, as many as 100,000 people perished as a result of the blast and an ensuing famine caused by the destruction of rice fields on Sumbawa and neighboring islands....

Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems

by Richard C. Aster, Brian Borchers & Clifford H. Thurber

Parameter Estimation and Inverse Problems, 2e provides geoscience students and professionals with answers to common questions like how one can derive a physical model from a finite set of observations containing...